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Levolor Shades Roman Shades, Roller Shades, Panel Track and Natural Shades 10/3/2013 Home Solutions Training Team.

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1 Levolor Shades Roman Shades, Roller Shades, Panel Track and Natural Shades 10/3/2013 Home Solutions Training Team

2 22 2 Levolor Shades Program Beautiful. Practical. Versatile.

3 3 3 Levolor Shades  All Four Shades Categories in One Book (Roman, Natural, Roller & Panel Track)  Trend Right Colors and Fabrics in ALL Categories  Over ¾ of all Shades Fabrics are the Same Across Other Lines  Industry Leading Product Coordination and Fashion  Cordless Operation Available on Roman & Natural Shades  Cordless Wand Control Available on Panel Track

4 44 Program Icons  Color Coordination Icons –On Each Color Selector, Icons Show Coordination –Unparalleled Color Coordination for Windows of All Sizes  Light Control Index –Shows if the Blind Gives Direct Light, Filtered Light or Blocks Light 4

5 55 1,2,3 Step Selling Process 1.Choose Your Shade Style Select from the softness and beauty of Roman Shades, the sleek and clean styles of Roller Shades, the modern look for large windows of Panel Track and the organically inspired fabrics of Natural Shades. 2.Choose Your Fabric and Light Control Over 85% of fabrics are new, high-quality and trend right. This, coupled with the vast majority of fabrics from each category being available in Room Darkening make Shades a practical and versatile choice. 3.Choose Your Options and Upgrades Personalize and select options that will give the consumer the cleanest look and most personalized style. 5

6 6 6 Program Message  Beautiful Unsurpassed palette of fashionable colors, patterns and textures designed to coordinate easily with the consumer’s home décor.  Practical The design of our Cordless control option makes it easy to draw shades up and down, creating a clean, finished profile across the consumer’s window without dangling cords, all while enhancing child and pet safety.  Versatile Largest selection of light control fabrics in both Light Filtering and Room Darkening. Top Down/Bottom Up is a great option for allowing light and privacy.

7 7 7 Trend – On Design  Levolor draws inspiration for our color palette and textures from a variety of trends in the market today as well as trends for the future.

8 8 Meeting Consumer Needs  Fabric is the Most Important Purchase Driver  87% of Shades Fabrics are NEW for 2012  More Than 60% of Consumers Say Room Darkening is Essential  We Now Offer the Majority of Shades Fabrics in Room Darkening AND Light Filtering  We Have Improved The Shopping Experience By Combining Into One Book, Organized By Color  Our Offering Now Includes: Extended Sizes in Roller Shades, Cordless Panel Track & Expanded Energy Shield 8

9 9 Roman Shades  Fabrics in Updated Colors, Textures and Patterns  Natural Styles and Exclusive Fabrics That No Other Manufacturer Can Offer  96% of Fabrics are NEW  95% of Fabrics are Available in Light Filtering AND Room Darkening  Coordinates with Accorida, Vertical, Roller & Panel Track 9

10 10 Roman Shades Book Review  Top Fabrics of Book  Divided Into Three Sections –1 st Stack – Small Scale Jacquard Prints, Silks & Other Specialty Fabrics –2 nd Stack – Stripes & Large Scale Jacquards –3 rd – Solid Colors Including Designer Textures  Information on Swatch  Easy to Flip 10

11 11 Roman Shades Options  Flat vs. Hobbled Body Styles  Light Filtering vs. Room Darkening  Cordless Lift Option  Top Down/Bottom Up  Large Window Solutions  Valance Options  Decorative Trims, Fringes & Scalloped Hems

12 12 Flat vs. Hobbled Shade Style  Equally Popular  Flat = Modern Less Fabric for Lower Price Point, Not As Much Light Seepage From Sides  Hobbled = Traditional Classic Look With Soft, Full Folds 12 Flat Hobbled

13 13 Light Filtering vs. Room Darkening  95% of Roman Fabrics Available LF or RD  Light Filtering Perfect for Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Kitchens and Common Areas  Room Darkening Perfect for Bedrooms, Media Rooms and Private Areas 13 Light Filtering Room Darkening

14 14 Valance Options  Integrated Valance – Clean, Coordinated Look & No Charge To The Consumer  Classic Valance – Traditional Fabric Valance That Directly Matches The Shade – Standard On Top Down/Bottom Up Shades, Surcharge On All Others 14 Classic Valance Integrated Valance

15 15 Cordless Lift Option  Enhanced Safety for Children & Pets  Clean Appearance Free of Dangling Cords  Majority of Roman Shades Ordered Are Cordless 15

16 16 Top Down/Bottom Up  Available Both Corded & Cordless  Classic Valance Included at No Charge  Ideal Light & Privacy Control  Perfect for Bathrooms & Bedrooms or Any First Floor Application 16

17 17 Large Window Solutions  2 on 1 Headrail Allows For Independent Operation of Two Panels on One Headrail  Continuous Cordloop Offers Fixed Cord Width 17 Continuous Cordloop 2 on 1 Headrail

18 18 Finishing Touches  Decorative Scallops Available with Trim and Fringe Options  Five Scallop Styles To Choose From – Wavy, Center Point Up, Straight, Traditional & Center Point Down  7 Fringe & Trim Colors 18

19 19 Roman Shades Competitive Advantages  Construction Individual Panel Design Allows for Wider Widths Than Other Roman Shades  Safety Cord Extra Looped Cord Enhances Safety for Children and Pets  Coordination –Perfect Match – Collection Name & Color Name Are Identical –Color Coordination – Color Names Are Identical 19

