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Lianne Gagné, Career Educator Office of Student Development and Services B210 705-474-3461 ext. 4491

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2 Lianne Gagné, Career Educator Office of Student Development and Services B210 705-474-3461 ext. 4491

3 Resumé Writing Workshop offered to Nipissing University Schulich School of Education and Concurrent Education Students

4 Learning Outcomes At the end of the presentation, students will be able to: identify the components of a well-written resumé indicate past experiences relevant to desired position translate experiences and abilities into a resumé

5 AGENDA Resumé –Who are you? –What have you done? –Where have you done it? Cover Letter

6 FIRST IMPRESSIONS Resumés that do not impress will be eliminated by the hiring team. **Grammatical and spelling errors do not impress** Consider the following important points: Margins: 1” x 1” Consistency with format (bold, underline, spacing…) Paper quality and colour Excellent print quality (single-sided) Font and size Length of resumé Use bullets (not ☺, *,, -)

7 PARTS OF A RESUMÉ Personal Information Career Objective/Executive Summary (optional) Education Career (or Teaching) Related Experience Other Employment Experience Volunteer Experience Other Achievements : Professional Affiliations, Certifications, Computer Skills, Awards and Scholarships, Professional Development (workshops and seminars) Extracurricular Activities (optional) Referees (examples of wording for headings)

8 Connor Jones 27 Hollyhock Lane Bracebridge, ON P1L 1T5 Home: (705) 497-6650 Cellular: (705) 474-2278 Email: Your personal information should appear on the first page of your resumé and ONLY your name and page number on subsequent pages. Personal Information

9 YOUR LICENSE TO TEACH! After personal information, leave one space and indicate that your Ontario College of Teachers registration is pending in the Spring of 2015 (include your registration number once you receive it from the Ontario College of Teachers)

10 A career objective must: Highlight that you are a qualified candidate Emphasize the contribution that you can make to the organization Entice the employer to read the rest of your application Career Objective (optional)

11 Education In reverse chronological order, list the degrees and diplomas you will have earned by the end of August (Do not abbreviate!) Include teachable subjects and additional option courses that you are taking List the name and location of the relevant educational institutions Indicate that you are in the iTeach Laptop Learning Program

12 August 2015EDUCATION IN THE PRIMARY DIVISION Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario June 2015 BACHELOR OF EDUCATION Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario Junior/Intermediate Divisions, History Teachable International Teaching option course (correct title) iTeach Laptop Learning Program June 2014BACHELOR OF ARTS Guelph University, Guelph, Ontario Sociology Major, Psychology Minor June 2010RECREATION AND LEISURE SERVICES DIPLOMA Algonquin College, North Bay, Ontario

13 Career Related Experience In reverse chronological order, list the dates, job title, place of employment, duties, and what you learned. Begin with practice teaching placements. Emphasize your hard skills (experience and education)

14 Spring 2015GRADE THREE PRE-SERVICE TEACHER Ellis Public School, Markham, Ontario Presented differentiated Science lessons for a grade three classroom Assistant coach for the girls’ grade six volleyball team Attended and participated in the monthly staff meetings Fall 2014GRADE FOUR PRE-SERVICE TEACHER John Smith Public School, Guelph, Ontario Planned, implemented, and analyzed differentiated Geography lessons for a grade four classroom Provided support for the Fall Open House: designed the meal tickets and supervised the craft table Assessment (rubrics, checklists, running records…) Visual and technological aids used Classroom management, problem solving and decision making skills Professional Development Interaction with parents

15 2010-2011RECREATIONAL COACH Sports Are Fun, Markham, Ontario Planned and implemented a training schedule for the Mens’ volleyball team Prepared an annual estimate of program expenditures 2005-2006GRADE SIX TUTOR Private Residence, Ajax, Ontario Tutored six students in my home throughout a two- year period Provided support in mathematics and science for students identified with learning disabilities Completed written reports and scheduled one-on-one meetings with parents to discuss their children’s progress

