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Applying to Medical School in 2011 and Beyond Lee Witters Sarah Berger Annette Hamilton.

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1 Applying to Medical School in 2011 and Beyond Lee Witters Sarah Berger Annette Hamilton

2 First Things First Make your intention to possibly apply known to our advising system..i.e. SIGN IN Have an individual conversation with an advisor as to whether 2011 is the optimum time for you to be applying to medical school or whether you should consider delaying till 2012 or later Familiarize yourself with all the sources of information KEEP TO ANNOUNCED DEADLINES!

3 Some Medical School Admission Statistics: 2010 Matriculants # applicants: 41, 309 # accepted: 19, 086 (46%) GPA all applicants: 3.53 (3.43 BCPM) GPA accepted: 3.67 (3.62 BCPM) MCAT all takers 8.4VR/8.7PS/9.2BS/26.4/O MCAT accepted applicants 9.3VR/9.8PS/10.2BS/29.3/PNational # applicants: 170  77% alumni # accepted: 114 (67%) # schools/applicant: 19 # acceptances/applicant: 2 (1-11) GPAs accepted: –Overall: 3.58 (2.6-3.99) –BCPM: 3.49 (2.6-4.00) GPA not accepted: –Overall: 3.37 (2.8-3.94) –BCPM: 3.24 (1.9-3.90) MCAT –Accepted : 10.9VR/11.4PS/11.4 BS/33.7/Q –Not Accepted: 10.2VR/10.5PS/10.6BS/31.3/Q Dartmouth  Includes only released data

4 Factors Influencing Admission Statistics OVERALL GPA >3.3 overall GPA89% of ‘accepted’; 55 % of ‘not accepted’ BCPM GPA >3.3 BCPM74% of ‘accepted’; 44% of ‘not accepted’ MCAT >30 MCAT87% of ‘accepted’; 80% of ‘not accepted’ Timeliness Application verified before Sept 1 80% of ‘accepted’; 56% of ‘not accepted’ OTHER DATA Science GPA < 3.2; MCAT <30: Only 4% accepted If Science GPA < 3.3 and ‘accepted’, average MCAT 31 If Science GPA > 3.3 and ‘ not accepted’, average MCAT 30 Other factors: Clinical Experience/Exposure Community Service Research Experience List of Schools (# and appropriateness relative to credentials) Personal statement & Interview Letters of evaluation Utilization of advising services

5 Courses (GPA, Science GPA) MCAT Extracurricular Experiences Letters of Evaluation Personal & Professional Characteristics Skills & Abilities Clinical Exposure Altruistic Service Scholarly Activity (outside classroom) Elements of a Successful Application to Medical School

6 Evaluating Beyond Grades,MCAT Scores and Prior Experiences in Health Active listener Problem solver Communicator (oral, written) Critical thinker Multilingual Resiliency Integrity/Judgment Adaptability Reliability/Dependability Persistence Motivation Intellectual curiosity Empathy Altruistic service Skills & AbilitiesPersonal & Professional Characteristics

7 Applying to Medical School in 2011 and Beyond Overview: Where is help? Important web sites:Important web sites: –NSS ( Several links in “Must Reads & Links” section including Alumni Advice network ‘Medical School Application 2011-2012’ section (podcasts, documents) –NSS Blackboard site (need to self-enroll; see instructions on NSS home page) All important documents and podcasts to be posted here in ‘Pre-Health Information’ >>>>’Medical School’ folder –Career Services ( –American Association of Medical Colleges ( Links on right: AMCAS, MCAT, Aspiring, Medical Schools/More Resources

8 Applying to Medical School in 2011 and Beyond The MCAT exam, registration and preparation –When/where? –How to prepare? MCAT Survey: ‘How NSS Prepares’ –Other issues: testing accommodations; fee assistance Posted on NSS home page

9 Composite Letter of Evaluation REQUIRED unless you are class of 2009 or previous No more than six (6) writers including your composite writer. 3-5 writers will write supporting letters Who will be your letter writers? –TWO science faculty who’ve taught you –Major professor –Extracurricular letter

10 Credentials Consult Documents in “Medical School Application” on NSS Home Page Open your Interfolio account –Waiving your rights of access Ask letter writers – give them timelines Create & upload supporting documents –Autobiographical Sketch –Resume –Transcript (official from Registrar; scan both sides) Release to Composite Writer Additional letters (after composite) – talk to Annette Timelines/Deadlines (Agreement form)

11 Questions About Interfolio? Send e-mail to See also: and the Interfolio FAQs at

12 Timeline FallWinterSpringSummer 10- 11 - Is this the best year for you to apply? -Ask for LETTERS -Sign up for early MCAT -Workshops -Ask for LETTERS -Early MCAT (or sign up for spring/summer) -Open Interfolio account -Workshops -LETTERS -MCAT -Begin AMCAS application, incl. personal statement & school list -Transcript (after spring term) -Submit AMCAS application target date 6/30 -Begin secondary applications -Send LETTERS 11- 12 -Complete 2° by early Sept -Schools to have everything by now -Interviews & Offers - Update Letters -Interviews & Offers -Decision Day: May 15 -Get ready for med school classes!

13 Summary of Deadlines (Ideal (i.e. target) & Final) TaskIdeal (target) date Final deadline Taking MCATBy mid-JuneAugust dates Submitting AMCASJune 30Sept 1 Submitting 2 o AppsSept 1Oct 1 Documents to Career Services Timeline AgreementASAPApril 1 Composite Letter Worksheet End of winter term classes May 1 Supporting DocumentsMay 1July 1 Supporting LettersMay 1July 1 Release to Composite Writer May 15July 1 Composite LetterJuly 1September 1

14 Timeline Agreement Sheet Please review, sign and return by the end of this meeting Composite Letter Work Sheet Submit by end of winter term to Annette Hamilton

15 Applying to Medical School in 2011 and Beyond A Few “Heads Up” For Later Meetings Winter Term Workshops : –How to Ask for Letters (Friday, Jan 28, 4:30, Carson L01), Getting Started on a Personal Statement (TBA) The AMCAS application –Issue of institutional action/misdemeanor/felony –Release date early May; suggested submission date end of June –Spring workshops (e.g. how to fill out; personal statements; also post-bacc programs, ‘gap years’) Choosing schools: How to decide? Secondary applications The interview and the decision making What if I am planning to apply in later years?

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