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Words for Production 1. approaching [ 1`protSI9 ] adj. moving toward or nearer to someone or something 逐漸逼近的 The weather of the island will be affected.

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3 Words for Production 1. approaching [ 1`protSI9 ] adj. moving toward or nearer to someone or something 逐漸逼近的 The weather of the island will be affected by a cold front approaching from the north. Would you like to know more...

4 approach [ 1`protS ] vt. 接近,靠近 When you approach the crossroads, you will see the bank on the right.

5 Words for Production 2. flu [flu] n. [U] also influenza, an illness which is like a bad cold but is more serious 流行性感冒 Nancy is the third person in her family to come down with the flu.

6 Words for Production 3. newsworthy [`njuz&w3DI] adj. important or interesting enough to be reported as news 有報導價值的,有新 聞價值的 The case will develop into an even more newsworthy story if the police are involved.

7 Words for Production 4. depart [dI`pArt] vi. [C] to leave, especially when one is starting a journey ( 飛機 ) 起飛, ( 火車 ) 開出, ( 人 ) 啟程 The train to Kaohsiung will depart from platform 2 in ten minutes. Would you like to know more...

8 departure [dI`pArtS2] n. [U] 出發,啟程 Their departure was delayed due to the approaching typhoon.

9 Words for Production 5. regrettably [rI`GrEt1blI] adv. in a way that someone feels sorry about something 令人遺憾地 Regrettably, my favorite basketball team lost the game by two points. Would you like to know more...

10 regret [rI`GrEt] vt. 對 … 感到遺憾或惋惜 We regret that we cannot go to your birthday party tonight.

11 regret [rI`GrEt] n. [U][C] 遺憾,可惜 The president expressed deep regret for people who had lost their families during the war.

12 Words for Production 6. comment [`kAmEnt] n. [C][U] an opinion made about an event, a person, a situation, etc. 評論,評語, 意見 When asked to make a comment on the educational reforms, the mayor answered, “ No comment. ” Would you like to know more...

13 comment [`kAmEnt] vi. 評論 The Minister of Education declined to comment on the rise in tuition fees.

14 Words for Production 7. timeliness [`taImlInIs] n. [U] the exactly right time when something is done or happens 及時 Timeliness is a feature of the service offered by the delivery company. Would you like to know more...

15 timely [`taImlI] adJ. 及時的 Without your timely help, I might not have finished the report.

16 Words for Production 8. proximity [prAk`sIm1tI] n. [U] the state of being near in distance or time 接近,最近 Considering the possible danger, some people object to erecting any tall building in the proximity of the airport.

17 Words for Production 9. burglary [`b3Gl1rI] n. [C][U] (an example of) the crime of illegally entering a building to steal 竊盜 ( 案 ) People are worried about a rise in the number of burglaries in the community. Would you like to know more...

18 burglar [`b3Gl2] n. [C] 竊賊 Burglars broke into the museum at night and stole several priceless paintings.

19 Words for Production 10. income [`In&k^m] n. [U][C] money that a person earns from work, investment, etc. 所得,收入 Linda lives beyond her income. She scarcely earns enough money to make ends meet.

20 Words for Production 11. prominence [`prAm1n1ns] n. [U] the state of being very well- known and important 顯著,重要 This is the first time that a musician of such prominence has performed here in Taiwan. Would you like to know more...

21 prominent [`prAm1n1nt] adj. 顯著的,重要的 The government should play a more prominent role in preventing the environmental pollution.

22 Words for Production 12. arrest [1`rEst] vt. to take someone to a police station and keep him or her there because of a crime he or she might have committed 逮捕 Surprisingly, the police arrested the cold-blooded murderer within 24 hours. Would you like to know more...

23 arrest [1`rEst] n. [U] 逮捕 The man was under arrest on suspicion of bank robbery.

24 Words for Production 13. shoplifting [`SAp&lIftI9] n. [U] the crime of taking goods from a shop without paying for them 在商店裡行 竊 To people's surprise, the movie actress was arrested for shoplifting. Would you like to know more...

25 shoplift [`SAp&lIft] vt. 在商店裡行竊 The police found that the man had shoplifted goods worth thousands of dollars.

26 Words for Production 14. heartwarming [`hArt&wOrmI9] adj. (of a story or an event) giving feelings of pleasure and happiness because something nice has happened to someone 溫馨感人 的 They report heartwarming stories to show that there is always love in the world.

27 Words for Production 15. attack [1`t8k] n. [U][C] the act of using weapons against the enemy in a war; (an act of) violence intended to hurt or damage someone or something 攻擊 People ran for shelter when the enemy's attack on the city began. Would you like to know more...

28 attack [1`t8k] vt. 攻擊 The capital was attacked and the whole country was soon occupied.

29 Words for Production 16. widespread [`waId&sprEd] adj. existing or happening throughout a large area or among many people 廣泛的,普遍的 There are reports of widespread flooding in Europe. Parts of Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria have been paralyzed after heavy rains.

30 Words for Production 17. commercial [k1`m3S1l] adj. related to the buying and selling of goods and services 商業的,營利的 While some people are against the promotion of nuclear power, others are considering its commercial value. Would you like to know more...

31 commercial [k1`m3S1l] n. 電視廣告 They don't like that TV show because it is always interrupted by too many commercials.

32 commerce [`kAm3s] n. 商業 The government has promised to take measures to promote local commerce and industry.

