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Taking Your Business to the Next Level Connie Sue Centrella Director of Education – Team Horner Department Chair- Keiser University 1.

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1 Taking Your Business to the Next Level Connie Sue Centrella Director of Education – Team Horner Department Chair- Keiser University 1

2 You are the only person who has a say in how your life or your business turns out! 2

3 3 Your Business Life Cycle GROWINGAGING

4 Four Main Stages 4 Start-upAdolescenceAdulthoodMaturity

5 Start-up Focus on product and vision Capital requirements Building corporate infrastructure Thin management Thin production capacity Risk diverse Start-up 5

6 Adolescence Capitalize on unique products Significant capital expenditures Revenue focus Escalating costs Talent management Adolescence 6

7 Adulthood Operations focus Multiple products and services Expanding services Focus on profitability More risk tolerant Threat of competition Adulthood 7

8 Maturity Maturing products and markets Shedding of noncore businesses Cost management – legacy costs Outsourcing Focus on infrastructure Owner loses drive and vision Second and third generation Maturity 8

9 Where are you now? Are you in a rut? Doing the same thing you did five years ago. Let’s examine ourselves What is our motivation? What energizes you to go to work each day? 9

10 Mind Plays Tricks Your mind wants to protect you Wants you to stay in the past Tries to stop you from taking risks Get over your fear Clear your mind 10

11 Next Level Go back to why you started the business…. We need to rekindle that passion What were our business and personal goals? Forget the “nuts and bolts” of our business Discover “why” we are in business……. 11

12 The Golden Circle WHAT HOW WHY Adapted from TED: Simon Sinek “Golden Circle”. Inside-OutOutside-in 12

13 WHY is a belief HOWs are actions we take to realize that belief WHATs are the results of those actions 13

14 Conventional Thinking We sell “what” We sell swimming pools We sell chemicals We sell energy efficient pumps/motors We sell heat pumps We sell filters We provide a cleaning service 14

15 Understanding “How” Systems and processes How do we build the pool? How do we test the chemical parameters? Gives us the ability to hire people Who share our “why”. 15

16 How do we measure? Profits Pools built Chemicals sold Employee involvement How do we measure values? 16

17 WHY Emotional side We desire to make people happy! We encourage health and well-being American Dream Lifestyle Family Affluence 17

18 Emotion 18

19 What are our values? Culture Passion Happiness Motivation Integrity Creativity 19

20 Look at our customer Emotional buyers Not interested in wall thickness Mil of liner Amps and watts of energy efficient pumps o This is “what” Visualizing happy faces of their children Visualizing fun in their backyard o This is “why” 20

21 Customer Motivators Attention Customer Competency Caring 21

22 Energize your business Cultivate creativity Instill in employees your vision Only thing that matters is how the consumer perceives our business Bring out the “why” we do what we do What sets up apart from the competition What is our vision? Reach the emotional side of consumer 22

23 Revise Marketing Plan Focus on the “why” Focus on the emotional side of consumer Change the order in website developing’ Start with why you are in business (emotional) Inspires people to act! Then go to how and what you do that set you apart! 23

24 Southwest Airlines WHY? Champion a cause of the common man HOW? Cheap, fun and simple WHAT? ?????? Now you are free to move about the country. 24

25 Balance Why, How, What must be in balance Achieves Authenticity Buyer feels fulfilled. Out of balance o Stress and uncertainty exists 25

26 You must be clear about your purpose, cause or belief. Make sure that everything you say and do is consistent with and authentic to that belief. 26

27 What is a company? A company is a culture Group of people who share common set of values and beliefs. It is not products and services that bind a company Your goal: Hire people who believe what you believe. 27

28 Energize your employees Must understand “why” you are in business Value of teamwork is important Strong team involvement Generates creativity Generates more efficiency Generates more productivity 28

29 Employees Assess each strength and weakness What are their values? Wants to feel their job makes a difference You provide emotional tools Mold your team by capturing the best traits to compensate for weaknesses of others Southwest Airlines – ability to find people who share their cause to provide great service. 29


31 It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit. Harry S. Truman Jack Benny 31

32 Prioritize your strategy Analyze each faction of your business Manage by “walking around” Tackle high priority projects Watch your ego… be sure you are focused Be sure you are looking at the “why”. This builds trust………… 32

33 Competitive Advantage Offering consumers greater value Difference between your company’s abilities and those of your competitors Why customers should do business with you? It is about consumer trust – shared values 33

34 We could not begin to achieve this goal without the dedication of a team of devoted workers and craftsmen. From initial design concept to site preparation to actual construction of your pool and waterscape, the Rizzo team is committed to meet and exceed your expectations. We are proud of the recognition our pools have received, but the greatest reward associated with a Rizzo Pool is the lifetime satisfaction, pride, and pleasure they bring to you. We invite you to join the select group of Rizzo Pool owners. 34 Rizzo Pool & Spa When Only The Best Will Do

35 California Builder Serving Folsom and all surrounding areas, American Pools offers quality gunite pools and spas with custom hand drawn plans that will have you dipping your toes in the pool of your dreams in no time. We will provide you with a comprehensive free estimate at competitive rates so you know what to expect before the work begins. You will work one-on-one with a company owner who will turn your backyard ideas and dreams into a reality 35

36 Manufacturer Create comfort with more free time to enjoy it The comfort of crystal-clear, silky-soft water that never turns eyes red, should be as easy on you, as it is on the environment and your wallet. Get the comfort you desire with automation. Stimulate your senses Ambiance is about transforming outdoor spaces to suit your every mood, whim and party theme. Stimulate all of your senses with light, sound, motion and scents that please and thrill, creating ambiance that is uniquely you. 36

37 Trust Trust is a feeling, not a rational experience Trust allows us to rely on others We trust those in our community Do your employees fit into our business community? More important that skills…. We can teach skills We can’t teach trust…. Organizations become great because the people inside feel protected. Strong culture creates a sense of belonging. 37

38 To the Next Level Reorganize your company based on WHY not What you are doing. Market your business to the emotional side Motivate employees on WHY we are in business Hire employees with the same values Communicate your vision for the company Lead by example 38

39 Leaders never start with WHAT needs to be done Leaders start with WHY we need to do things Leaders inspire action!! You are the Leader 39

40 Books to Read True Alignment – Edgar Papke Start with Why – Simon Sinek Broken Windows Broken Business - Michael Levine “Applebee’s America” by Douglas B. Sosnik, Matthew J. Dowd & Ron Fournier 40

41 Contact Information Connie Sue Centrella 113 Holly Forest Nashville, TN 37221 Cell: 615-405-4117 41

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