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Junior Planning for College Workshop Source: ACT’s College Planning Guide.

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1 Junior Planning for College Workshop Source: ACT’s College Planning Guide


3 Options After High SchoolWork Military Trades Apprentice Program Proprietary Schools COLLEGE

4 Let’s Focus on College Remember...decision making is a PROCESS, not an event! Source: ACT College Planning Guide

5 Final Stats on Class of 2014 216 Graduates to College Type of School#%_____ 4 year Schools 203 94% 2 year Schools 13 6% Out of State 73 34% Catholic Colleges 32 15% JCCC 12 4% KSU 53 25% KU 44 20% 818 Applications/Transcripts processed for Srs 3.78 average per Senior

6 ACT Planning for College You can organize the college planning process in simple six simple steps

7 Know Yourself and Your Reasons for Attending College Recognize your strengths and weaknesses Analyze your interests and values Achieve a personal goal Increase your earning power Prepare for a career and expand learning Extracurricular activities & social life Influence of family and friends 1

8 Take responsibility for your future!

9 Factors Influencing Admission Decisions CriteriaImportance Considerable Moderate Limited Grades in coll prep classes 80%11% 4% Admission test scores 60%25% 8% Grades in all subjects 57%31% 8% Counselor Recommendation 18%42% 27% Teacher Recommendation 18%39% 28% Essay or Writing Sample 25%35% 20% Extracurricular Act. 8% 40% 33% Interview 9%27% 29% Class of 2014, 219seniors – Letters written for 101 students

10 Recommended High School Curriculum for College English4 units Mathematics4 units Social Studies3 units Science3 units

11 Recommended High School Curriculum for College Some colleges require additional courses in: Foreign Language Visual & Performing Arts Computer Tech

12 Test Preparation The best preparation is a solid high school curriculum ACT includes four curriculum-based tests -- English, Math, Reading, and Science Reasoning. Writing optional. Must upload picture when registering, send scores to the colleges SAT – Critical Reading, Math, Writing Become familiar with the test content and format Check web site for registrations, questions and test taking strategies

13 ACT Test Preparation Know appropriate test-taking strategies Take ACT’s free practice test Consider a test prep course Power Prep – Prior to each test, one day options Two Sisters ACT Prep—Oct & Apr tests Others listed on handout Check out the prep questions on the ACT website

14 Testing Timeline Oct 2014 1)PSAT Oct. 15 (Practice SAT) Provides natl% among self identified college bound jrs Identifies candidates for Nat’l Merit (Top.5/1% of nation) Prep Classes: Power Prep: 1 session, $45, Register by 9/20! Kaplan: Free Practice Test Sept 22 9am & Oct 9 10:00am sign up at by Sept 2) ACT December 13: Students can receive the their actual December test booklet, the correct test answers, and their answers about 4 weeks after they get their score. That's perfect timing for re-testing in the spring. They can see where they made mistakes, brush up on those concepts, and go back and re-test in April or June. It's a powerful way to raise their scores! If students wait until the April test to opt for Test Information Release, they do not have as much time to benefit from the information and re-test.

15 ACT Feb, April or June –Prep class prior to each one 99% of seniors at STA take ACT SAT – May need Subj Tests for highly selective colleges AP – Advanced Placement. English, Calc. Can earn college credit w/ appropriate score. ng/ap/about.html ng/ap/about.html

16 Remember: test scores are only ONE factor used for college admissions and scholarship decisions


18 Consider College Characteristics Majors & educational programs Type of school & degrees offered Admissions policy Costs & financial aid College affiliation & accreditation Campus activities Support services Location & size 2

19 List, Compare, and Visit Colleges Compile information from several resources College catalogs, bulletins, videos, CD’s and computer-based services College Family Connection website Internet/Websites (links on FC) College representatives Parents, students, teachers and alumni College Counselor3

20 Students We’re making the college fair circuit much more efficient for you. You register ONE TIME, RIGHT HERE, and you get a barcode you can take to any of the automated fairs (click here for a complete list). Put an end to filling out info cards at every table. Instead, spend your time talking with the schools and finding out what YOU want to know. For more info on how this all works, click REGISTER NOWREGISTER NOW REPRINT BARCODE EDIT PROFILEREPRINT BARCODE EDIT PROFILE College Fairs Made Easy!