16 Other Employment Experience (not related to teaching) in reverse chronological order, itemize other positions you have held Emphasize your soft skills


18 2004-2006ADMINISTRATIVE CLERK J.R. Bakery, Huntsville, Ontario Provided secretarial support for a team of ten employees Created spreadsheets using various computer programs (Word, Excel, Publisher…) Analyzed and presented monthly statements of expense Communicated deadlines to the owner and provided problem-solving solutions to scheduling conflicts Organized the filing system and collaborated with other staff members to ensure efficiency Lead a team meeting regarding office concerns and procedures

19 Volunteer Experience Highlight positions with children or leadership positions Literacy Council ( (web, front desk, tutor volunteer) Frosh leader Coach Tutor

20 2011-2012FROSH LEADER Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario Assisted in interviewing and selecting over 50 volunteers Conducted two training sessions for leaders 2010-2011ASSISTANT COACH Rivers Secondary School, Markham, Ontario Assisted the coach and trainer with the grade eleven football team Attended the games and provided support throughout the season

21 Professional Affiliations 2002-PresentMember of the Athletic Association Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario 1993-1996Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario person-to-person campaign volunteer Certifications 2015 First Aid and CPR 2014 Basic Wilderness First Aid 2014 safeTalk, Nipissing University

22 Computer Skills Working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Power Point Familiar with the Ontario Curriculum Unit Planner, Hyperstudio 4, Kid Pix Deluxe 3, Ontario Report Cards Program, Microsoft Front Page, Storybook Weaver, Music Ace 2 Awards and Scholarships 2013 Dave Marshall Leadership Award, Nipissing University 2011 Carl Sanders Scholarship, Nipissing University 2011 John H. Frost Achievement Award, Laurentian University 2011 Excellence in Education Award, York University

23 Professional Development 2014 Curriculum Unit Planner Workshop, Nipissing University 2014 Smartboard Training Session, Nipissing University OR 2014-2015Nipissing University Workshops Curriculum Unit Planner Smartboard Training Session Measurement Geometry Extracurricular Activities Reading, drama, canoeing, swimming, and camping

24 Referees Employers WANT to see a list of referees. Do NOT indicate “Available Upon Request” Carefully choose 3, maximum 5 (Check the school board’s requirements) Professional referees preferred (associate teacher, practicum advisor, employer, -someone with authority) Who are the 3 people who can help me get this job? Ask permission

25 REFEREES Mrs. Elaine Jones, Associate Teacher Centennial Public School 14 Green Lane Guelph, ON N1E 4L7 Phone: (519) 123-5678 Email: Mr. Doug Smith, Principal John Smith Public School 42 Cedargrove Crescent Guelph, ON N1E 5J6 Phone: (519) 356-1798, ext. 4345 Email: Ms. Gillian Spencer, Program Coordinator Frontier College Students for Literacy Program 16 Squirrel Place Guelph, ON N1E 3Z7 Phone: (519) 364-5498 Email: I, Lianne Gagné, grant permission for my referees to be contacted.

26 Practice Teaching Reports List of Referees Faith Reference Form Submit copies of your practice teaching reports If requested, enclose letters from referees Catholic School Boards’ Faith Reference or Pastoral Form

27 Actual Examples of Errors… Principle of the school …working with young people while teaching Marital Arts (karate) …my ability to plan, implement and asses both… Instructed large, small and individual children… Tutored a grade 4 student who had a speech impediment for one hour per week

28 Employer’s Pet Peeves About Resumés! Spelling and grammatical mistakes More than 2 pages long Colored paper that does not copy well Repetition in your bullets Not including a cover letter No dates with experience Listing jobs with no accomplishments Incorrect contact information Photocopies of photocopies

29 Tips! Do not use “I” in your bullet sections (I had the opportunity to further develop…) Keep sections on 1 page Align your dates (left or right side of the page) Do not use abbreviations (ON, BEd, TA, ABQ, AQ…) Do not use periods or semi-colons in your bullet sections Use correct verb tense –Past experience: organized, planned, implemented –Present experience: organize, plan, implement

30 Non-Teaching Resumé Tips No need to include your Ontario College of Teachers registration number Under ‘Education’ section –include a bullet: Thirteen weeks of practicum experience in grades….

