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 Cruising the Caribbean An Economic Force in the Region.

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1  Cruising the Caribbean An Economic Force in the Region

2 Class Survey  How many of you have taken a cruise as a vacation?  How many of you would like to take a cruise?  What is appealing about a cruise vacation?  What limitations exist with this type of vacation?

3 Cruising the Caribbean Facts  Caribbean #1 cruise destination in world  World industry valued at over $34 billion in 2011  Millions of cruise tourists annually. Eg. From Jan-July 2012, Bahamas welcomed 2.6 million cruise passengers alone!  In North America, cruise market dominated by: Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines  RC Oasis of the Seas is largest ship. 2700 cabins, 6300 passengers and 2100 crew!  Every year, about 13 new ships are built to serve the growing industry

4 Ever thought of taking a cruise? Royal Caribbean Advertisement

5 Why do you think cruises are so popular?  Take 5 – In your group, identify as many reasons as possible that can explain why cruising is so popular.  To get started, try to finish this sentence… Cruises are appealing to many people because…  Record answers in your notebook

6 Why cruise?  Affordable  Only unpack once  Many length options (2-90+ days)  Many ports of call = many places on one trip  Floating resort, all amenities  No planning  Port tours  Specialty cruises now available

7 How has the industry changed?  Read your information sheets and answer the following questions: 1) How has the cruise industry changed since the 1980s? Use statistics from the reading to support your answer. 2) How has the demographics of the typical cruise passenger changed and why? 3) Make a list of at least 5 jobs that are available in the cruising industry. 4) Examine Fig. 3.17 on page 82. Identify four things that cruise line companies can do to increase their business.

8 The Passenger  Used to be for wealthy 50+ but this has been changing  Specialty cruises target specific demographics  Family - Disney Cruise Lines  Carnival – Younger passengers  50+ luxury travel, small ships  Singles-only  And so on…

9  Cruising Below the Surface Blue Seas, Green Practices? Environmental Impacts of a Billion Dollar Industry

10 Ships and the Environment: Different Perspectives  With your partner, visit the OCEANA website and read about cruise ship pollution. View “Overview” and then “News and Reports” Contamination by cruise ships. Take notes on the following: - Types of waste - Amount of waste on a typical cruise liner - Impact on the environment  Grey water  Black water  Hazardous waste  Discharging  Bilge waste

11 Eco-Code of Ethics A) Imagine that Royal Caribbean is building a new cruise liner for their fleet and you are the Environmental Engineer in charge of deciding how the ship will be environmentally friendly. Develop a list of at least 5 actions that must be taken in the design of the ship to limit pollution. B) You will be the Environmental Officer on the newest cruise ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet. Design an eco-code of ethics for the passengers to follow as a way to ensure that each traveller does their part to protect the environment

12 Turning the Tide: New Eco- Practices  Cruise companies have been forced to refine their eco-practices in light of public dismay in the early 2000s  New eco-practices and regulations for cruise lines are now in placeeco-practices 1) Keep a list of the types of waste that cruise ships produce. 2) Who regulates the cruise ship industry? 3) What is the responsibility of the cruise ship’s environmental officer? 4) List examples of how ships now minimize waste. 5) What is the largest source of waste on ships?  Oasis of the Seas ExampleExample

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