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SBDM Bylaws and Policies A 3-hour training for experienced SBDM Council members.

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1 SBDM Bylaws and Policies A 3-hour training for experienced SBDM Council members

2 What is the difference between bylaws and policies Bylaws: operating rules the school council sets to conduct its work. Policies: what the school council develops and adopts concerning how the school operates.


4 Common Issues with Bylaws Copies of the bylaws cannot be found. Hard copies of the bylaws exist, but no electronic copies. Bylaws are not reviewed on a regular basis. Bylaws are not made available on the website so everyone can access them.

5 Putting Bylaws to Use Example Situation: The school council is going to develop criteria for selecting a principal and asks all the audience members to leave the meeting.

6 What else is in your bylaws?

7 Reflection What is the most important idea about bylaws that I can take back to share with the rest of my school council?

8 Policy Development Tool Criteria 1.Is this policy aligned with your mission and belief statements? 2.Is this policy related either directly or indirectly to improving student achievement? Action Needed 1.Do you know your school’s mission and belief statements? 2.Does this policy focus on helping students reach their full potential?

9 Policy Organization Review Policy Organization Basics (Table of Contents, dated policies, numbered policies) Statutorily Required Policy Areas (committees, consultation, curriculum, assignment of students, schedule of the day, staff time, school space, instructional practices, discipline, extracurricular, state standards, technology utilization and program appraisal, wellness, writing, AP, parent involvement)

10 Policy Organization Review We have: (copies in one binder, a list of required policies, a list of best practice policies, all available electronically) After reviewing our policies we need to: (have an external review, create a timeline, review policies, method of stakeholder input, procedures for ongoing review)

11 Reflection While reviewing my school council policies, how many monitoring responsibilities have been assigned to the principal? Are there some policy areas that could be assigned to another individual? How can I share this information with the rest of my school council members?

12 Avoiding Policy Pitfalls An instructional practice policy calls for all teachers to submit lesson plans for the upcoming week every Friday to the principal. The principal reviews each lesson plan and provides feedback. What are the pitfalls?

13 Scavenger Hunt to Review Policies A new teacher wants to know what content her students are supposed to master. Which policy area would you look? Should your policy address this issue?

14 Reflection The most important thing I learned (or was reminded of) today was…. Things I want to do on what I’ve thought about today are…..

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