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TROOP 55 SKI/TUBE TRIP Feb 13-15. Ski Trip Agenda Friday 5:00 pmBe at St Francis 5:30 pmDepart St Francis via bus ( Class T -- No Electronics except cell.

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1 TROOP 55 SKI/TUBE TRIP Feb 13-15

2 Ski Trip Agenda Friday 5:00 pmBe at St Francis 5:30 pmDepart St Francis via bus ( Class T -- No Electronics except cell phones!!!!) ****Proper Cold Weather Gear Required **** Bring your own brown bag dinner, drinks and snacks (4 hour ride) 8:45 p.m. Arrive Canaan Valley Lodge Note: Lodge is where the sleeping rooms and Spruce/Balsam Room are located 11:00pm Curfew/Taps

3 Ski Trip Agenda Saturday 7:00- 8:30 amBuffet Breakfast, Spruce/Balsam Rooms in lodge *Mandatory for all scouts – Get breakfast and lunch voucher from Mrs. Hauda 8:40 am Leave for ski slope (persons taking lessons on first shuttle with Mr. Ye. Shuttle holds 50 and has ski/snowboard racks) 9:00 amPick up ski/snowboard gear at rental shop 9:30 amSki/Snowboard Lessons with Mr. Ye 0n your ownLunch – use voucher at Bear Paw in Food Court at ski slope Before leaving slope Return gear if not using Sunday / Store gear overnight if using Sunday Lockers for gear storage available at ski slope – bring $1 or coins 6:00 – 7:30 pm Dinner in Spruce/Balsam Rooms in lodge 7:30pm **Mandatory check in at Spruce/Balsam for all scouts – voucher ** 8:30pm Last shuttle bus back to lodge 11:00pm Curfew/Taps

4 Ski Trip Agenda Sunday 7:00-8:30amBuffet Breakfast and lunch Spruce/Balsam room ***Mandatory for all scouts*** Get breakfast and lunch voucher from Mrs. Hauda 7:00-8:00 amPack gear and bring to breakfast at Spruce/Balsam room 8:30 amSr. patrol leader Room sweep, keys returned to Lisa Hodge 9:15 am Rooms empty 9:30 amSki/Snowboard 11:00amTubing (2hrs) on your ownLunch (for skiers/boarders) – use voucher at Bear Paw at ski slope 1:30 pmLunch (for tubing) – use $$ given to you by Mr. Ongman for lodge lunch 10:00 am-4:00pmIce Skating – unlimited, anytime skating (for Tube/Skate pkg) 3:30pmComplete Return of rental gear 4:30pm Mandatory meet in Spruce/Balsam in lodge for check-in and luggage pick-up 5:00pmDepart Canaan Valley, 6:00pm Stop for dinner at McDonalds in Moorefield ***Bring money for dinner stop on bus ride home*** ~8:45pm Return to St. Francis

5 Other Useful Information Recommended cash for Scouts: $50 plus some single dollars or change for lockers (Note: both lockers and arcades take quarters) Lockers Available at Ski slope: In rental shop $0.50 each use In Bear Paw hallway at slope $0.25 each use Ski Storage: Overnight ski storage – use lockers Shuttle bus: Runs 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., cycles every 20 min 15 min from Lodge to ski slope 10 min from Lodge to Tubing hill Lodge Area Activities: Ice skating ($7 bring money if not in pkg), Arcade (bring money) Tubing Hill $23 if not in package Snow Sport Merit Badges: No merit badge counselor, so video tape techniques if you want to seek the merit badge Pre-SM/SM Conferences on bus? Scout Service on the return bus ride ****IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SHARE A BED, BRING A SLEEPING BACK**** ***NO SWIMMING ON THIS TRIP***


7 Proper ski equipment Temperatures without wind chill Friday Hi: 14 o F Lo: 2 o F Saturday Hi: 23 o F Lo: 10 o F Sunday Hi: 22 o F Lo: 10 o F GlovesSocks GogglesSki Pants Jackets (layers) *HELMETS* required by BSA Brrrrr

8 Ski Trip Checklist Clothing: (There are a lot of different ways to dress for winter sports. Some will keep you warmer than others.) Long Underwear Ski Pants or Bibs (NO JEANS!!) Outer Layer Jacket (Preferably waterproof/breathable shell) Gloves or Mittens Neck Gaiter Turtleneck Sweater or Fleece Socks or Sock Liner (One thin to medium weight pair should do) Vest (for insulation) Face Mask Warm ups for after skiing or riding Hat or Headband

9 Ski Trip Check List Equipment: (Either renting or have your Board & Boots (or) your Skis, Poles & Boots) Sunglasses Goggles Sunscreen Lip Balm Ski or Snowboard lock Bag to carry clothing, boots and extra equipment

10 SMART STYLE Free Style Terrain

11 Helmets Required by BSA (included in rentals)

12 Your Responsibility Code 1.Always stay in control, and be able to stop or avoid other people or objects. 2.People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them. 3.You must not stop where you obstruct a trail, or are not visible from above. 4.Whenever starting downhill or merging into a trail, look uphill and yield to others. 5.Always use devices to help prevent runaway equipment. 6.Observe all posted signs and warnings. Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas. 7.Prior to using any lift, you must have knowledge and ability to load, ride and unload safely. 8.Buddy system/safety at all times.

13 Difficulty Rating More difficult - Intermediate Easiest Most Difficult Expert Use caution Freestyle Terrain park

14 Ski Lessons Available for those who registered at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday at the slope

15 Reminders 1.Scout Spirit. (Scout Oath and Law; Scout behavior) 2.Cell phones permitted – no electronics other than cell phone. 3.Uniform: Class T ; Proper Cold Weather Gear Required 4.Rental Gear: You are responsible for lost or stolen gear 5.Bring brown bag dinner for Friday night 6.Bring money $$ for return dinner, extra tubing, skating, arcade, store, etc. 7.Mandatory breakfast/dinner meals for all scouts. Check in for voucher 8.Safety: Buddy System / Snow Sports Responsibility Code / Skill Level Limits / Helmets required by BSA for downhill skiing and snowboarding. 9.Have fun

16 Adult assignments Acting Scout MasterBill Bonadio Room check in/ out and keysLisa Hodge Meal Vouchers Karen Hauda Ski Slope Bear Paw Food CourtLisa Hodge Karen Hauda John Ongman Ski Rental and LiftsIvo Maric & Raymond Merrill Medicine ManJohn Ongman Ski Lessons and Rentals (Saturday)Jeff Ye and Lisa Hodge Tubing (Sunday) John Ongman Curfew TapsBill Bonadio

17 Key Contacts Cell Phones Cell phones: Paul Yousef703-389-1844 Will Frank 703-863-7864 Mr. Bonadio571-431-2125 Mr. Ye 571-276-5394 Mr. Feng 703-994-6012 Mr. Ongman202-246-9516 Mr. Maric703-244-5636 Mr. Merrill703-507-1669 Mrs. Hodge703-403-0893 Mrs. Hauda703-967-4913

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