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Tenure Portfolio Julie Sherbeyn Professor of Health and Wellness Presented January, 18 2006.

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1 Tenure Portfolio Julie Sherbeyn Professor of Health and Wellness Presented January, 18 2006

2 Welcome My years at Illinois Valley Community College have been a glorious journey. It feels as though I’ve come home in a sense…come home to a community of caring people and to a profession that truly fulfills my spirit. I would like to invite you with me as I reflect on the path that led me to the Illinois Valley and the wonder of the past three years of teaching and learning here at IVCC. Portfolio Home

3 My Place at IVCC I began my journey at IVCC in September of 1999 when I was hired as a Fitness Center Instructor soon to become the Fitness Director for our satellite program at LTV Steel. My responsibilities broadened as I had the opportunity to teach as an Adjunct Faculty from the summer of 2000 through 2003. I am currently in my third year as a full-time Health and Wellness instructor at IVCC. The following portfolio will give you insight into my time at IVCC. You may navigate through the portfolio using the icons at the bottom of each page. Please click on underlined headings for more information in the respective areas. I have also created a “paperfolio” ( ) containing documents supporting the essence of my tenure pursuit. Student work products are included throughout the paperfolio. Please refer to the corresponding labeled categories for further exploration. Portfolio Home

4 My Place at IVCC Courses Taught at IVCC Wellness HPE1000Wellness Lab HPE 1001 Personal and Community Health HPE 1003 First Aid HPE 1004 P. E. Activities for Elementary School Children HPE 1008 Academic Work Prior to IVCC M.A. Ed. - Exercise Science Thesis title: "Long-term resistance training effects on body composition and physical fitness." University of Nebraska at Kearney, December 1996 B.S. Ed. - Exercise Science University of Nebraska at Lincoln, December 1992 Portfolio Home

5 Table of Contents Portfolio Home Teaching and Assessment of Student Learning In-class Activities Innovative Teaching/Learning Strategies Assessment Strategies Collaborative Teaching/Learning Activities Student Evaluations Extracurricular Activities Professional Conduct, Development, and Recognition Letters of Support and Gratitude Courses and Workshops Professional Conduct, Development, and Recognition, cont. Professional Conference Attendance Publications and Professional Organization Memberships Certificates Earned Institutional Participation Curricula Developed Committee Participation Institutional Presentations Involvement in College events Fueling the Spirit! Community Activities Community Organizations Community Events Recruitment Activities Portfolio Home

6 Teaching and Assessment of Student Learning Portfolio Home

7 In-class Activities Behavior Modification “Why Drinking Water is the Way to Go”Why Drinking Water is the Way to Go “Smoking Cessation” Community Research Project PADS Mendota little league Freedom House Mission Statement Learning Environment Portfolio Home

8 Innovative Teaching/ Learning Strategies Wellness Walks Health Fair Quiz International Nutrition Lab African celebration African Cookbook P.E. File P.E. Team Teach Spring Valley Summer Recreation Program (IVCC) Oglesby Washington Elementary Volunteers Chair Yoga/Breathing Exercises Portfolio Portfolio Home

9 Assessment Strategies CATs Health Fair Portfolio Assessing Total Wellness Wellness Exploration Conceptual Essay Exam Portfolio Home

10 Collaborative Teaching/ Learning Activities Kim Abel Drug Presentation “My Summer at Walter Reed Medical Center” Sharon Barthelemy MBTI Dr. Oheneba Akyeampong “African Spirituality” Lori Christopherson March of Dimes Guest Lecturer for Merri Mattison “Good Nutrition Choices Today” “Sexually Transmitted Diseases” Portfolio Home

11 Extracurricular Activities Campus Wide Drug Awareness Presentation (2004 & 2005) Wellness Committee “Wellness Lunchbox Series” “Wellness Recess” Pilates Self-defense Intramural Volleyball Informational Emails Wellness Walking Challenge America On the Move Health & Wellness Fair (2004–2006) Women’s Volleyball Assistant Coach (2002–2004) Invitation to sponsor Phi Theta Kappa (2006) Portfolio Home

