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SHS Welcomes The Class of 2014.

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1 SHS Welcomes The Class of 2014

2 Mission and Vision Statements
Slidell High School students fostered by a sense of community, participate in varied learning experiences and extracurricular activities as teachers, administrators and staff assist them for the future within facilities which support the curriculum and which accommodate broader needs. The mission of Slidell High School is to prepare a diverse student population to function in a world that is increasingly global and technological.

3 Louisiana Core 4 Curriculum
To go to a LA 4-year public university: English I, II, III, IV (4 credits) Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, 1 additional math credit (4 credits) Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, 1 add. science credit (4 credits) World Geography, Civics (1/2), Free Enterprise (1/2), American History, 1 additional SS credit (4 credits) Physical Education (1 ½), Health (1/2) (2 credits) Foreign Language (2 credits) or Speech (2 credits) (2 credits) Arts (1 credit) Electives (3 credits) 24 credits

4 Louisiana Core 4 Curriculum
All incoming freshmen will be enrolled in the Louisiana Core 4 curriculum. After two years, student and parent may request to be exempt from the Louisiana Core 4 and enter the Louisiana Core curriculum. Signature required to opt out of Core 4. May be ineligible to enroll in a LA 4-year public university

5 What is a credit? Successful completion of two semesters in any course. (1/2 credit is given for each semester and each semester stands alone.) A credit is the same thing as a unit. Takes 24 of them to graduate. Takes 5 of them to be a sophomore.

6 How many credits? 1st Semester 2nd Semester English I B F
Algebra I B B Health A Physical Science B A Journey to Careers A IBCA A B P.E. I A A World Geog. B B

7 Louisiana Core 4 Curriculum
TO GRADUATE: English 4 credits Math credits Science credits Soc. Studies 4 credits Health credits P. E credits Electives credits Total credits FOR EACH GRADE: Sophomore Junior Senior Graduate - 24

8 Grading System GRADES: A = 92 – 100 B = 83 – 91 C = 74 – 82
F = 0 – 64 Sample Average: 1st 9 Weeks /A 2nd 9 Weeks - 90/B Semester Average /A Nine Weeks Exam count 20% of Nine Week Grade

9 Grade Point Average (GPA)
QUALITY POINTS A = 4 B = 3 C = 2 D = 1 F = 0

10 Weighted Grade Point Average (GPA)
Weighted GPA Quality Points A = Rank in class is based B = on the quality points a student C = earns in grades 9-12. D = 1 F = 0

11 TOPS Tuition Opportunity Program for Students
A comprehensive program of state scholarships. Determined by GPA in core courses and ACT score. Four of your seven subjects in the 9th grade are core courses.

12 ABSENCES—New Law Five(5) allowed per semester, excused and unexcused
A student who is absent from school may not participate in any after school activity that afternoon or night. If over five: No Credit in course Course must be repeated On a course by course basis Students with excessive and/or unexcused absences will have to make up seat time in Saturday School.

13 EXCUSED ABSENCES Personal illness Serious illness in family
Death in family (1 week) Recognized religious holiday (Excused Absences means missed work can be made up, if excuse is brought within 2 class periods.)

14 UNEXCUSED ABSENCES Obtaining driver’s license Errands for parents
Vacations/Family trips Activities that are not school related (Unexcused absence means zero on gradable work missed.)

15 ABSENCES Excuse must include: Student’s full name Day(s) absent
Reason for Absence Parent/Guardian signature Date Excuse must be turned in to student services within 2 days of returning to school

16 TARDIES EXCUSED Personal illness Serious illness in family
Death in Family UN-EXCUSED: Car trouble Alarm did not ring Parents did not wake me up Could not find keys to car Ride did not pick me up

17 Unexcused Tardies to School
A tardy to school will result in a student being issued a detention. 24 hour notice is given for after school detentions. Detention Hall for tardies is held Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons for one hour. If absent from Detention Hall, must attend on Thursdays for 2 hours. If absent from Thursday Detention Hall, must attend on Saturday for 4 hours. 3 tardies to school will result in serious disciplinary action.

18 Tardies to Class 3 tardies to a class will result in a Saturday Detention. If the Saturday Detention does not correct the problem, more serious disciplinary action will be taken . Parents will be notified!!!!!

19 Detention for Tardies Failure to serve detention or misbehavior in Detention will result in a suspension. The only acceptable excuse for missing detention is a doctor’s excuse.

20 CHECKING OUT Acceptable Reasons for Checking Out Personal illness
Doctor, dentist, orthodontist appointments Special reasons authorized by principal or assistant principal

21 CHECKING IN & OUT You cannot check out for lunch.
If you return on the same day, you must go through the Student Services Office. Students cannot leave campus once they arrive.

22 Slidell High School DRESS CODE POLICY

23 Dress Code “Policies regarding dress and grooming stress the importance of reducing distractions that inhibit learning and are addressed as an attempt to enhance the learning environment.”

