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Blue Innovations  Katy Sokolosky, Communications & Team Leader  JJ Stoekl, Business  Thomas Hyde, Engineering  Braden Warcup, Engineering  Jackie.

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2 Blue Innovations  Katy Sokolosky, Communications & Team Leader  JJ Stoekl, Business  Thomas Hyde, Engineering  Braden Warcup, Engineering  Jackie Barber, Communications Source:

3 Mission Statement  Our mission is to provide our partners with innovative solutions that fit their needs both practically and economically by creating a product that will advance the use of natural gas as an alternative fuel.

4 Problem  To take advantage of EPA regulations and green energy initiatives  Advance the use of natural gas as an economically viable alternative fuel

5 Objective  Create a conversion kit that will allow high-end commercial, self-propelled mowers to run on CNG  Help Blue Energy Fuels/TGT to fill an expanding niche market  Give businesses and municipalities opportunity to decrease their impact on the environment

6 Client Company  Blue Energy Fuels  New company  Cooperative effort  Fueling stations  Tulsa Gas Technologies  18 years experience  Pioneer in industry  Vehicle conversion kits

7 Natural Gas Industry  Natural gas is big business in Oklahoma  Many companies based in Oklahoma  Chesapeake Energy, Devon Energy Source: Source:

8 Economic Conditions  Tax incentives for vehicle conversions  CNG is roughly half the price of gasoline  Globally, CNG is becoming more popular  30.6% growth since 2000  Political support

9 Economic Conditions

10 Regulations  DOT regulations  Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 304  EPA Regulations  California Air Board Regulations  Exhaust Emission Regulation Order (adopted 2004, amended 2010)

11 Customers  Municipalities, golf courses, airports, large landscaping contractors  California lawn mowing companies  “Prosumers” and green consumers

12 Market Research  Contacted 31 lawn care companies  Only 12 gave responses

13 Alternative Fuel Competitors  Dixie Chopper Eco-Eagle  LEHR LM139NP, LM139SP  Cub Cadet CC500EL  Black & Decker MM875  Craftsman 148-V  Neuton CE5 Duracell Source: Source: Source:

14 Same-size competitors  Craftsman Professional  $1699  Cub Cadet CC760ES  $1499  Cub Cadet G1332  $2500 Source: Source:

15 Fuel Comparison StatePressure (psi) Energy Output (BTU/gallon) GasolineLiquid109,000- 125,000 Propane (LPG)Liquid~20084,000 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Compressed Gas ~3600138,000 * Energy Output and GGE values for LPG and CNG are at the pressures given

16 Design Comparison Commercial Lawn Mower Size Engine & Horsepower (bhp) Energy Req’d (6 hrs)* Volume of Gas Needed** Honda 21” Commercial Honda -5.583,9850.81 gallons Cub Cadet 33” Wide Area Briggs & Stratton -12.5 190,8751.84 gallons Cub Cadet 33” Commercial Kawasaki -13198,5101.92 gallons * ** Volumes based on lowest Energy Output Value

17 Tank Comparison  Type I  100% Steel tank  Type II  Lightweight Aluminum Liner w/ Carbon-fiber Hoop wrap Source: www.sailnet.comSource:

18 Tank Comparison  Type III  Lightweight Aluminum Liner w/ Carbon-fiber Overwrap  Type IV  100% Composite Material Source: Source:

19 Tank Comparison Capacity (GGE)Empty Weight (lb) Price Type I5.5196$432 Type II5.5137$512 Type III5.562$1017 Type IV5.474$1600 Type I, II, III values from: Type IV values based on quotes obtained from Lincoln Composites

20 Tank Design Permanent ProsCons Very Secure No interaction with tank removal Hidden and inaccessible to user Can use Type I, II, or III Must transport the mower to refuel at station or refuel using a tank trailer More planning and time Requires professional replacement Removable ProsCons Refuel by a quick tank switch on-site Damaged tank can be replaced quickly Fewer fuel station visits Less secure More costly tank investment Fittings must be more resistant to wear Limited to Type III, or IV

21 Tank Design Permanent TankRemovable Tank RegulationsX CostX Efficiency/ Functionality X Hours per refillX ConvenienceX SimplicityX SafetyX

22 Permanent Tank Fueling Options  Phill Slow-Fill At Home Fuel System  Allows for overnight filling  Can travel over 100 miles on a single overnight fill  All you need is an existing natural gas line and an electrical outlet Source:

23 Permanent Tank Fueling Options  Take Mower to CNG Fuel Station  Northstar CNG Station- El Paso, TX  TGT Dispenser at TGT- Tulsa, OK  TGT CNG Tank Trailer Source:

24 Assembled Kit

25 Tank

26 Tubing

27 Regulator

28 Valve

29 Fitting

30 Pressure Gauge

31 Relief Valve

32 Assembled Kit with Shield

33 Tentative Budget ItemQuantityPrice per ftPrice per Sq footUnit PriceCost of good refuel coupler1xxx$69.00 pressure gauge 10000 psi1xx$95.00 pressure relief valve1xx$250.00 90 degree 4-way elbow1xx$20.00 316 stainless steel pipe25 in$4.22xx$8.80 18 gauge steel sheet18 sq ftx$3.25x$58.50 5.4 GGE type 4 tank1xX$1,600.00 CNG regulator1xx$60.00 ball valve1xx$150.00 Miscellaneous1xx$6.20 Total $2,317.50

34 Marketing Plan  Green, alternative fuel  Long term savings  Eco-Eagle complement  Campaign  Web  Print  Tradeshows

35 Target Cities  EPA’s most polluted cities  Los Angeles (Long Beach and Riverside, Calif.)  Bakersfield, Calif.  Fresno-Madera, Calif.  Visalia-Porterville, Calif.  Merced, Calif.  Houston (Baytown and Huntsville, Texas)  Sacramento, Calif.  Dallas/Fort Worth  New York (Newark, N.J. and Bridgeport, Conn.)  Philadelphia (Camden and Vineland, N.J.)

36 Issues and Concerns  High cost of tank  Weight  Tank source  Safety

37 Spring Semester  Where do we go from here?  Build prototype  Finalize marketing campaign  Finalize business model

38 Questions?

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