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Vadodara, Gujarat, India

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1 Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Technology Driven Solutions Vadodara, Gujarat, India


3 ABOUT US Represent 14 global companies from 8 countries.
Serve clients in a wide range of applications Known in India for launching innovative technologies, which are well proven & accepted world over Our goal is to successfully implement world-class value driven technology of the highest standard for shaping the future backed by a team of creative & dynamic people.

Relining and Rehabilitation of Pipelines (Water/Sewerage/Gas/Oil) Nuflow, Australia BKP Berolina, Germany Primus Line APM, USA Non Explosive Eco-friendly Rock Fragmentation – KAPRA, S.Korea Non Explosive Rock Splitting Mortar – ROCKFRAC, USA Pollution Control Systems Dust/Odour/Smoke Controllers- EMI Controls, Italy Nano Dust Particle Control System – ENS, Netherlands Solid Waste Management and Recycling Automatic Pneumatic Solid Waste Management System Solid Waste Recycling System – ERS, Japan

Trenchless Utility Services Laying of Underground Pipes by Micro Tunnelling- MTS, GERMANY Pipe Layout using HDD Anti- Corrosive Concrete Admix – Conshield, APM Water Proofing Solution for Concrete- Crystal X, APM Mobile Fire Fighting Systems – EMI Controls, Italy UV/Infrared/Heat Resistant Glass Paints – Yantai, China Artificial Snow Making System Snow Chambers – Areasana, Italy Snow Making Guns – Technoalpin, Italy

6 (Blown-in technology) (Pull In-Place Technology)
NUFLOW, AUSTRALIA Technologies: Patented epoxy and coating process – REDLINE Patented Structural Lining processes and small-diameter relining – BLUELINE Epoxy Coating (Blown-in technology) mm diameter cured Structural Liner (Pull In-Place Technology) mm diameter cured

Horizontal Sewer Branches Sewer Lines Roof Drain Systems Spot Repair Liners Storm water REDLINE Hot and Cold Potable Water Systems Potable Water Risers Compressed Air HVAC and Chiller Systems Fire Suppression Systems Processed Piping Conduit Piping Chemical Piping

8 BKP BEROLINA, GERMANY Patented UV Stabilized Structural Liner Technology for Sewer Pipes Channels Oval and Circular Pipes Suitable for mm diameter pipes Factory impregnated Liner Seamless Construction Fast Hardening Fiber-Glass Reinforcement Brief Installation Time ISO Certified

9 PRIMUS LINE, GERMANY Flexible Multilayered hose system for High Pressure Pipeline Repair for Natural Gas & Crude Oil Salt Water and Chemicals Drinking Water & Waste Water Inner Layer- According to flow media Outer Layer- Abrasion Resistant PE Seamless Kevlar Aramid Fabric between Inner and Outer Layer

10 PRIMUS LINE, GERMANY Suitable for DN 150 – 500 mm
Single Length upto 2500 m relined Wall-thickness: 6.0 and 8.0 mm Patented Connectors Corrosion Protected Suitable for Pressure Increase Application

11 APM, USA Structural Renewal & Rehabilitation of pipes, manholes, sewers & culverts Techniques CentriPipe : structurally sound seamless concrete pipe inside the old storm & sanitary sewer pipe Conshield : 100 % Protection from MIC Permaform : Rehabilitation of Manholes Permacast : Increase Structural Strength

12 APM, USA Techniques COR + GARD- Chemical Protection & High temperature in sewer lines COR + ROC- Chemical Protection for spot repairs Chimney Frame Seals – Manhole Protection from water and dirt

13 KAPRA, SOUTH KOREA Eco Friendly Pulse Plasma Rock Fragmentation Technology Aluminum & Copper Oxide powder energized in milliseconds to a Plasma stage using Electrostatic Power Impulse (EPI) Generator. Process generates the heat & impact wave to crack & break the rock. Impact Cells: 2Al + 3Cuo = Al2O3 + 3Cu KJ GENERATOR EPI PULSE PULSE GENERATOR CELL CELL

14 KAPRA, SOUTH KOREA Advantages Non- Explosive No License required
Low Vibration and noise No flying rocks and gases No resonance generated Applications Building Foundations Tunnels Next to Airport, Rail Lines, Roads, Dams, Canals, Pipelines, Utility Networks For weak and hard rock both