24 Dress Code Very Important Statement:
“School principals are given the authority to determine extremes in styles in dress and grooming and what is suitable for school wear.”

25 Undershirts MUST be tucked in

26 NO sunglasses allowed

27 Flip flops are NOT allowed

28 ID must face forward; It CAN NOT be worn backwards

29 No oversized clothing allowed
Shirts must not go over the pockets of the pants No oversized clothing allowed

30 No shirts may be worn over the uniform shirt unless it opens in the front and is used for warmth.

31 Outerwear must be plain gray, green, or white

32 Pants must be secured at the waist
No oversized clothing allowed

33 Shorts and skirts must be 5 inches above the knee or at least finger-tip length

34 Hair must not touch the collar and must not be in the eyes

35 No hats, skull caps, or any other head coverings can be worn on campus!!!

36 Shirt must be a polo style with 3 buttons

37 ID can not be worn backwards or have stickers on it
No cut off pants allowed!!! Undershirt must be tucked in!!!

38 This is what the girls should look like--
White 3 button shirt Undershirt tucked in. ID clipped on top of shirt Shorts are fingertip length.

39 This is what boys should look like:
Undershirts must not hang out. ID worn attached to the collar and facing forward Khaki shorts, skirts, or pants- (must be worn at the waist) Polo style shirt: white, gray, forest or hunter green OR white oxford button down collared shirt (must be buttoned)

40 This is what you should look like when it is cold outside.

41 Uniforms Khaki bottoms must be twill. No colored stripes allowed.
Bottoms must be khaki or sand colored. Cargo style shorts/pants are acceptable. Only SHS Logo acceptable. Other logos are not allowed. (Polo, American Eagle, Hollister).

42 Special shirts for spirit, club, class, athletic game days, must have the approval of the principal.

43 ID Cards Worn by students during school day while on campus .
Must be clipped to the collar with face forward. If card is forgotten, student may purchase a temporary ID before school for $1.00. If a student is not wearing his/her ID during the school day, the student is issued a detention. Defacing an ID—writing, stickers, pins or broken-- will result in the ID being taken. A new ID must be purchased. Replacement cards are $5.00.

44 Gym Uniforms T-Shirt – gray
Gym shorts – green (Elastic or drawstring waist.) Available from your P.E. Teacher $10.00 – Shirt $10.00– Shorts

45 Dress Codes Rules Pants worn by boys and girls must be secured at the waist level with no undergarments revealed. Oversized and Undersized garments will not be allowed. No extremes in style or fit allowed. No skin can show between shirt and pants. Wallet chains are prohibited. Students are not allowed any body piercings except ear lobes. No article can be worn that suggests membership affiliation in any gang.

46 Hair Acceptable standard style Cannot impair vision Must be clean
No unusual coloring, must be a natural color BOYS: No longer than base of collar Neat mustaches allowed; No other facial hair allowed

47 Student Fees $10.00/year – Supply Fee $8.00/semester – Art Fee
$5.00/semester – Science Fee $5.00/semester – Computer Science Fee $10.00/semester – Culinary Arts (Shop Fee- Priced according to project) $10.00/year- Class dues $ 3.00 – Freshman Agenda fee

48 Obligations Lost/damaged textbooks, Library books/fines, uniforms, etc. In other words any DEBT owed to the school. You will not be able to participate in Extracurricular Activities until DEBT is cleared. Arrangements must be made to clear obligations before participating in extra curricular activities.

49 Textbooks If lost, pay full price. There is no deduction for using it.
Fines may be assessed for damage.

50 Textbook Costs $ 69.95 World Geography $ 54.00 Health
$ Physical Science $ English Grammar/Literature $ Algebra I $ Education for Careers $ Total

51 Lockers Lockers Required to keep locked at all times
No expensive articles should be left in locker Subject to inspection at all times

52 LUNCH PRICES $1.25 Regular Lunch $ .40 Reduced Lunch $ .60 Breakfast
$ Reduced Breakfast $ Extra Milk/Juice Lunch tickets can be bought before school and at lunch on the Breezeway .

53 LUNCH PERIODS Determined by what teacher you have 4th Period.
We have a closed campus for Lunch. The only areas you are allowed in are as follows: Cafeteria & East Hall breezeway Library (No food) 1st Courtyard 2nd Courtyard

54 Medication Policy No medication shall be given without an order from a physician or dentist and a letter of request and authorization from the student’s parent or guardian. Medication must be provided to school in appropriate container. Medication must be kept in Student Services.

55 Messages to Students Messages to students are not given unless it is an emergency. Lunches are not delivered to students. Deliveries of flowers, gifts, balloons will not be made.

56 Emergency Cards Must be on file in Student Services Office.
Recommended that several additional authorized persons be listed on the emergency card. Keep up to date as the year progresses. Information extremely important.

