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Funding for Research, Training and Employment Rebecca Bourque, MSc Director of Strategic Accounts and Business Development.

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1 Funding for Research, Training and Employment Rebecca Bourque, MSc Director of Strategic Accounts and Business Development

2 Mitacs Inc. A not-for-profit organization offering research and training programs in partnership with provincial/federal governments, academia, and industry. Mitacs programs foster & support innovation and a knowledge- based economy in Canada Support world class multi-disciplinary research Connect industry partners with leading university researchers to advance: Industry innovation Research excellence Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) training

3 Accelerate – Grad student and post-doc research projects / internships Elevate – Post-doctoral fellowships Globalink – International undergraduate student research projects at Canadian universities STEP – Soft skills training for grad students and post-docs Outreach – Initiatives to foster interest in science & math in K-12 Enterprise – Internships to partner applicants in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines with STEM companies in Southern Ontario. Mitacs Programs AttractTrainRetainDeploy

4 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 History of Mitacs MITACS Rebranded Piloted Internship Program Secured $29.9 million from IRDI Secured $34.5 million from IRDI

5 Mitacs Programs OutreachGlobalinkAccelerateEnterprise STEP To introduce math and science to students K-12 Recruit top talent from abroard Develop academic and industry collaborations Deploy top scientists into industry Train students and PDFs through workshops focused on business skills development

6 Attract

7 Goal: To make Canada THE graduate research destination for international students Mitacs funds international undergraduate students to spend 3 months doing research at Canadian universities – Students (India, China, Brazil, Mexico) & faculty (Canada) apply Fall 2011 for May 2012 projects Mitacs works with universities to offer attractive scholarships to encourage return for graduate studies Globalink

8 Train

9 Free workshops for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows Further develops skills essential for navigating today’s complex business environment: – Project management – Communication Step ― Entrepreneurship ― Intellectual property STEP

10 Retain

11 Accelerate

12 Accelerate Funding Grad student or Post Doc 50/50 time commitment at both the industry and academic lab Multiple Internships – 2 max per Masters Student – 4 max per PhD Student – 4 max per Post-Doc $10,000 minimum intern stipend $5,000 other project-related expenses $7,500 Mitacs $7,500 Industry $15,000 Over 4-6 months

13 Accelerate Clusters Extra leverage for medium to large projects Higher ratio of funds matching Minimum: 3 students Can be split among different labs Scalable: each additional $18K from industry generates $22K from Mitacs $80,000 $36, 000 Industry $44,000 Mitacs $10,000 Stipend $20,000 other project-related expenses $10,000 Stipend $10,000 Stipend $10,000 Stipend $10,000 Stipend $10,000 Stipend

14 Accelerate: Eligible Industry Partners Eligible: Company / industry / business of any size with offices or facilities in Canada where intern can spend time on-site – Domestic or foreign-owned – Eligible organisations may also include: Crown Corporations University spin-offs First Nations Development Corporations Industry associations Ineligible: Hospitals, NGOs, municipalities, government agencies, university spin-offs in same room as founding “lab”

15 1 Short Application Basic info, short questionnaire, proposal and budget Full support from the Business Development team 2 Submission No application deadline 4-6 weeks for approval due to peer review process 3 Funds Delivered 95% overall success rate Application Process

16 A Longer Growing Season Challenge: MGS Horticultural, supplier to growing industry, needed better understanding of link between scent of plants and pollination by bees Outcome: Biology intern used lab and field experiments Determined lack of scent emitted from tomato plants during generative state did not impact pollination Company now investigating longer growing season

17 More Agricultural Examples: Assessment of plant to plant yield variation in Ontario corn fields PARTNER: Grain Farmers of Ontario Investigating Spring Barley Mixtures for Ontario PARTNER: Hyland Seeds a division of Thompsons Ltd Development of a Commercial Preservation Technology to Minimize Physiological Injury and Assure Quality Attributes of Apple Fruit PARTNER: Rohm and Haas Canada LLP

18 More Agricultural Examples: “Tincan” decision support tool for grain crop storage and conditioning activities. PARTNER: Weather Innovations Establishment of Energy Crops on Decommissioned Landfills; Exclusion of Biogas from the Plant Root Zone Using a Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) PARTNER: Niagara Waste Systems Ltd

19 Retain and Deploy

20 Enterprise ENTERPRISE is comprehensive 6-month internship program partially funded by Mitacs that partners applicants in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines with small to medium-sized companies (under 1000 employees) operating in a STEM sector throughout Southern Ontario. Enterprise helps interns garner relevant experience working on industry-designed projects. Businesses gain commercial outcomes and later gain experienced new employees The Enterprise program funds 50% of the internship salaries over the 6 month term.

21 Enterprise: Funding $30,000 (over 6 months) $30,000 (over 6 months) $15,000 (Industry) $15,000 (Mitacs) $15,000 (Mitacs) $20,000 (over 6 months) $20,000 (over 6 months) $10,000 (Industry) $10,000 (Mitacs) $10,000 (Mitacs) Masters & Doctoral Recent Graduates Bachelor Degree Graduates

22 Special Thanks to Our Funding Partners Through the Industrial R&D Internship Program

23 Industry Partners


25 For More Information Rebecca Bourque Director, Business Development 905-921-7557

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