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有效撰寫讀書計劃 柯泰德網路英文論文編修教育訓 練服務 十個單元 n Unit One Expressing interest in a field of study 表達學習領域興趣 n Unit Two Displaying current knowledge of the field of.

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Presentation on theme: "有效撰寫讀書計劃 柯泰德網路英文論文編修教育訓 練服務 十個單元 n Unit One Expressing interest in a field of study 表達學習領域興趣 n Unit Two Displaying current knowledge of the field of."— Presentation transcript:


2 有效撰寫讀書計劃 柯泰德網路英文論文編修教育訓 練服務

3 十個單元 n Unit One Expressing interest in a field of study 表達學習領域興趣 n Unit Two Displaying current knowledge of the field of study 展現 已有的學習領域知識 n Unit Three Describing academic background and achievements 描述學 歷背景及已獲成就

4 n Unit Four Introducing research and professional experiences 介紹研究及 工作經驗 n Unit Five Describing extracurricular activities relevant to study 描述與學 習有關的課外活動

5 n Unit Six Describing personal qualities relevant to study 描述與學習 有關的個人特質 n Unit Seven Outlining career objectives 概述未來工作目標

6 n Unit Eight Stating why an institution is selected for advanced study 解釋選 擇該校原由 n Unit Nine Recommending a student for study (Part A): Introduction and qualification to make recommendation 撰寫推薦信函 ( A 部份 ) 推薦信函開 始及推薦人的資格

7 n Unit Ten Recommending a student for study (Part B): Personal qualities of the candidate that are relevant to graduate study and Closing 撰寫推薦 信函 ( B 部份 ) 被推薦人與進階學習 有關的個人特質及信函結尾

8 單元一 : 表達學習領域 興趣 ( 範例 ) n During my upcoming graduate studies, I look forward to absorbing enormous amounts of new information that is not necessarily related directly to my course requirements. I believe that creativity and unique perspectives will positively contribute to any research team I belong to, regardless of whether we are engaging in case studies or undertaking research projects.

9 單元二 : 展現已有的學 習領域知識 ( 範例 ) n Many individuals have the computer skills to build a web site. However, many commercial web sites have ceased operations despite tremendous promotion and employment of the latest information technologies. Therefore, I am interested in pursuing a masters degree in Internet marketing to identify what products and services will succeed and what factors attract visitors to a web site.

10 單元三 : 描述學歷背景 及已獲成就 ( 範例 ) n After passing a highly competitive nationwide entrance examination, I was admitted to the Commerce Department at National Cheng Kung University in 1999 where I majored in Finance. Several academic awards, an overall academic ranking of first out of a class of 300 and a cumulative GPA of 3.95/4.0 attest to the strong analytical skills and research fundamentals that I developed in order

11 n to conduct finance-related research. Upon graduation, I refused several employment offers in the financial sector to continue my studies in commerce. This solid undergraduate training has equipped me for the rigorous demands of advanced study in this field. After deliberate consideration, I am applying to your program.

12 單元四 : 介紹研究及 工作經驗 ( 範例 ) n In addition to theoretical study at the masters level, I have emerged myself in practical hands-on experiences that allowed me to foster my creativity and apply my academic knowledge to the semiconductor industry.

13 單元五 : 描述與學習有 關的課外活動 ( 範例 ) n Collaborative experiences from extracurricular activities while I was at university have allowed me to effectively communicate with research associates with diverse academic backgrounds.

14 單元六 : 描述與學習 有關的個人特質 ( 範 例 ) n My previous academic performance and related experiences reflect my strong determination to pursue advance knowledge of communications engineering.

15 單元七 : 概述未來工作 目標 ( 範例 ) n Despite my solid academic training, I still feel somewhat unprepared for the marketplace, particularly a research position in academia. Therefore, during my MS program, I would be quite interested in learning more about research methods, statistics, and advanced financial theories. Such foundational courses would place me in a good position to eventually pursue a Ph. D in Marketing or Management.

16 單元八 : 解釋選擇該校 原由 ( 範例 ) n Earning a graduate degree from your prestigious institution would fully prepare me for a career in the semiconductor industry. I believe that graduate education in the United States would fully equip me with the latest knowledge skills to thrive in this highly competitive field.

17 單元九 : 撰寫推薦信函 ( A 部 份 ) 推薦信函開始及 推薦人的資格 ( 範例 ) n Enrolled in my courses of Introduction to Music Education, Evaluation and Measurement for Music Education, and Music Education & Music Behavior, Ms. Sherry Lu enthusiastically contributed to my class, subsequently inspiring other

18 n students to participate more actively. In addition, her excellent academic performance exceeded my expectations from many years of teaching.

19 單元十 : 撰寫推薦信 函 ( B 部份 ) 被推薦 人與進階學習有關的 個人特質及信函結尾 ( 範例 ) n Over the past two years that I have known her, I am most impressed by Ms. Wang’s energy, as evidenced by her impressive class performance and the high esteem that her classmates and professors hold for her.

20 n Her enthusiasm in fully grasping concepts related to ethnomusicology deeply impressed me. If her four years of hard work and perseverance at our Music Department is any indicator, I am confident that she will be able to meet the rigorous requirements of your school's graduate curricula.

21 詳細資訊請參考 有效撰寫讀書計劃 ( 柯泰德 著 ) 或參考 網址 : http://www.chineseo

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