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Tractor Overturn Hazards

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1 Tractor Overturn Hazards


3 In the OSU study, 87 of 147 (59%) total
tractor-related fatalities were caused by tractor rollover.

4 Tractor Overturn Hazards
Side Overturn Rollover (Rear Overturn) Front Overturn

5 Drawings Courtesy of The Pennsylvania State University

6 Drawings Courtesy of The Pennsylvania State University

7 Tractor Overturns- Causes
Driving on steep terrain Going over rough ground (holes and stumps) Driving into ditches or embankments Driving too fast (especially when turning)

8 Drawings Courtesy of The Pennsylvania State University

9 Tractor Overturns - Causes (continued)
Improper hitching (too high, or to the axle) Improper operation of front-end loader Lack of knowledge of operational controls

10 Drawings Courtesy of The Pennsylvania State University

11 Drawings Courtesy of The Pennsylvania State University

12 Tractor Overturns - Prevention
Slow down on steep slopes, rough ground and sharp turns Keep wheels spread wide whenever possible Counter-balance weight (front and rear) for more stability Stay clear of ditches, embankments and large obstacles (stumps)

13 Overturn Hazards No ROPS or Seatbelt Tricycle Front End

14 Tractor Overturns – Prevention (cont’d)
Always hitch the load to the tractor draw bar Travel with the bucket low at all times Lock brake pedals together for road travel Know the controls of the tractor Have ROPS installed and wear seatbelt (only with ROPS)

15 Special Thanks To the Following Sources:
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