21 College Fairs Sept 9: Private HS College Fair Rockhurst HS 6:30pm Sept 10: Catholic College Fair 8-8:45am STA Oct. 5: Nat’l College Fair Downtown Conv Center 1-4 pm Oct. 6: Nat’l College Fair Downtown Conv Center 8:30am-11:30am Oct. 13 OP Convention Center 6:30-8:30pm Oct. 15: Shawnee Mission East College Clinic 6:30pm

22 Kansas City Private School Fair Student Barcode Pass Print this page and bring it with you to the College Fair to make the best use of your time there. Many of the colleges in attendance will have a barcode scanner at their table. When you allow a college at the Fair to scan the barcode on this page you will provide them with all of the information you entered instantaneously. Sally Saint Saint Thomas Aquinas Hs Overland Park 2015

23 Overview Family Connection What is College Family Connection? How do I access it? What can I do with it? How does it help career and college planning?

24 How is it accessed?  Family Connection is on the Web stasaints Also on STA homepage Student accounts- Student should be registered Parent accounts – Contact BBruns ( or EWhite ( for registration code One code for each parent

25 What can it do? Compare colleges Links to selected third-party resources Track deadlines Request transcripts Produce scatter grams Show schedule of college visits Share plans Complete surveys, resume, student questionnaire Scholarship list

26 List, Compare, and Visit Colleges Prepare a college comparison checklist Weigh advantages & disadvantages Make realistic choices Contact the Office of Admission Schedule appointments for your campus visits. Try to pick a day we are not in school. 3

27 Every campus has a “personality”

28 Checklist for a Campus Visit Meet with an Admission Counselor Verify admission requirements- GPA, test scores, essay, interview, etc. Determine actual college costs - 9 month budget Ask about financial aid opportunities Take a campus tour Stand in the middle of campus and “people watch”. Happy? Stressed out?

29 Checklist for a Campus Visit Investigate your academic program(s) Attend a class Talk with students and faculty Discuss your chances for success: Admission Graduation Placement in job after graduation

30 Apply for Admission and Observe Deadlines Most applications done by 12/1/15 Develop a Plan to Finance Your Education Scholarship Deadlines start 10/1/15 Review and Finalize Your Plans National Decision Date May 1, 2016 4 5 6

31 Don’t eliminate any college because of costs! Source: ACT College Planning Guide

32 What Does Postsecondary Education Cost? Budget for 9 months

33 College Success Factors Test scores and high school grades are important...... However, they measure only part of your “potential” Source: ACT College Planning Guide

34 Keep in mind… making sound decisions will lead to satisfying and successful experiences!

35 Take ACT or SAT prior to beginning of senior year ACT SAT Oct, Dec, Feb, April & JuneNov, Dec, March, May & June Fall athletes, musical participants!! Check your calendars Meet with Mrs. Bruns starting Feb to discuss plans Register on College Family Connection Website Continue to develop academic skills Develop resume/list of activities, copy NHS application Research colleges and learn about careers Attend Junior programs at colleges in Spring Attend College Fairs now and in Spring Info in Parent Newsletter NCAA Clearinghouse

36 Important Dates SAT Test Date Reg. Deadline Oct. 11 Sept 12 Nov. 8 Oct 9 Dec. 6 Nov 6 Register @ ACT Test Date Reg. Deadline Oct. 25 Sept. 19 Dec. 13 Nov. 7 Feb. 7 Jan. 10 April 18 Mar. 13 June 13 May 8 *STA test center code is 157580. STA High School code is 172776. Register @

37 Barb Bruns Email Phone 319-2477 I will take Jr. Appointments after Sr. year enrollment Appointments: During school day Tues – Fri Takes about 30-45 minutes Parents encouraged to be present for discussion Can do STA period or 7:30am I can write some (great) letters during the summer so good to do appointment before school is out. If you have a 504 Plan and need special testing for ACT/SAT, let me know before March 1! Military Academies – Process starts in May of junior year Read Parent Newsletter and College Family Connection Website – my best way to communicate with parents!

38 Planning for College St.Thomas Aquinas Post Secondary Counseling Academic Counseling

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