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2 PACKAGING Packaging is very essential for safe delivery of the products without altering its characteristic and nutritive value. The primary function of packaging is to protect these product from the Oxygen Moisture Heat Light etc

3 Classification of dairy products Liquid milk pasteurised milk flavoured milk condensed milk Dairy products milk powder butter ghee ice cream malted milk food

4 Relatively newer dairy products cheese yogurt Traditional dairy product paneer khova shrikhand indian sweets

5 Liquid milk Large quantity of milk was earlier sold in an unprocessed,unpacked condition. This process lead to contamination,adultration and short measures. To overcome this problem,milk was sold in returnable glass bottles sealed with aluminium foil cap. Advantage: transparency, rigidity, hygenic and non toxic nature and compatibility. Disadvantage: high tare weight, fragility emerged and also shortage of aluminium foil. Pasterurised milk

6 Alternate packaging system-plastic pouches replaced glass bottles Plastic pouches made of low density poly ethylene(LDPE film). 65-70m thick Pouches are formed and filled on Form-Fill- Seal(FFS)machines in capacities of 500-1000ml Cleaning operation is eliminated,energy loss is avoided,easily recyclable. Aseptic packaging:Tetrapak milk Package and products are sterilised seperately and the operation is carried out under aseptic condition. Long shelf life(3 months), without need for refrigiration or added preservatives,

7 Liquid milk pouchAseptic paackage of milk

8 Flavoured milk Flavoured milk drinks are generally skimmed or semi skimmed contain less than 1% fat. The package should be leak and tamper proof,sufficient wet strength,should not pass on any odour or taint. Octane LLDPE when blended with 50% LDPE provide excellent puncture resistence,seal strength and hot tack. In india the milk drinks are available in sterilisable crown cork glass bottles,glass bottles with aluminium foil lid or snap-on plastic lid.

9 Condenced and evapourated milk Traditionally condensed milk was bulk packed in barrels or tin plate container. In india it is packed in conventional food cans with double seam end Evapourated milk is recently packed in aseptic tetrapaks

10 Dairy products Butter It consist of fat(80-82%),15-16% moiture,(0.5-2.5)% salt. The package should be opaque and a high barrier against oxygen and foreign odours Commenly used butter wrap is the vegetable parchment paper.Although it is greaseproof it does not provide sufficient barrier to oxygen. To increase shelf life and product protection aluminium foil laminated to parchment or greasepaper.To avoid corossion of aluminium foil it is coated with lacquer and protective adhesive between foil and paper is applied. In some countries use plastic cups and plastic tub with lids in different size and shape.PP(polypropylene) and ABS(acrylo butadiene styrene are used.

11 Stored and transported over long distance hermetically sealed tin plate container are used. Recent development is the use smooth walled light weight aluminium container, which are convenient,colorful and hygenic. GHEE Ghee is 100% fat off white color,grainy texture,characteristic flavour and contain very low moisture content(less than.5%). Protected from chemical spoilage and rancidity. Packed in lacquered or un lacquered tin plate container ranging from250gm - 15kilogram.Stable and long shelf life(1year). Alternate packages-plastics replacing tins for shorter shelf life 200gms,500gms and 1 kilogram pouches polyethylene film.

12 Also marketted in lined cartons with flexible laminated plastics as inner liner materials and in tetrapak. Laminates of polyesters,nylon 6 and use high barrier materials. Package of table butter

13 Milk powder Milk powder is hygroscopic in nature. Highly sensitive to oxygen. Packages are required to be vaccumised or nitrogen flushed. It is bulk packed in 25 kilogram capacity multiwall paper sacks with plastic liner made of polyethylene. Traditionally use tin plate container (500gm or 1kilogram) with an aluminium foil tagger.Flushed with nitrogen gas to extend shelf life. Plastic (HPDE)bottles and flexible packages are also used. Pouches made from co-extruder film of LLDPE- nylon-LLDPE with gas flushing

14 Milk powder packed in pouch

15 Ice cream Ice cream is the frozen dairy,protect against contamination,moisture less and fluctuation in temperatures. Attractive,easy to open and dispose. Types of package for ice cream Paper board carton which is poly coated. Thermoformed /injection moulded plastic container made from HIPS,PP or HDPE.Lids are LPDE or PS. Laminates of BOPP(Biaxially oriented polypropylene) or PET(polyethylene terephthalate) are used of candies.


17 Malted milk food Malted milk food are highly sensitive to moisture and are prone to oxidative changes. Conventionally used glass jars tinplate containers now replaced by plastic container and plastic pouches. Plastic container used are blow moulded HDPE or stretch blow moulded PET containers/jars(200gm-2.5kg). Light weight,sturdy,unbreakable,and hygenic Beside the plastic container,also use flexible pouches with or without paperboard carton.It comparatively low cost,fast filling operation and storage space requirementssssss is low


19 Newer dairy product Cheese Cheese is a delicately flavoured product with high fat and moisture content,protect against moisture less and ingress of oxygen. Traditional package-hermetically sealed printed tin plate container(400-500gm). Late 500gm size slabs of cheese are also packed under vaccum in high barrier flexible laminate. Individual packed slabs are then placed in rectangular transperent injection moulded plastic container with lid.Moeover the pack is lighter,more economical and reuse.

20 Todays flexible package films and laminates are used. Cheese/cheese spread is also packed in rectangular or triangular chiplets.the wrapping material is aluminium foil. Also packed in plastic tubs,plastic laminated and co extruded squeeze tubes.

21 In our country the popular variety of product is Dahi or Curd It has a very short shelf life and on prolonged storage it becomes highly acidic. Recommended temperature 5-10 degree celcius. Traditional pack:earthenware pot with a loose cover of glassine and greaseproof paper. Recently injection moulded polystyrene and propylene cups have been introduced with aluminium foil peelable lids.light weight,easy to handle and hygenic. Tetrapaks,gable top carton and plastic bottles are used for drinking yogurt. Yogurt

22 Traditional dairy product Traditionally indigenous products are packed in leaves,paper carton and paper board boxes. It easily affect their texture,odours,flavours and show mold growth. For instance product like gulb jamun,rasgolla use lacquered tinplate. Develop a plastic PP-Al foil material,it provide water vapour barrier properties,smooth curved corners and good printing surface. Heat resistence and suitable for food contact

23 References Principles of food packaging,milk and dairy product by griffin,s,sacharow Dairy development in india by A.P.Mahadevan foreigninvestment.html www.india



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