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OWASP Broken Web Applications (OWASP BWA): Beyond 1.0.

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1 OWASP Broken Web Applications (OWASP BWA): Beyond 1.0

2 Introductions Project Background Current Status Future Q & A Agenda 2 2

3 Sr. Technical Director at Mandiant in DC Application Security, Penetration Testing, Source Code Analysis, Forensics, Incident Response, Research and Development Leader of OWASP Broken Web Applications About Me 3 3

4 Project Background

5 Looking for web applications with vulnerabilities where I could: –Test web application scanners –Test manual attack techniques –Test source code analysis tools –Look at the code that implements the vulnerabilities –Modify code to fix vulnerabilities –Test web application firewalls –Examine evidence left by attacks Problem 5 5

6 It is a great learning tool, but… It is a training environment, not a real application Same held for many other “training” applications OWASP WebGoat 6 6

7 Realistic applications with vulnerabilities Often closed source, which prevents some uses Can conflict with one another Can be difficult to install Licensing restrictions Proprietary “Free” Apps 7 7

8 Free, Linux-based Virtual Machine Contains a variety of web applications –Some intentionally broken –Some old versions of open source applications Pre-configured and ready to use / test All applications are open source –Allows for source code analysis –Allows users to modify the source to fix vulnerabilities (or add new ones) OWASP BWA Solution 8 8

9 Initial 0.9 release at AppSec DC release in July 2012 Current version is –Released in September 2013 –Download links off –Some known issues OWASP BWA History 9 9

10 OWASP BWA Details

11 Available in VMware and OVA formats Compatible with –VMware Products No-cost and commercial OWASP BWA intentionally uses older VM format –Oracle VirtualBox –Parallels Desktop Virtual Machine 11

12 OS is Ubuntu Linux Server LTS –No X-Windows / Graphical User Interface Managed via –Console –OpenSSH –Samba –phpMyAdmin Base Operating System 12

13 Apache PHP Perl MySQL Tomcat OpenJDK Mono Ruby Rails Base Software 13

14 SubVersion client GIT client PostgreSQL ModSecurity and OWASP Core Rule Set Custom scripts Additional Software 14

15 Applications

16 OWASP WebGoat (Java) OWASP WebGoat.NET (ASP.NET/C#) OWASP ESAPI Java SwingSet Interactive (Java) OWASP Mutillidae II (PHP) OWASP RailsGoat (Ruby on Rails) OWASP Bricks (PHP) Damn Vulnerable Web Application (PHP) Ghost (PHP) Magical Code Injection Rainbow (PHP) Training Applications 16

17 OWASP Vicnum (PHP/Perl) OWASP 1-Liner (Java/JavaScript) Google Gruyere (Python) Hackxor (Java JSP) WackoPicko (PHP) BodgeIt (Java JSP) Cyclone Transfers (Ruby on Rails) Peruggia (PHP) 17 Realistic, Intentionally Broken Apps

18 WordPress (PHP, released December 31, 2005) –myGallery plugin version 1.2 –Spreadsheet for WordPress plugin version 0.6 OrangeHRM version (PHP, released May 7, 2009) GetBoo version 1.04 (PHP, released April 7, 2008) gtd-php version 0.7 (PHP, released September 30, 2006) Yazd version 1.0 (Java, released February 20, 2002) WebCalendar version 1.03 (PHP, released April 11, 2006) TikiWiki version (PHP, released September 5, 2006) Gallery2 version 2.1 (PHP, released March 23, 2006) Joomla version (PHP, released November 4, 2009) AWStats version 6.4 (Perl, released February 25, 2005) 18 Old Versions of Real Applications

19 Applications for Testing Tools –OWASP ZAP-WAVE (Java JSP) –WAVSEP (Java JSP) –WIVET (Java JSP) Demonstration Pages / Small Applications –OWASP CSRFGuard Test Application (Java) –Mandiant Struts Forms (Java/Struts) –Simple ASP.NET Forms (ASP.NET/C#) –Simple Form with DOM Cross Site Scripting (HTML/JavaScript) OWASP Demonstration Applications –OWASP AppSensor Demo Application (Java) 19 Other Applications

20 Other Features

21 Application code can be edited via SMB shares, SSH, or the console Updates to PHP, JSP, etc. application files will take place immediately Scripts provided to rebuild and redeploy applications that require it: –WebGoat –Yazd –CSRFGuard Test Apps –SwingSet Apps Editing Applications 21

22 Scripts are provided to update VM from source code repositories –OWASP BWA specific files from Google Code SVN repository –Application files from their SVN or GIT repositories Can break applications due to changes in database schemas or dependencies Can allow for using updated versions of applications without waiting for a new version of OWASP BWA Updating VM 22

23 Web server on OWASP BWA is running mod_security By default, no rules are enabled Scripts are provided to: –Enable logging using CRS: –Enable blocking using CRS: –Disable all rules: Rules can be easily edited via SMB shares OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set 23

24 Logging for the web and application servers are left in their default configuration –What you will most likely see when responding to an incident Logs are available via SMB share Logging settings can be easily edited Logs are cleared when VM is packaged Log Files 24

25 User Guide available on Google Code Wiki Welcome any volunteers to contribute –Author –Review –Edit –Comment User Guide 25

26 Vulnerabilities

27 Don’t have a master list of vulnerabilities (yet) Looking for the community to contribute Using “Trac” issue tracker at SourceForge: Not intended to duplicate content within applications or application documentation Where are the vulnerabilities? 27

28 Anyone can search issues Tracking Known Vulnerabilities 28

29 Anyone can see details on issues Tracking Known Vulnerabilities 29

30 Anyone can submit issues Considering a registration requirement in order to prevent spam Tracking Known Vulnerabilities 30

31 Registered users can edit issues Tracking Known Vulnerabilities 31

32 The Future

33 Version 1.2 planned before the end of 2013 –Bug fixes –Add bWAPP application –Update applications –Add ability to more easily update OWASP Mutillidae Near Term 33

34 Documentation can use some work Catalog of vulnerabilities can be expanded Other Near Term Items 34

35 Will get increasingly difficult to support modern and old applications –Due to library and other dependency issues May move to multiple VMs Would like to improve set of applications… Longer Term 35

36 More applications in more languages –Compiled Java –ASP.NET –Python –Node.js Common frameworks and libraries Looking for feedback from people who use VM for developer training Wish List 36

37 More modern UIs –Rich JavaScript –HTML5 –Mobile optimized sites –Adobe Flash Wish List 37

38 More database backends –PostgreSQL –SQLite –NoSQL Opportunity for someone –Create a small data driven application with SQL injection –Make variants connected to different database backends Wish List 38

39 Improved set of real applications with security issues –More applications –More modern applications Wish List 39

40 More web services –Mobile apps –Rich web UIs –Desktop thick clients Wish List 40

41 Updated home page on VM –More intuitive layout –Refreshed appearance –Perhaps indicate applications based on Application’s scope Application’s level of activity / updates User’s role / level Looking for feedback from users Wish List 41

42 What do you want to see in OWASP BWA?

43 We welcome any help, feedback, or broken apps you can provide!

44 More information on the project can be found at Join our Google Group: owaspbwa Follow us on Submit bugs and security issues to the trackers More Information and Getting Involved 44

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