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Junior Parents’ Workshop: The College Admissions Process Mrs. Betsy Sullivan 4/18/2015.

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1 Junior Parents’ Workshop: The College Admissions Process Mrs. Betsy Sullivan 4/18/2015

2 College Search Who are you? What do you want? College Search: selectivity, 2 yr/4 yr school, state, region, major, sports, LD, average cost, enrollment Develop List through Naviance 4/18/2015

3 Important Decisions First Choice Early Decision Early Action Single Choice Regular Decision Likely Schools 4/18/2015

4 Evaluating an Applicant High School Grades and GPA Rigor of Program+Senior Course Selection Rank (MLHS does not rank) Standardized Test Scores (Test Optional Colleges: Extracurricular Activities Teacher and Counselor Recommendations Application Essay(s) Interview (required/recommended) 4/18/2015

5 MLHS School Profile Every school has a Profile that is updated each year Contains the school’s statistical data + other information Features past performance as a benchmark Colleges compare the strength of a student’s transcript to the strength of the offerings, to peers, and to the pool of applicants MLHS’ Profile is a strong statement about our school, our students, and our community 4/18/2015

6 High School Transcript Courses taken and final grades earned in grades 9-11 with annual and cumulative GPAs Does not include quarter or exam grades Midyear Report gives that breakdown and is released to colleges in February MLHS GPA is calculated on all classes except PE, Audit, and Pass/Fail classes MLHS GPA is weighted on a sliding scale A+=4.3, 4.8, 5.3 Non-weighted GPA uses 4.0 scale 4/18/2015

7 Standardized Testing PSAT-Sophomore and Junior Years SAT Reasoning-Sophomore and Junior Years SAT II Subject Tests-Start early (Honors Bio Grade 9; Honors Chem Grade 10; AP Bio Grade 11 take it again for best possible score) ACT with or without Writing Please note: Students are responsible for knowing the specific requirements for each of their schools 4/18/2015

8 Resume/Activities Sheet Extracurricular Activities Community Service Employment Photo-optional personal choice 4/18/2015

9 Campus Visits MLHS CODE: 310855 Register in Admissions Office Plan ahead for a tour Schedule an overnight, attend classes Talk to other students on campus Exchange email information if appropriate Look at facilities, surroundings, professors, and students Keep notes Send Thank You cards 4/18/2015

10 Student-Athletes NCAA Regulations Division I Schools Division II Schools Division III Schools Cumulative GPA NCAA’s Cumulative GPA Register/File after completion of junior year 4/18/2015

11 Financial Aid and Scholarships Public or Private: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Private: College Scholarship Service (CSS) Scholarships 4/18/2015

12 Additional Resources Guidance Department Telephone: 973-334-8580 Fax: 973-316-0815 CEEB Code: 310855 Mr. Bergen: until 12/20/ Ms. Rao: from 1/2/ Ms. Margaret Mrs. Sullivan: Mr. Wolfelsperger: Ms. Stalter: Ms. Corby: Dr. Moore: 4/18/2015

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