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Zircon crown Kristýna dandová.

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1 Zircon crown Kristýna dandová

2 Situational model

3 Tooth 23 is going to be restored by zircon crown

4 Creating of zircon framework

5 Zircon block InLab program

6 The process of milling

7 Milling

8 Regeneration firing

9 Zircone building For building of the crown was used Ivoclar vivadent IPS e.max systém

10 Zir Liner Creates connection between framework and e.max mass
ZirLiner ( powder+ liquid) has to be applied over whole surface by protracted movements


12 Firing - 960°C for 1 min

13 Building of the crown Building starts with aplying of Dentin.
The mass is applied by special brush for ceramics

14 Firing - 750°C for 1 min

15 Building of the crown Building of the crown continues with applying of Transpa inscisal The crown is builded into approximate shape of tooth

16 The crown after second firing

17 Machining Process of machining Neck Contact Height ( articulation)
Morfology Surface texture

18 Glaze For glazing of the crown was used IPS Empress


20 Firing - 725° for 1min 30 sec

21 Final version



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