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The Christian Brothers School Belfast Review of Post-primary Education May 2014.

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1 The Christian Brothers School Belfast Review of Post-primary Education May 2014

2 Purpose of Review To consider the future of Edmund Rice Schools Trust educational provision for boys in the Glen Road area of South West Belfast

3 Agenda Sustainable Schools’ Policy Enrolments Curriculum provision Financial plan Proposals Possible next steps

4 Sustainable Schools’ Policy - January 2009 The demographic downturn being experienced in recent years presents the education system with a major challenge of ensuring schools remain educationally and financially viable. The Bain proposals require a post-primary school to have a minimum 500 pupils Years 8 to 12. On the current year 8 entry trend CBS in 4 years would be a school of 220.

5 Profile of Enrolment CBS Year 8 Intake YearNo of pupils Capacity750 Admissions Number100 2009/1078 2010/1168 2011/1270 2012/1358 2013/1444

6 Consequences for a small school Providing a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils would become extremely difficult. The capacity to provide a wide range of extracurricular activities would be reduced. With a small enrolment there would be increased pressures on the Board of Governors of CBS to reduce staffing levels.

7 Curriculum Provision The quality of educational provision is not in question, but CBS cannot deliver the number of subjects in KS4 (Years 11-12)required by regulation. KS4 (Years 11-12)pupils do not have access to a suitably broad and balanced curriculum. CBS can deliver the number and type of subjects at Advanced Level. Some subjects at post 16 have classes less than 10 students.

8 Finance – 3 Year Financial Plan (BELB Information) 2013/142014/152015/16 Total Budget 2,458,2422,372,6682,299,333 Total Expenditure 2,373,8272,362,996 Carry Over Deficit £84,415£9,672-£63,663

9 Conclusion CBS is having difficulty delivering the full Entitlement Framework and could become financially unviable.

10 Proposal 1 of the Trustees The Trustees propose that education provision at the Christian Brothers School ceases on a phased basis effective from 1 September 2015. Final closure 31 August 2017.

11 Proposal 2 of the Trustee The Trustees propose to extend the long term enrolment of St Mary’s Christian Brothers Grammar School to 1660. The Trustees also propose that in future up to 75% of the pupils will be admitted on the basis of the GL Assessment Test (Transfer Tests). The remainder will be a non-selective intake.

12 Proposal 2 (contd) Adjustments will be necessary to accommodate a wider ability range. Some infrastructure additions/alterations will be needed for the increased numbers of pupils. With a school population of 1660 St Mary’s Christian Brothers Grammar will continue to be able to deliver the Entitlement Framework of 24 subjects at GCSE and 27 subjects at Advanced level.

13 Time line into the future No year 8’s will start CBS in 2015 although this will depend on a ministerial decision. Other year groups remain in CBS for 2 years to complete their education. CBS to close August 2017. Arrangements will be made for the transfer of pupils to St Mary’s on a phased basis.

14 Benefits A broader curriculum at KS3 and KS4 for all. An enhanced range of subjects at both GCSE and Advanced level. A range of appropriate pathways at Post-16. Greater opportunities for extra-curricular activities.

15 What Happens now? A period of one month to respond to the issues raised tonight. If Trustees decide to proceed they will ask BELB to publish a ‘Development Proposal’ (DP). This triggers a period of public consultation (at least two months). Ministerial decision.

16 Details of consultation Any responses you have may be sent to the following email address: Alternatively you may send your queries and concerns to : Council for Catholic Maintained Schools 160 High St Holywood Co Down BT 18 9HT The final date by which comments may be made is Monday 16th June 2014

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