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Pioneer High School Cheerleader Tryouts

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1 2015-2016 Pioneer High School Cheerleader Tryouts

2 Welcome! -Administrators Coaches James Heath: Principal
Monica Swift: Assistant Principal Coaches Marissa Briseno: Head Cheer Coach Bianca Villarreal: Assistant Cheer Coach

3 Candidate Expectations
3.1 Candidates should understand that acceptance into the Sharyland ISD Cheerleading program is a privilege. Cheerleading members represent, not only themselves, but their student body and the Sharyland ISD and should uphold the highest moral standards. 3.2 Candidates should demonstrate exemplary qualities of character such as respect, responsibility, honesty, reliability, dependability, cooperative, dedicated, loyalty, and FLEXIBILITY. 3.3 Candidates should be enthusiastic, self-disciplined, willing to learn, and prepared to practice to improve their performance and the performance of the squad. 3.4 Candidates and parents should understand that the schedule of a cheerleader requires a large time commitment and will be expected to put cheerleading, as a priority, in conjunction with participation in all other sports, organizations or other nonacademic activities. (including weekends)

4 Varsity Squad Information
Our Pioneer High School Cheerleading Squad shall be comprised of sophomore, junior, or senior members who have completed one full year on a sub varsity squad. (If the candidate is new to the district, the sponsor will need to verify varsity eligibility with prior school.) The number of candidates who participate in the tryout process will affect the total numbers of members selected for each team, not to exceed 20. In the case of a tie for the 20th slot, those members who tie for the 20th slot will be eligible. Of these 20 members, one head, or two co-head, cheerleader(s) shall be chosen according to interview and rank, provided that the chosen head cheerleader(s) shall be a senior or junior member who has been on a Sharyland ISD High School Varsity Squad for at least one year.

5 Jr. Varsity (NEW) The Junior Varsity cheerleading squad shall be comprised of freshmen, sophomore, junior, or senior members. The number of candidates who participate in the tryout process will affect the total numbers of members selected for each team, not to exceed 20. Of these members, one head, or two co-head, cheerleader(s) shall be chosen according to interview and rank.

6 Eligibility Must be enrolled in the school district, or will be entering and are currently residing in the district Must be passing all courses with a grade of 70 or above at the time of tryouts A cheerleader who has resigned or been removed from his/her squad may not try-out in subsequent years, unless permission to do so has been granted by sponsor and/or administration overseeing tryouts.   Any student who is currently serving in AEP placement, or has been in AEP this school year, shall be ineligible to tryout.  Any outstanding balance from current or prior school years will be ineligible to tryout and must clear all outstanding balances at least one week prior to tryouts.

7 Tryout Procedure Mandatory Parent Meeting
Tryout Packet: Due Feb. 6th at 4:30 p.m. in room 164. Tryout Clinic: February 17-19: 5:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m. Tryout Before Judges: February 20th at 1:00 p.m.

8 Packets February 6 - Packets due to Marissa Briseno before 4:30 pm. No late packets will be accepted, and no one will be allowed to participate unless all forms are submitted and complete In the following order: Cheerleader Application Athletic Emergency form Squad Option Form Cheerleader and Drill Team Constitution Acknowledgement Form Citizenship form Physical On File Form Athletic Packet Physical Form (only those without a physical) Acknowledgement of Rules UIL Form Extracurricular Code of Conduct Insurance Form * If you are a CURRENT ATHLETE, you will need to get a physical dated May 2015 or later (NEW)

9 Citizenship Evaluations (NEW)
Citizenship Evaluation Form (turned in by assistant principal) NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 6, 2015. ** All forms must be turned in a manila folder labeled with name and current grade level. All forms must be in order. It is your responsibility to have all the paper work done on time or your child will not be able to participate in tryout activities. If you do not need a physical, you will still need to turn in the UIL Forms. All forms are posted on the website.

10 Athletic Physicals:     1.   If you are a current athlete trying out for cheerleader and plan on being in an athletic sport next year, you DO NOT need a new physical for cheer tryouts. You will be on our lists (this year’s 8th graders-12th graders).  You WILL NEED to get your new physical dated May 2015 and beyond, which will cover you for athletics and cheer for the school year. If you do not have a physical and want to try out for cheer with a new physical, then decide to get into athletics, you will need another new physical in the fall (August), so that you will be covered through the entire athletic school year.

