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AIR FORCE ACADEMY ADMISSIONS Lt. Col. Ed Driscoll Director Admissions Liaison Officer, NV.

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3 AIR FORCE ACADEMY ADMISSIONS Lt. Col. Ed Driscoll Director Admissions Liaison Officer, NV


5 OVERVIEW Academy Facts Qualifications Preparation Application Process

6 ACADEMY FACTS Mission - To “Develop and Inspire Air and Space Leaders With Vision For Tomorrow” Established in 1954 - One of the Most Prestigious Schools in the Country Graduates Receive a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force

7 Eligibility Be at least 17 years old by July 1 Have not passed your 23rd birthday on July 1 US Citizen Unmarried, with no dependents

8 Academy Qualifying Levels Academic Record Top 40% English/Reading 580 SAT or 24 ACT Math/Sci Reasoning 560 SAT or 25 ACT Scores achieved under non-standard conditions are not accepted. Physical Aptitude TestMenWomen Pull-ups(men) 5 - Flexed-arm hang (women)- 21 sec Standing Long Jump6’10”5’8” Modified Basketball Throw54’28’ Pushups (2 minutes) 25 10 300-yard Shuttle-Run 65 sec 75 sec

9 PAE One test for all three Service Academies USAFA still has event minimums Fail one event, fail entire PAE One retest allowed for failed PAE We will accept and share scores with Army & Navy All five events are scored; Pullups/Flexed arm hang, pushups, and shuttle run are double weighted. Basketball throw and long jump, single weighted.

10 Profile of the Class of 2004 Academic 20032004 HS GPA3.803.80 SAT Verbal630 630 Math650 650 ACT English 28 28 Math 29 29 Reading 29 29 Sci Reas 29 29 Honors / Activities 20032004 Class Pres 12% 11% Nat’l Hon Soc 69% 69% Eagle Scout/ Gold Award 12% 12% Civil Air Patrol 7% 10% Athletic Letter 84% 85%

11 Preparation Academics Athletics - Team Sports Extracurricular Activities  Key Club  National Honor Society  Scouting  Girls/Boys State  School Student Body Community Service Activities

12 Application Process Academy Application Precandidate Questionnaire (Due Dec 31) Complete Application (Due Jan 31) Nomination (NLT Nov 1)

13 Congressional Both U.S. Senators Both U.S. Senators Representative Representative Vice President Vice President Military Related Presidential (Unlimited Nominations; 100 Appointments) Presidential (Unlimited Nominations; 100 Appointments) Regular / Reserve Components (170) Regular / Reserve Components (170) Honor Military Schools / AFROTC / AFJROTC (5 Detch; 20 Appts) Honor Military Schools / AFROTC / AFJROTC (5 Detch; 20 Appts) Deceased / Disabled / MIA (65) Deceased / Disabled / MIA (65) Medal of Honor Medal of Honor Other Foreign (Through State Department) Foreign (Through State Department) U.S. Territories U.S. Territories NominationSources AFA#1

14 Academic Composite Applicant Evaluation PriorAcademicRecord VerbalScore MathScore Athletic NonAthletic Extra Curricular Composite WeightedComposite NotificationLetters TentativeCandidate NotCompetitive Not Qualified - Citizen - Age

15 CANDIDATE KIT USAFA Form 146, Personal Data Form USAFA Form 147, Activities Form USAFA Form 148, Request for Secondary School Transcript AF Form 2030, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Certificate USAFA Form 0-878, Writing Sample PAE 4060 generated for ALO Name sent to DoDMERB for medical exam

16 Tentative Candidate Process Medical Examination (DoDMERB) (DoDMERB) PAE Candidate Kit Liaison Officer Evaluation Evaluation SAT or ACT Scores Scores Nomination Recommended Complete File File + Selection Process

17 Admission Measures Academic Composite ExtracurricularComposite 20% WeightedComposite + PAE Selection Panel (20%) Liaison Officer Evaluation FinalSelectionComposite MedicalCategory = 12 60%

18 Admissions Calendar Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Application Kits Mailed Student requests nom from Congressperson Nom Selections Noms to AFA Ltrs of Assurance Appointment Offers (Junior)(Senior) Regular Selection Apps Due Class Enters National Decision Date PCQ and Online Apps SAT ACT SAT ACT SAT ACT

19 It Could Be that the Purpose of Your Life is Only Serve as a Warning to Others


21 ROTC Where? Types of Scholarships Available Qualifications Application Process

22 Locations 143 Detachments with access to over 900 Universities & Colleges through cross town agreements.

23 Scholarships  All Scholarships Lab Fees & Text book Allowance - $510 Monthly allowance $250, $300, $350, $400  Type I (~5%)  Full College Tuition Type II (~10%)  Capped at $15,000 per year  Type VII (~85%)  Capped at $9,000 per year  Can not use at a school where tuition > $9,000  Option to convert to 3 Year $15,000 per year

24 Qualifications  GPA 3.0+  SAT 1100 ACT Comp 24  Fitness Test (PAE)  Citizen Before Scholarship Activation  17 Years Old  Not Enrolled in Full-time College Program

25 Application Process  1 June - 2 December  Scholarship based on Major  Interview  Selection Boards Sept. - Feb.  Misc forms Drug Abuse Civil Involvement All Items Returned by 17 Jan 2003 No SAT or ACT scores taken after 31 Dec 2003

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