33 Words for Production 18. hijack [`haI&dZ8k] vt. [C] to use violence or threats to take control of an aircraft or other vehicles, in order to force it to travel to a different destination or to demand something from a government 劫持 ( 飛機 ) As soon as the plane gained height, it was hijacked by two terrorists. Would you like to know more...

34 hijacking [`haI&dZ8kI9] n. [C][U] 劫持事件;劫持 ( 飛機 ) Fortunately, the hijacking ended with all the passengers released unharmed.

35 Words for Production 19. shortly [`SOrtlI] adv. soon; in a short time 不久,很快 The suspect made a confession shortly after he was taken to the police station.

36 Words for Production 20. blast [bl8st] vt. to explode or destroy something with explosives; to make a hole in something or to break something into pieces by explosions 炸毀;炸開 A terrorist bomb blasted the plane, and none of the passengers survived. Would you like to know more...

37 blast [bl8st] n. 爆炸,爆破 Yesterday a blast at an illegal firecracker factory killed six people.

38 Words for Production 21. blazing [`blezI9] adj. burning brightly and strongly 熊熊 燃燒的 The fire soon burst into a blaze. Nobody seemed to be able to escape from the blazing building. Would you like to know more...

39 blaze [blez] vi. 熊熊燃燒 Two passengers were killed as the car blazed, and rescuers fought to release the trapped driver.

40 blaze [blez] n. [C] 大火;火災 The fire soon burst into a blaze. Nobody seemed to be able to escape from the blazing building.

41 Words for Production 22. spokesperson [`spoks&p3sN] n. someone who speaks officially on behalf of a group, organization, or government 發言人 The spokesperson for the victims' families criticized the airline for not taking full responsibility for the air crash.

42 Words for Production 23. crew [kru] n. [C] [Collect.] all the people who work on a plane or a ship ( 全體 ) 機員,船員,工作人員 I couldn't imagine that an ocean liner might need a crew of more than one hundred members.

43 Words for Production 24. aboard [1`bord] adv. on or onto a plane or a ship 在飛機 / 船上;上飛機 / 船 The aircrew stood in a line, welcoming us aboard.

44 Words for Production 25. setting [`sEtI9] n. [C] (usu. sing.) the place where something is or happens 環境;背景 Surrounded by mountains and with a river in front, the restaurant has a wonderful setting.

45 Words for Production 26. court [kort] n. [C] an area marked out on the ground, used for playing sports such as tennis and basketball 球場 The team was penalized for having too many players on the court.

46 Words for Production 27. lengthy [`lE9TI] adj. very long, and often too long, in time 長時間的;冗長的 I couldn't help dozing off in the middle of her lengthy speech. Would you like to know more...

47 lengthen [`lE9T1n] vi.;vt. ( 時間 ) 變長; ( 空間 ) 加長 The days lengthen as summer approaches.

48 Words for Production 28. arena [1`rin1] n. [C] a place with a large flat area in the middle and seats around it where sports or entertainment takes place ( 提供運動或娛樂等的 ) 活動場所 When the circus elephants were led into the arena, the spectators cheered and applauded.

49 Words for Production 29. retirement [rI`taIrm1nt] n. [U] the act of stopping working usually because of age 退休 After retirement, the man tried to learn something new. He believed one was never too old to learn. Would you like to know more...

50 retire [rI`taIr] vi. 退休 Sharon was forced to retire early because of her poor health.

51 1. Manhattan [m8n`h8tN] n. a district in New York City 曼哈頓區 Words for Recognition

52 2. Pentagon [`pEnt1&GAn] n. (the ~) the building in Washington from which the armed forces of the U.S. are directed ( 美國 ) 五角大廈,國防部 Words for Recognition

53 3. Philly [`fIlI] n. (colloq.) also Philadelphia, the name of a city in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.( 美國賓州 ) 費城 Words for Recognition

54 4. NBA [&En bi `eI] n. the National Basketball Association, the name of an organization which arranges professional basketball games in the U.S. 全美籃球協會 Words for Recognition

55 5. Wizards [`wIz2dz] n. the name of an NBA basketball team 巫師隊 Words for Recognition

56 6. Philadelphia 76ers [&fIl1`dElfj1 &sEvntI`sIks2z] n. the name of an NBA basketball team 費城 76 人隊 Words for Recognition

57 1. make the headlines to be reported in newspapers or on television as headlines 成為 ( 報紙或電 視上的 ) 頭條新聞 SARS first made the headlines in the spring of 2003 and caused a panic in Taiwan. Idioms and Phrases

58 2. in a nutshell in a few words; briefly; in brief 簡言之 Prices are rising, business is bad, and more and more people are out of work. In a nutshell, times are hard and people are living in misery. Idioms and Phrases

59 3. dry out to become completely dry 乾透 He hung his shirt up in the sun to dry out. Idioms and Phrases

60 4. slam into to drive or move very fast toward something and hit it 高速衝撞,猛烈 撞擊 The plane became a ball of fire when it slammed into the mountain. Idioms and Phrases

61 5. heaps of ( infml. ) a lot of (something) 很多,大量 The mother gave a sigh when she saw heaps of dirty clothes on the floor. Idioms and Phrases

62 6. soak up to enjoy the effects or experience of something as much as possible 享受,沉浸 I like to ride along country roads and soak up the country atmosphere. Idioms and Phrases

63 7. for good permanently 永遠 This time she leaves for good; she will never return. Idioms and Phrases

64 8. come to grips with something to begin to understand and deal with something difficult 認真處理 ( 難題等 ) The new government's first task is to come to grips with the poor economy. Idioms and Phrases

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