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Office of Library and Information Technology

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1 Office of Library and Information Technology
Library Orientation Office of Library and Information Technology

2 Division of Reference Services VS. Division of Circulation Services
Use of library Interlibrary Loan --Borrow books or request documents from other libraries How to find a Book/ a Journal/ a paper? How to use E-resources? Discussion room/ Closed Carrels Reservation Circulation Services --Borrow Books --Return Books How to Request a Book Your Patron Record Help you to find a book that you can’t find on the shelf.

3 Outline Building Collections: E-resources & Library Catalog
Some Useful Databases Services

4 Building

5 Building Library I:5-story building with a basement
Library II:The annexe of the main library

6 Basement Self-Study Room
NOW basement is closed due to renovation.

7 1st Floor Art Center and Exhibition Space

8 2nd Floor SMART Digital Learning Area
Scan your student card to enter our library Multiple function counter

9 2nd Floor SMART Digital Learning Area
Information Retrieval Interactive Touch System

10 3rd Floor Bound Periodicals Area , Photocopy Room & Closed Carrels

11 4th Floor Western Language Collection Areas NTOU Theses & Dissertations

12 5th Floor Eastern Language Collection Areas

13 Library II How to go to Library II from Library I ?
go straight ahead down the corridor, then turn left to ILR or take the staircase to the 4th floor Take stairs or the elevator to the 3rd floor, then turn left

14 Library II Information Literacy Room & Leisure Area

15 Library II Current Periodicals , Reading Seats & Computer Area (with a multifunction printer)
The view is great on the 4th floor of the Library II. You're welcomed to relax and enjoy the view of harbor and Keelung island whenever you fell like.

16 Collections: E-resources & Library Catalog

17 Library and IT Service website

18 Collections Use the “Library Catalog” and “E-Resources” to look for our collections Non- NTOU Collection: Request for a copy or borrow books from cooperative libraries

19 Library Catalog : how to find a book 1/3
ps. All types of materials can be found in the catalog, except partly e-journals.

20 Library Catalog : how to find a book 2/3

21 Library Catalog : how to find a book 3/3
Status: (1)DUE MM-DD-YY: checked out  request (2)ON SHELF: Pls go to the 4F English Books Area to find it according to the call no. (3)DUE + 1 HOLD: checked out + 1 person has reserved it Library Catalog : how to find a book 3/3

22 How to request a book

23 View Your Patron Record 1/2
User ID: your student card no. Password: Passport no.

24 View Your Patron Record 2/2
Please Note: renewal will not be completed in the following conditions: item is overdue item is onhold renew the same item for twice user's borrowing privilege is suspended temporarily(ie :unpaid fine…) too soon to renew (5 days prior to the due date will be allowed to renew).

25 Borrowing privileges If a book is reserved by another user upon checking out, the loan period will be limited to 14 days. Please be aware that Loans can be renewed twice 5 days prior to the due date in person through " View Your Patron Record “if no one reserves it.

26 Circulation Email Notices Service 1/2
The circulation notices include: Courtesy notice: remind you of the due date Overdue notice: remind you to return overdue items ASAP, or might be fined. Hold pick-up notice: remind you that the requested items are available.

27 Circulation Email Notices Service 2/2
If you need this service, please the following information to Student card no. Chinese and English name address frequently used preferred language: English or Chinese

28 How to find a Journal : E-journals 1/3

29 About Reference Format
Agarwal, R., Ergun, O., Ship scheduling and network design for cargo routing in liner shipping. Transportation Science 42 (2), 175–196. Article Title:Ship scheduling and network design for cargo routing in liner shipping. Author:Agarwal, R., Ergun, O. Journal Name:Transportation Science Volume & Number:Vol.42 & No.2 Page:175–196 Year:2008

30 How to find a Journal : E-journals 2/3
Journal Name Sources Time lag Coverage

31 How to find a Journal : print+partly e-resources 3/3
E-journal links Print journal info.

32 NTOU Electronic Theses & Dissertation

33 About Library E-Resources
What : include databases, e-books and e-journals. Who : Only NTOU CURRENT faculty, staff and students Do NOT pass your ID/PW to anyone including NTOU faculty, staff and students. Where : Campus No extra setting is required. Home Please see Setting up Off-campus Access

34 How can I use e-resources off-campus ?

35 Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
When you need non-NTOU library collection, you may request for a copy or borrow books from other libraries. In Taiwan, we obtain the materials via Interlibrary Loan or Nationwide Document Delivery System (NDDS).

