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Publishing your Passion Sarah Russell

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1 Publishing your Passion Sarah Russell

2 What is your passion? Why do you want to write to newspaper? Correct errors Make new point X Whine

3 How best to convey message?  Opinion piece  Letter to Editor  2 liner

4 Tools to convey message Facts Argument/logic Example/personal experience Humour

5 The 10 commandments (These are not carved in stone)

6 Thou shall 1.Know your audience Age Australian Guardian Weekly SunHerald Melbourne Times Northcote leader

7 Thou shall 2. Have a media hook (e.g. recent newspaper article)

8 Thou shall 3. Write quickly*, then email *(or have draft waiting for ‘media hook) “Today’s newspaper stories become tomorrow’s fish n chip wrappers”

9 Thou shall 4. Write a catchy introduction WOW FACTOR (Grab letter editor’s interest)

10 Thou shall 5. Speak to a general audience No jargon or specialist language No obscure vocabulary Short sharp sentences XBUT Don’t dumb down

11 Thou shall not Assume that –everyone knows what you are talking about –everyone agrees

12 Thou shall 6. Respect the word limit AND make every word count (i.e. no padding)

13 Thou shall 7. Make one point (or two at the most) Common pitfalls: Trying to make too many points Fluffy

14 Thou shall 8. Play the ball, not the person

15 Thou Shall 9. Write a strong conclusion Demonstrate: Strength ‘Way forward’ Humour

16 Thou shall 10. Find a critical proof reader

17 Thou shall not Press ‘Send’ when: Tired Emotional Drunk

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