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What I wish I knew as a 9 th grader The Unofficial Guide to High School.

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1 What I wish I knew as a 9 th grader The Unofficial Guide to High School

2 Graduation Requirements All students must earn 26 credits to graduate. Classification: 0 – 5 ½ Freshman 6 – 11 ½ Sophomore 12 – 18 ½ Junior 19 + Senior 9 th graders will not have a rank/GPA until their 9 th grade year is complete.

3 Credits  Students will have the opportunity to earn 8 credits per year  Students are given the opportunity to earn a total of 32 credits.  Students must earn 26 credits to graduate!

4 Foundation Plan with an Endorsement English – 4.0 Mathematics – 4.0 Science – 4.0 Social Studies – 3.0 Health – 0.5 Professional Communications– 0.5 Fine Arts – 1.0 Physical Education – 1.0 Foreign Language – 2.0 Endorsement– 4.0 Electives – 2.0 Total = 26 credits

5 STARR testing 5 STARR tests for graduation  English 1 (9 th )  Algebra 1 (9 th )  Biology (9 th )  English 2 (10 th )  US History (11 th )

6 Grading/Grade Point Average All high school credits calculate in GPA, even credits from middle school. EVERYTHING COUNTS!!! A failed grade never disappears from the transcript and is always part of your GPA calculation Courses taken virtual, credit by exam or by correspondence also count in GPA

7 Ways to Boost your GPA o Make all A’s o Take summer classes and make A’s o Take weighted classes (extra 10 points): o Pre-AP o AP o Dual Credit

8 Sample GPA English 1 – 92 Biology – 87 Algebra 1 – 85 World Geography – 64 French – 88 Theater – 94 Health – 98 Athletics – 100 GPA – 88.75 PAP English 1- 95 (105) PAP Biology – 92 (102) Algebra 1 – 92 (102) AP Human Geography-96 (106) French- 92 Theater-98 Health-96 Athletics- 100 GPA- 100.12

9 Attendance Students are allowed 9 absences (excused or unexcused) per class per semester. Parents must call or send a signed note when the student returns to school for it to be excused. 10 or more absences (excused or unexcused) in the same class will result in an absence failure. Students are responsible for clearing absence failures with their assistant principal. Students will have to attend evening or Saturday School sessions in order to regain credit.

10 Get Involved!!!!

11 Clubs High School will provide an opportunity for involvement in many clubs and organizations. We highly encourage participation in extracurricular activities. Studies show that students who are involved in extra-curricular activities make better grades and are better prepared for life during and after high school.

12 Extra-curricular Activities Athletics – Volleyball, Football & Basketball If you are interested in other sports, please contact the high school coach of that sport. Cheerleading and Drill Team – determined by try-outs in the spring. Other activities include class officers, club officers, One Act Play, UIL Band and Choir contests, Academic UIL, ROTC, Student Council, theater production/stage crew, Key Club, NHS, FCA, HOSA, etc…

13 Study Skills/Tips  Get organized by using a planner, my homework app, calendar app, set reminders  Discover your learning style (visual, auditory, tactile) to maximize success.  Manage your time wisely by setting up time for study, time for breaks, time for social events to get everything done.  Have a comfortable, quiet place to study  Don’t procrastinate – refer to #1 and #3  Actively listen in class and take notes, make flash cards, copy notes or utilize other techniques to cement ideas/concepts.  Do all reading and homework, consider taking notes on reading to ensure you are comprehending the reading assignments  Consider forming study groups with other classmates to maximize understanding of ideas/concepts  Work on stress management techniques to not get overwhelmed

14 Counselors Kim Wilson (A-Car) – Christy Longoria (Cas-Col) – Lea Lester (Com-Gl) – Staci Ross (Gm-Le) – Jennifer Todd (Lf-Pe) – Margie Tyrone (Pf-Ta) – Christy Longoria (Tb-Z) – Lori Cook (student support) –

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