31 Under ‘Career Related Experience’ –Begin with your paid employment and not your practice teaching placements –emphasize your hard skills: education and skills After ‘Career Related Experience’, add a heading called ‘Professional Experience’ and include your Practice Teaching Placements: emphasize your transferrable skills

32 COVER LETTER Tips for writing a cover letter… Analyze the job posting and identify the key words –use these keywords in your letter Check the school board’s website for similar current postings –what are they looking for?

33 Mark Smith 2024 Cedargrove Street London, Ontario N5W 5G4 519-455-9810 marksmith@gmailcom (2 spaces) Date (2 spaces) Mr. Robert Caldori, Superintendent of Schools London Catholic District School Board P.O. Box 5474, 5200 Wellington Road South London, Ontario N6A 4X5 (1 space) *If you address your cover letter Dear Mr. Caldori, “To Whom It May Concern” (1 space) you haven’t done your research!!

34 Paragraph 1: Initial Contact State the reason for writing State the title of the position for which you are applying Quote the job posting number if provided State the divisions and teachable(s) you are qualified to teach and the name of the institution Indicate if you plan to take an Additional Basic Qualification in another division in the spring or summer

35 Paragraph 2: Solid Evidence Indicate if you plan on taking other courses in the future (French as a Second Language, Special Education Part I…) Write about your career related experience Emphasize your strengths indicated on your practice teaching reports

36 Share your thoughts: What is teaching all about? What is learning all about? What is the curriculum all about? Why are you interested in teaching? What kind of classroom will yours be? Show your enthusiasm for the teaching profession! Research: school board’s mission statement school board’s philosophy of education Paragraph 3: Your Beliefs

37 Paragraph 4 and Closing: Action You must be action-oriented. Consider the following:  Close with a strong statement of confidence  Express your willingness to attend an interview  Thank the employer for considering you  Provide information regarding your website (e-portfolio…)  Provide a telephone number where you can be reached, or where a message can be left Sincerely, (sign here) Your First and Last name, OCT Candidate

38 Non-Teaching Cover Letter Tips Paragraph 1: don’t include your teachables, division or if you are planning on taking an ABQ. Simply indicate your undergraduate and Bachelor of Education degrees Paragraph 2, 3 and 4: Follow same tips

39 Actual Examples… …I learnt to tackle people at any level for their concerns. I believe that everyone has some sort of disability, although with some individuals, these disabilities are more heightened than others. My practicum experiences have also taught me firsthand how exhausting and tiresome it can be for teachers…

40 The Cool Down Period You’ve spent a lot of time and effort getting your letter of application written but it’s not over yet. Ask someone to proofread your letter (friend, colleague, advisor) Proofread your resum é backwards Read your resumé outloud Email your resumé to yourself

41 Sending your application by email Subject line: Position and Job Posting # Email message –Logical order and flow –Edit it! –Sloppy writing and abbreviations are not acceptable

42 Remember… 1.The effort you are willing to put into your resumé shows your prospective employer the effort you are willing to put into the job! 2.86% of Human Resources Professionals see poorly written resumés and cover letters as a deal breaker for job applicants. (

43 Education Fair Information Friday, January 30, 12:30-3:30 Education Centre Gym Dress to impress Format (booth, information sessions, interviews) Updates will be sent by email

44 Learning Outcomes At the end of the presentation, students will be able to: identify the components of a well-written resumé indicate past experiences relevant to desired position translate experiences and abilities into a resumé

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