57 Miscellaneous Stuff Cheating – Students receive a zero on the work where cheating occurred and a behavior referral is written. No food or drink allowed in the building – only water bottles allowed. Possession of laser light/pointers – strictly forbidden. Cell phones and Ipods are not allowed.

58 Miscellaneous Stuff Students will not be allowed to congregate on the streets near the campus before or after school. Once you arrive in the vicinity of Slidell High School, you must come on to the campus. Busses -- Bus stops and driver contact information are given at A hotline will be available from August 2 through August 6 from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm and also on August 7 and 8 from 1:00 to 6:00 pm. The hotline number is


60 Slidell High School Facts
An Honors Breakfast is held each nine weeks for honor roll students. Each year, S.H.S. graduates average over $2,000,000 in scholarships including TOPS.

61 The Extracurricular Program is geared to meeting the needs of all students.

62 Mark Events Gives everyone an opportunity to participate in school activities Composed of 11 separate events throughout the school year Creates class unity and school spirit Object is to leave the highest mark on the school

63 Clubs a Freshman can join:
1ST Priority Art Club F.C.C.L.A. Foreign Language Club Interact Club History Club Thespians NJROTC Speech Club FCA

64 SHS Athletics A comprehensive athletic program offers the student athlete an opportunity to compete on a junior varsity and a varsity level in all major sports.

65 SHS Athletics Football Volleyball Swimming Cross Country Soccer
Basketball Track Baseball/Softball Tennis Golf Power lifting Eligibility – pass 6 subjects with a “C” average

66 Dances Major Dances are 8:00 to 11:00
At Major Dances you must arrive by 9:00 and must sign in Cannot leave before 10:30 Prom is the only formal dance Dress for Homecoming Dance/Saga Ball Boys – dress shirt, neck tie, dress slacks Girls – party dress

67 Slidell High School Freshman Academy Teams
The primary aim of education is not to enable students to do well in schools or colleges, but to help them do well in the lives they lead outside of the schools and colleges.

68 Freshman Facts FACT: Freshmen have the highest number of absences, suspensions and detentions of any other class. FACT: “Most high school dropouts fail at least 25% of their ninth grade courses.” (Letgers & Kerr, 2001).

69 FACT: Parents: “The more you get involved in your child’s education, the better they do in every way. Test scores, attitude and behavior, even the likelihood of graduation and a college education, are all greatly affected by your involvement” (

70 Goals of SHS Freshman Academy
Increase 9th to 10th grade promotion rates. Increase 9th grade daily attendance. Increase 9th grade EOC test scores. Decrease 9th grade dropouts. Decrease 9th grade suspension and expulsions.

71 Teacher Responsibilities Team Members: 4 core subject teachers
Common Classroom Management Plan Meetings: An average of 3 times per week Analyze and discuss students Reward for students- pizza party, Tiger Achievement, Freshman Luau, and Tiger Cash Target struggling students Share information and plan interventions—remove excuses Collaborate on instruction Examine report cards, progress reports, discipline and attendance Contact parents

72 Student Responsibilities THE THREE R’S!
This year we will be placing significant emphasis on positive behavior and The Three R’s of Slidell High School: Respect, Responsibility, and Resolution. Respect - for oneself and for others. Responsibility – for personal behavior, for success in the classroom and for good citizenship in the school community. Resolution – of conflict and the prevention of violence through positive communication. All students will be held to high standards, and the Three R’s and will be a part of everyday life of all our students.

73 Parent Responsibilities
Get involved with the school Get your child involved in the school Check on your child’s progress regularly through STI Home Contact teachers Attend meetings to discuss your student’s progress Check your child’s agenda each day and sign it each week Ensure attendance at school and help sessions PLEASE provide accurate, up-to-date Contact information: Phone # address Home address

74 Freshmen Credit Recovery Goal All students pass to 10th grade
How – Before, After, and Saturday school sessions Complete class work Re-take tests Complete assignments Freshman Academy teachers will assign students to sessions as necessary. Students may also sign-up.

75 Freshman Support Pull out sessions Freshmen Saturday School
PE classes and/or electives Freshmen Saturday School Complete any assignments Receive tutoring from college students Online Programs – STPSB a3 Virtual Academy – recover credits online in the summer Tutoring Honor societies

76 Freshmen Saturday School
9 a.m.- 12 p.m. Saturday Tutoring provided by Mu Alpha Theta, Honor Society, and University Education Students. Opportunity to make-up missing work and get extra help. Assigned by teachers, administration, and counselors.

77 SAVE THE DATE: 1st Day of School: August 9, 2010
Back to School Dance: August 13, 2010 Open House: August 26, 2010.

78 Good Luck and have a great Freshman Year.
Mr. Percy, Administration, Faculty and Staff

79 Freshman Tours

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