12 Professional Conduct, Development, and Recognition Portfolio Home

13 Courses and Workshops Leadership and Core Values Retreat 2005 IVCC Offerings New Faculty Orientation Introduction to Classroom Assessment and Research Instructional Technology & Classroom Integration Sub-Saharan Africa Summer Institute Loyola Marymount University Life, DNA, and Evolution Currently Pursuing American Red Cross Disaster Services Training (1/21/06) “Eating Can Be Dangerous to Your Health!” (California State University Monterey Bay) IVCC Technology Workshops BlackBoard Training Web Page Design Personal Development Courses at IVCC Yoga First Responder Portfolio Home

14 Professional Conference Attendance Midwest Institute for International/Intercultural Education 12 th Annual Conference (April 2005) Co-presenter: “Cultural Competency in Healthcare” National Wellness Conference (July 2003, 2004 & 2006) American College of Sports Medicine American College of Sports Medicine National Conference (May 2004) Illinois Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Annual Conference (Nov. 2005) Winter Wellness Forum (Feb. 2006) Portfolio Home

15 Publications and Professional Organization Memberships News Tribune Articles National Wellness Institute Illinois Association of Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance Portfolio Home

16 Certificates Earned “From Zero to Forty in 15 Years: Building a Diverse Wellness Curriculum”-National Wellness Conference Certificate Program 2004 First Responder – Illinois State Department of Health, May 2005 Disaster Services Training – American Red Cross, January 2006 Portfolio Home

17 Institutional Participation Portfolio Home

18 Curricula Developed Currently Developing HPE 1000 online course HPE 1004 blended format for night class HPE 1003 online enhanced telecourse Portfolio Home

19 Committee Participation Action Project 9 IVCC Family Fun Day (Sept. 2003) Wellness Committee Early Childhood Education Center Advisory Board IVCC First Responders Portfolio Home

20 Institutional Presentations Chemistry Club “Fad Diets” In-service Presentations “Ex-or-cising Stress”Ex-or-cising Stress “What’s on Your Horizon? Keeping Wellness/Stress in Balance Throughout the Year”What’s on Your Horizon? Keeping Wellness/Stress in Balance Throughout the Year Hurricane Katrina Symposium Portfolio Home

21 Involvement in College Events Spirit Day (2003-2005) College Night (2003-2004) Fall Preview (2005) Athletic Event Attendance Women’s Volleyball Women’s Softball Men’s Baseball Men’s & Women’s Basketball 2005 Celebration of Africa Portfolio Home

22 Fueling the Spirit! Honoring Retirees IVCC Intramurals Coed Basketball runner-up (2005) Volleyball Champions! (2003-2005) Noon NBA! Portfolio Home

23 Community Activities Portfolio Home

24 Community Organizations March of Dimes Co-Captain of IVCC Project Success/Wellness WalkAmerica Team “Volleyin’ to Save Babies” volunteer Tonica United Methodist Church Sunday school teacher Active member Tonica Grade School Head volleyball coach (5-8 graders) Club Volleyball Fusion Volleyball AcademyFusion Volleyball Academy Coach (2005-2006) Illinois Valley Volley Power Coach (1999-2003) Portfolio Home

25 Community Events March of Dimes WalkAmerica Tonica Fest “Going to Bat for Rick” Softball Tournament (2005) Local 5K Races Atkinson Heritage Days Starved Rock Runners Ottawa Race Kewanee Hog Days American Red Cross American Red Cross Bloodmobile Portfolio Home

26 Recruitment Activities St. Bede Academy “Eat and Run”“Eat and Run” presented to Cross Country Team (Aug. 2005) Area High School Athletic Events Portfolio Home

27 Thank You This retrospective would not be complete if I didn’t invite you to share in the beauty and blessing that is “My Life”.“My Life” Being a part of IVCC has been a source of inspiration, and I thank you for your gracious guidance and support on this journey. I would also like to offer my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of teaching and learning at IVCC. With great anticipation, I am looking forward to the future together! Portfolio Home

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