20 20 Roller and Panel Track Shades  Exclusive Fabrics Including Exclusive Block-Out Fabrics  86% Of Fabrics Are New For 2012  Longer Drop for Roller Shades is Available to 120” for Large Windows  Updated Roller Shade Cassette Valance  Cordless Panel Track Options  All Fabrics Can Be Used For Both Roller and Panel Track

21 21 Roller Shade and Panel Track Book Review  2 nd Section of Book  All Roller Shade Fabrics Can Be Made Into A Panel Track Shade  Fabric Details on Swatch  Organized By Color  Begins With Exclusive Nature Inspired Fabrics  Finishes With Solar Screens

22 22 Roller Shade Options  Valance Options –No Valance –Standard Valance –Cassette Valance  Bead Chain  Trims and Scalloped Hems

23 23 Valance Options  No Valance: Clean Modern Look  Standard Valance: Traditional Appearance, Coordinated Fabric is Inserted Into A Vinyl Channel (Surcharge)  Cassette Valance: Sleek Appearance, Complete Concealment of Hardware & Shade (Surcharge) 23 No Valance Standard Valance Cassette Valance

24 24 Heavy-Duty Bead Chain  Heavy Duty Design  Provides Perfect Shade Placement  Metal Chain For Years Of Smooth, Durable Operation 24

25 25 Finishing Touches  Decorative Scallops Available with Trim and Fringe Options  Five Scallop Styles To Choose From – Wavy, Center Point Up, Straight, Traditional & Center Point Down  7 Fringe & Trim Colors 25

26 26 Panel Track Options  Cord Control  Cordless Wand Control  Easy Change Panels  Valance Options

27 27 Cord & Wand Control  Cord Control: For Hard to Reach Windows or Where A Clear Path Is Not Available  Wand Control: For Cord Free Operation –Five Colors – White, Off White, Bronze, Satin Nickel & Black –“Transitional” Style From Vertical & Perceptions™ 27

28 28 Easy Change Panels  Panels May Be Easily Removed  Simple Update When Décor Style Changes  Simple Update If More or Less Privacy or Light Control is Desired  Heavy-Duty Hook & Loop Design (Like Velcro) 28

29 29 Valance Options  No Valance: Clean, Modern Look  DesignLine Valance: –Upgrade –Fabric Will Be Turned 90° From Shade Body Fabric –Not Available on Natural Shade Fabrics 29

30 30 Roller/Panel Competitive Advantages  Durable Cord Control  Coordination With Other Levolor Blinds and Shades Categories  All Roller Shade Fabrics and All Natural Shade Fabrics Can Be Made Into a Panel Track Shade 30

31 31 Natural Shades  Wide Variety of Colors, Patterns and Textures Including Several Exclusives  60% of Fabrics Are NEW with 2012 Program  All Fabrics Can Be Purchased With No Liner, Light Filtering Liner and Room Darkening Liner

32 32 Natural Shades Book Review  Fully Encased Swatches for Easy Handling and Light Control Comparison  Fabric Information on Swatch  All Shown Unlined  Organized With Finer Reeds on Top and Thicker Reeds at the Bottom of the Stack  All Fabrics Can Be Made Into a Panel Track Shade

33 33 Natural Shade Options  Liner Options  Lift Options  Edge Binding  Valance Options  Advanced Options 33

34 34 Liner Options  No Liner  Light Filtering  Room Darkening  All Liners Available on All Fabrics 34 No Liner Light Filtering Room Darkening

35 35 Lift Options  Corded (Standard)  Continuous Cordloop Great For Large Windows  Cordless Enhances Child & Pet Safety  Top Down/Bottom Up Ultimate in Privacy and Light Control 35

36 36 Edge Binding  Add Decorative Accent & Can Coordinate to Other Home Textiles  1” Width For Smaller Windows (Less than 36”)  2” Width For Standard to Large Windows 36

37 37 Valance Options  No Valance –Sleek, Modern Look –Available on Cordless & Continuous Cordless Lift Only  Classic Valance Standard 6” Self Valance  Wood Valance Matches Levolor 2” Traditional Wood Valance **All Valance Styles are No Charge to the Consumer** 37 No Valance Classic Valance Wood Valance

38 38 Advanced Options  2-on-1 and 3-on-1 Headrail  Cathedral Tops  Mitered Shades  Angle Tops  Scalloped Hem & Decorative Trims 38

39 39 Natural Shade Competitive Advantages  No Pulley Construction  Cordless Control Available  All Fabrics Can Be Made Into Panel Track Shades  Wide Variety of Liner and Valance Options 39

40 40 Cleaning Guide  Fabric & Natural Shades – Periodically Clean With Feather Duster or Vacuum To Remove Dust  Spot Clean Fabrics By Applying A Mild Soap & Water Solution With A Sponge or Cloth  Do Not Machine Wash or Dry Clean 40

41 41 Installation – Roman Shades  Brackets May Be Used For Both Inside and Outside Mount  Standard Headrails – Line Up Shade With Bracket and Push Directly In Until “Click” Occurs  Cordless Headrails – Rotate Shade Into Brackets Until Spring Tab Clicks 41

42 42 Installation – Roller Shades  Load Spring Side Into Circle Bracket  Load Control Side Into Bracket and Align With Notches  Make Sure That Fabric Is Rolled All The Way Up Before Installation 42

43 43 Installation – Panel Track  Thumb-Clamp Brackets  Align Headrail With Brackets & Turn to Lock  Attach Panels to Carriers 43

44 44 Installation – Natural Shades  Install Spacer Onto Threaded Shaft  Install Brackets Into Window  Align Gaps in Headrail With Threaded Shafts  Tighten Wing Nut  Install Valance Returns If Necessary 44

45 45 Questions?

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