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Special Needs Transportation Joe Lightsey Pupil Transportation Alabama Department of Education.

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1 Special Needs Transportation Joe Lightsey Pupil Transportation Alabama Department of Education

2 Alabama Transportation Statistics $231,532,213 Million Annually 357,723 Students Daily 8,390 School Buses 58,242,412 Miles Annually 332,168 Daily Miles

3 Special Needs Statistics Number of SE Routes951 Special Education Drivers752 PV Routes408 TW Routes 62 Number of Aides650

4 Rules, Regulations, Guidelines National Specifications and Procedures Pupil Transportation Guidelines Alabama Law State Board of Education Rules Local Board Polices Federal Laws and Regulations

5 Transportation Funding State Law requires payment of 80% of SE Cost. We pay 100%. Personnel Covered Buses Covered as part of Fleet Renewal

6 Bus Routes Special Education Bus Routes SN, PV, TW Time on Route 360 Minutes of Instruction Loading and Unloading Accessibility

7 Communication Chain Transportation Supervisor Special Education Supervisor Drivers Teachers

8 It should be assumed that most children with disabilities receive the same transportation services as nondisabled children. (LRE) …unless special transportation is required by the IEP....includes - travel to and from school - between school buildings - modified vehicles - additional personnel (bus aide) - purchased services (contracts) - extracurricular activities… - preschool-aged children… Letter – Office of Special Education Programs (See SDE website under Pupil Transportation) Communication for Best Service

9 SDE Special Needs Recertification Classes 1.Laws and Regulations 14 th Amendment, IDEA, 504, ADA, AL Code 2.Loading/Unloading the Special Needs Bus 3.Transporting Preschoolers 4.Areas of Disability/Behavior Management Issues 5.Confidentiality 6.The IEP, FAPE, LRE 7.Driver Training Cathy Staggs Instructor Topics Target Special Needs Transportation Issues

10 Transporting Preschoolers NHTSA Guidelines – SDE Website –Proper use and placement of CSRS –Preschool Special Education

11 Common Complaints to SDE Overly long bus rides Loss of instruction due to length of bus ride (shortened school day) Denial of transportation to extracurricular activities Air Conditioning Buses

12 Alabama Facts  Only 4/10 of one percent of accidents involve school buses  Only 1/10 of one percent of total injuries in school buses  Only one child killed in a school bus collision since 1969  Only one school bus driver killed in last 50 years  Major inspection deficiencies on school buses have decreased by 9% in the past six years.  Almost all Alabama buses are diesels with automatic transmissions.

13 Special Needs Transportation Questions Cathy Staggs or Joe Lightsey Alabama State Department of Education 334-242-9730


15 Have a great school year!

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