36 Interlibrary Loan (ILL) 1/2
Borrow and return books by yourself (free of charge) Library has signed contracts with 32 libraries for providing free loan service on campus, ex. NTU.

37 Interlibrary Loan (ILL) 2/2
How to make a free loan request Please visit the Office of Reference Services with your student card, then an ILL card issued by cooperative libraries will be handed to you. The ILL card will allow you borrow up to 5 books and should be returned in 3 working days. All books you borrow from cooperative libraries have to be returned by yourself before due date, otherwise, you will be charged overdue fines according to cooperative libraries’ circulation regulations.

38 Nationwide Document Delivery Service (NDDS)
Through the NDDS Service, readers can apply for borrowing a book or obtaining copies of materials not included in our library collections.

39 The following information MUST be included:
Full Name (English) No. of your passport Student Card No. Name of Graduate School Name of Department Mobile No. and Campus Extension Address (the one you use frequently) If you don’t know how to request an account, Pls to or with the subject: Request a NDDS account, then the staff will inform you if done.

40 Steps for applying NDDS service
Request a NDDS account. Make sure the lenders(libraries in Taiwan) by using Serial Union Catalog. Submit a NDDS request. Wait for an notification from the NDDS system. Come to the 2nd floor of the library (Division of Reference Services) for picking up a document and paying the service fee.

41 About NDDS fees If a document you requested is offered by domestic library (in Taiwan), it will be free of charge. If you request International resources or books(includes in Taiwan), you have to pay the service fee.

42 Bibliographic management: EndNote

43 EndNote Live Training course

44 Some Useful Databases

45 Before you use it… If you are in the school, you can use databases directly. If you are NOT in the school, please check out “Setting up Off-campus Access” to set up your computer. In order to access to all the electronic databases, electronic journals, and e-books.


47 Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts, ASFA (ProQuest Aquatic Science Collection)
You can also select all

48 SDOL(Science Direct)

49 Asian fisheries science(E-journal)

50 EBSCOhost

51 OverDrive e-Books

52 PressDisplay Newspapers

53 Browse databases by Subjects, Types and Colleges
Use Keyword to search databases

54 Services

55 There are more information including…
Authorized Software Download Opening hours – Library & Computer room Regulations for studying in the library Information Retrieval Services Printing/Photocopying/Scanning Services Application for Closed Carrel Application for Discussion Room

56 Authorized Software Download 1/2

57 Authorized Software Download 2/2
If you have any problems about install software, you can bring your laptop to the library. We will help you to solve problems.

58 Opening hours -Library

59 Opening hours -Computer room
2 computer rooms are located at the 3rd Floor of the building of the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering.(Behind the Administration Building) Opening hours Semester time Mon to Sat:8:20AM – 10:50PM Winter/Summer break time Mon to Fri:8:20 AM – 4:50 PM

60 Regulations for studying in the library
Remember to scan your student card at the entrance of the library. No eating, drinking, smoking , playing games and web surfing for X rated sites in the library, or your student card will be blocked, that is, you are not allowed to enter and borrow any material from the library in a month’s time.

61 Information Retrieval Service
2F, Library I 8 computers provide information retrieval, editing, photocopying, and printing services 4F,Library II 19 computers provide information retrieval, editing, photocopying, printing services. 4 scanners provide scanning.

62 Printing/Photocopying/ Scanning Services
Printing or photocopying (1)Only paid by the EasyCard(Student card) (2)Locaton: 2F , Library I, 3F , Library I, 4F , Library II Scanning (1)Free (2)Locaton: 2nd Floor, Library I

63 Fill out an application form authorized by your supervisor.
Bring your Student ID card, and visit Division of Reference Services located on the 2nd floor of the library. Library staff will arrange a reservation for you. Closed Carrels For doctoral students Loan period:30 days

64 Discussion Room Loan Period: 2 hours For 5 to 12
Equipped with whiteboard, whiteboard pen, projector, screen and wireless network For 3 to 6 Equipped with whiteboard, whiteboard pen,projector,screen and wireless network

65 How to borrow Discussion Room

66 (Purpose) (Number of People) (Phone) (Whiteboard pen, Projector, VGA Line)

67 Slides Download

68 Please visit us at the 2nd floor of the library or call us during staffed hours (Mon to Fri:8:30AM – 4:50PM) About the use of library and E-resources  Extension: 2114 or 2125  or About circulation questions, overdue items…etc.  Extension: 1181

69 Thank You for Your Attention!

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