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ESL PARENT ORIENTATION AGENDA Welcome Introductions Greetings ESL Program Questions Tour.

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2 ESL PARENT ORIENTATION AGENDA Welcome Introductions Greetings ESL Program Questions Tour

3 Student Entrance Completion of home language survey. ESL evaluation when … First language learned is not English. The student speaks another language. Another language is spoken in the home.

4 Student Assessment Kindergarten Speaking and Listening First through Fifth Grade Speaking, Listening,Reading, and Writing Levels Entering – Needs pictures, says words, phrases Beginning – Phrases, short sentences Developing – Expanded sentences, some errors Expanding – Variety of sentence lengths Bridging – Writes like proficient English peers

5 ESL Program Goals To use English to communicate in school and social settings. To use English to achieve academically in all content areas. To use English in socially and culturally appropriate ways.

6 Instruction Where: ESL room and regular classroom When : 3 to 5 days per week 30 or more minutes (depending on the need) How : Individuals and small groups Thematic Units Cooperative Learning What : Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking Resources: Books, News, Technology, Puppets, Songs, Games, Plays

7 Assessment Formal 4 ESL Progress Reports District Assessments Pennsylvania State Standards Assessment WIDA state assessment Portfolios Informal Conferences Observations Daily Anecdotes Self and Peer Evaluations

8 Exiting Students Required: Proficient on WIDA assessment – Score 5.1-6 Basic on PSSA (Grade 3,8,11) If no PSSA available, then both optional criteria must be met. Optional Final grades of C or better in 4 content areas: Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science or Scores on district-wide assessments comparable to Basic on PSSA Reading Reading and Comprehending on grade level Writing Writing proficiently at grade level Teacher Recommendations Functioning in all content areas

9 Monitoring Exited Students When: 4 times per year 2 consecutive years How Teacher’s comments Student’s grades District Assessments Portfolio samples Conferencing with the student

10 Supporting Students Some translated forms Free or reduced-priced lunches ( must qualify) Guidance Counseling Speech Instructional Support Instructional Support Teacher Learning Support Classes Reading Assistants Math Assistants Therapy Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy Adaptive Physical Education

11 Extra Curricular Activities Chorus Band Orchestra

12 You are your child’s most important teacher. Check assignment books and backpacks. Complete and return forms promptly. Schedule a routine time for reading and homework. Contact teachers with questions and concerns. Attend conferences.

13 Additional Assistance Casa Guadalupe Center 143 Linden St. Allentown, Pa. 610-435-9902 Hispanic American Organization 136 S. 4 th St. Allentown, Pa. 610-435-5334 Lehigh Carbon Comm. College 718 Hamilton Mall Allentown, Pa. 610-776-1998

14 Thank you for coming. Please feel free to call me with any questions. Mrs. Patrice Helfrich Alburtis Elementary: 610-965-1633

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