15 ROCKFRAC, USA Eco Friendly Non Explosive “RockFrac” Rock Splitting Mortar from US Material is mixed with cold water & poured in the drilled holes. Expansion pressure allows crack / cut towards free face. Applications Under Water Applications Soft and hard rock Sensitive areas near to airports, rails, buildings etc Benefits No vibrations, noise and dust No flying rocks No hindrance to nearby works

16 EMI CONTROLS , ITALY Mobile / Stationery Operation for Optimum Dust/Odour Suppression Special Ceramic Nozzles nebulises water which traps dust or the odour at source. 52-60 degrees angle of inclination 360 degrees rotation Used for Chemical Industries Demolition Sites Recycling and Treatment Plants Crushing Land Fill Areas and Disposal Sites

17 Neutralising Agent added to water
EMI CONTROLS , ITALY V12S ODOUR CONTROLLER Neutralising Agent added to water

18 ENS, NETHERLANDS Capturing of Nano Dust Particles using Electrodes and Filtering Media Positive Ions sent in air which capture fine dust particles Diverted to the negative electrode where all particles are collected Cleaner Air, Lesser Pollution Large Air Cleaning Capacity at high speed with low maintenance Applications : Hospitals and Research labs Hospitality Industry Corporate Buildings and parking spaces Roads and Rails

19 ENS, NETHERLANDS Properties Aufero Model Embrace Model
Dimension and Weight 140 x 350 x 80 cm, 300 kg 100 x 21 x 21 cm , 7kg Air Volume 8000 meter cube/ hr 150 meter cube/ hr Power Consumption 0.3 kWh 0.01 kWh Efficiency 75-99% 99%

20 ERS, JAPAN Waste Recycling System that handles unsegregated waste
Converts the organic waste into quality fertilizer product (manure) Machines range from 20 kg /day waste treatment capacity to 300 tones per day No post treatment or cooling phase required Compact and High Speed Environment Friendly No Bad Odour No wastage of water

21 MTS GERMANY Manufactures tunnelling systems
Diameter 200mm to 3000mm and more Suitable to work in any type of subsoil conditions Multiple power jack for jack rigging and cutter head Mechanical & Hydraulic Soil Removal Intermediate jacking stations & slurry pumps for underwater condition Thrust Boring and Pipe Bursting Machine

22 CONSHIELD, APM, USA Liquid additive directly dozed in concrete mix for 100 % protection against Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (MIC) Bacteria cells ruptured & destroyed by an Electro – Physical mechanism Protection throughout the entire thickness of concrete Colourless, Odourless, Non toxic Cannot Wash off or Chip off or delaminate No environmental Residue Used in Pipe Manholes Wet wells Poured in place structures

23 EMI CONTROLS, ITALY Highly Efficient Mobile Fire Fighting System
Atomizes water into mist & combines with foam concentrate thus covering large heat transfer area Highly durable ceramic nozzles 70 degree inclination 360 degree rotation 350 MW heat energy reduced to 0-10 MW in 40 seconds Applications Refineries and Industries Fuel Depots Forrest Fires

24 YANTAI, CHINA Energy Saving and Anti-UV Glass Paint
Saves % energy once applied Zero effect on transparency 100 % Protection from Infrared Radiations Heat Transmittance reduces by % Applications Hospitality Sector Commercial and Residential Building Solar Incubators Solar Batteries

25 AREASANA, ITALY Artificial Snow Rooms built as per client design
Snow Treatment scientifically proven to be more beneficial than dip in cold water after sauna Benefits Increases blood circulation Strengthens immunity Improved skin tone Relaxation Therapy Strengthens Pain Reception

26 AREASANA, ITALY Available from 6 sq m size to 15 sq m.
Technical room required 30 l/hr water consumption 11-18 kW Energy Requirement Applications Resorts 5 Star Hotels Villas Commercial Buildings Gymnasiums Spas

27 TECHNOALPIN, ITALY Designs and Provides custom-built systems for ski resorts since 25 years. World Leaders in Snow Making System ( 70 % of the world market) Large Basket of Snow Guns and Snow Lances available for building artificial ski slopes Machines available for indoor snow/ice building

28 THANK YOU For Further Details Contact : Sumul Patel

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