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2 Where life interacts with infrastructure. The world’s leading total solution supplier for inside-infrastructure. Nu Flow’s unique, patented lining technologies.

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2 2 Where life interacts with infrastructure. The world’s leading total solution supplier for inside-infrastructure. Nu Flow’s unique, patented lining technologies allow building owners and managers to repair and renew all of a building’s mechanical systems - water, sanitation, heating & cooling, fire suppression and process piping. Nu Flow’s solutions are 50-80% less expensive and 2-3 times faster to install than traditional repair methodologies. Unique, innovative technologies include: – Patented epoxy and coating process – Patented structural lining processes, including CIPP and PIP, inversion and small- diameter relining Offices: Corporate Headquarters: San Diego, CA 9 Regional Installation Facilities in the U.S., Canada, Ireland and UK More than 300 licensees, including installers in all continents except for Antarctica Number of Employees: 150+ Nu Flow

3 3 Available Solutions on any project whatever the circumstance Waste and Clean water,inside and out Lead,Cast iron,Asbestos,Concrete to name a few. Nu Flow’s Blown-in epoxy coating is the technology used to rehabilitate pressurized pipe systems. Nu Flow’s Pull-in-Place structural liner is the technology used to rehabilitate non- pressurized pipe systems. These are all non-destructive technologies for mechanical piping systems. We use analytics, such as laser profiling of interior diameter and wall thickness tests, to measure the quality of the pipes. Nu Flow Inside of a corroded potable pipe Corroded drain pipe with missing bottom

4 4 Pipe Renewal and Coating Process Nu Flow 1.Inspect pipes to learn about their condition. 2.Garnet is introduced in the air stream and the sand cleans pipes. 3.Apply blown-in epoxy coating using clean air. We use air scrubbing which gets it exceptionally clean and dry. 4. Epoxy barrier cures.

5 5 Nu Flow Structural Lining Process 1.Camera Inspection to locate cause of failures and identify locations. 2.Clean pipes using our pneumatic tools. 3.Felt liner is soaked with epoxy. Liner and internal bladder are installed using existing access points. 4.Bladder is inflated and liner cures within hours. Post Camera Inspection.

6 ProjectClientValue Baileys Production Plant – Drain Lining Diageo Dublin c. €50K Burlington HotelHilton Hotels Dublin c. €10K Testbourne House – Epoxy Pipe Lining, Heating & Potable water distribution pipes Private Client Southampton c. €264K Meat Processing Plants Slane & Kilbeggan Ireland – Survey & Drain Lining Dunbia Meatsc. €15K School Building – Drain LiningIsle of Man Governmentc. €30K Manor FarmhousePrivate Client - Southamptonc. €55K Swimming Pool supply pipesPrivate Client – Corkc. €8K Lambay Island – Piping Survey & Remedial Works. A significant architectural conservation project Lambay Estate Companyc. €100K 6 Nu Flow Some Examples of Recent Nu Flow Projects Completed in the UK & Ireland

7 Innovation:Design:Excellence – A Cleantech Company Bringing Innovation, Superior Design Solutions & Service Excellence To Each Project We Deliver 7 CapCon

8 CapCon Overview – Siphonic Drainage Systems Design, Pre-Fabrication, Installation & Maintenance – Engineered Gravity Drainage Systems – Lab Waste Drainage Systems – Survey, Re-Engineering & Remedial Works – Projects Completed throughout UK, Ireland, Mainland Europe, Nordic Regions & Middle East 8 CapCon

9 CapCon Overview – Environmental Attributes Siphonic Roof Drainage is a greatly more efficient and innovative method of draining larger buildings and complex roof designs than conventional gravity drainage. How can the design of a building ultimately ensure it becomes a more environmentally aware & efficient building? Through design and construction that concentrates on: – Conserving water; – Reducing the depletion of natural resources and materials; – Use of innovative design; Using a Siphonic design, we are using recyclable material produced using processes based on Green Building Principles, reducing site preparation (less buried pipe) & Innovative Design concepts. Additional environmental attributes can be assigned if the Siphonic system is used in conjunction with a rainwater harvesting system. 9 CapCon

10 CapCon Overview – BIM Technology CapCon has recognised the valuable importance of adopting the BIM process and have invested in equipment & staff training to meet the growing needs of our customers in this regard. The challenging environment of Construction today means that companies who want to survive and grow need to embrace innovation and increase efficiency. Not since drawing boards were replaced by AutoCAD or the introduction of email has there being such a cultural revolution to the complete construction process. Construction professionals have recognised the need for change and at CapCon we are no different. Building Information Modelling, or BIM for short, is the Cultural Revolution the Construction Sector has been waiting for. 10 CapCon

11 ProjectClientValue One West Regent St. - GlasgowBalfour Beatty / Sir Robert McAlpine c. €30K Rowett University – AberdeenVaughan Engineering Ltd / Lend Lease c. €50K Tate Modern Gallery – LondonMercury Engineering Ltd / MACEc. €50K Nissan Garage – Maidstone KentBDB Design Build Ltdc. €10K Cork University Hospital – Cork, Ireland BAM Building Ltdc. €50K University College Dublin Science Centre East & Hub John Sisk & Sons Ltdc. €245K Numerous (100+) ALDI, Tesco & Asda Stores across Ireland & the UK Various – Nominated Contractsc. €700K Regeneron – Limerick (Old Dell Building) PM Group / Abercorn Developments Ltd c. €110K Guinness Brewhouse & ColdstoreJones Engineering / Diageoc. €150K 11 CapCon Some Examples of Recent CapCon Projects Completed in the UK & Ireland

12 12 CapCon We Work With Our Clients to Offer the Best Solutions

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