11 Athletic Physicals Continued…
If you are on our list for current physical, you WILL fill out a the UIL/insurance forms found in the athletic packet. *Make sure to include if you have any allergies, asthmatics, emergency numbers, etc. 2. If you are from a private school, or new to the district, please make sure you understand this policy.  If you show up in August, the day of volleyball tryouts, without a current athletic physical, claiming they have one with cheer, you will not be let try out or participate in athletics unless that we have a physical dated May or later in our possession. 

12 Tryout Clinic February 17– Practice (5:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m. Gym): The candidates will learn the cheer and chant being performed at tryouts. February 18– Practice (5:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m Gym): During this practice the individuals will be taught a cheer, dance, skills. They will be instructed on proper skills regarding jumps, motions, and technique. February 19 – Practice (5:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m Gym): Candidates will continue to practice the cheer, dance and chant learned earlier in the week. Candidates will be designated to their groups.

13 Clinic Requirements Any student who is tardy or does not have the required attire on for any practice or mock tryout will lose ten citizenship points for each occurrence. Arriving fifteen minutes after start time will be counted as an absence, and candidate will not be allowed to tryout. Absences from practices or mock tryouts: Refer to Section 2.7 in the Sharyland ISD Cheerleader and Drill Team Constitution. If you must be late due to school function (track, tutoring, etc.) please notify coach on the 1st day of clinic.

14 Tryouts February 20: Tryouts (1:00 pm PHS Gym):
Tryouts will begin promptly at 1:00 p.m. All candidates will drop off items in the Gym Lobby, then meet in the practice gym. DO NOT bring electronic devices. Only candidates will be allowed in the gym. Parents will not be allowed to come in to assist your child with hair, attire, etc. Tryout attire: plain red shorts, plain white short sleeve shirt. hair must be pulled back in ponytail plain white socks and tennis shoes No one is allowed to wear attire indicating prior participation as a cheerleader.

15 Tryout Procedures Students will report to the practice gym. All personal items will be left in the lobby and picked up as candidates exit the gym after tryouts. Candidates caught with any personal items outside the gym lobby, including but not limited to cell phones, iPods, electronic devices, will automatically forfeit their opportunity to tryout and will be dismissed immediately. A security guard will be posted in the lobby to ensure personal items are secure and that candidates exit the gym promptly. Gym doors will be locked at 1:00 p.m. and no candidates will be allowed to enter after that time.

16 Tryout Procedures Continued
Parents will be allowed to wait only in their vehicles in the gym parking lot and must exit the high school area immediately after their child has completed the tryout process. Results will be posted on-line by 5:00 pm on Saturday, February 21, at under District News and Headlines.   Failure to abide by any of these requirements may result in dismissal from tryouts.

17 Tryout Process Scoring: The following 500 point system shall be used for all tryout:  Judges -300 points High and low scores are thrown out Judged on a cheer, jumps, tumbling and dance Citizenship- Each candidate begins with 200 points for this category. Points can be lost for tardies to clinic, detentions, ISS and suspension

18 Financial Responsibilities
Varsity Installments Date NEW Varsity JV to Varsity Veteran Varsity 2/25/15 365.00 115.00 3/25/15 350.00 4/22/15 355.00 100.00 5/11/15 285.00 5/25/15 TOTAL: 850.00 8/25/15 340.00 190.00 These are PRELIMINARY costs. They do not include s/h nor taxes.

19 Financial Responsibilities
Jr. Varsity Installments Date NEW Jr. Varsity Prices do not include s/h or taxes Veteran JV 2/25/15 365.00 115.00 3/25/15 345.00 130.00 4/22/15 207.00 5/25/15 135.00 TOTAL 587.00 8/25/15 215.00 0.00 These are PRELIMINARY costs. They do not include s/h nor taxes.

20 What am I paying for? Varsity Jr. Varsity Installments 1st Installment
Red uniform: top/skirt/liner/rhinestones, choreo for POM 2nd Installment Shoes, bag, 1 bow, Camp wear: 3 outfits, $50.00 camp deposit 3rd Installment White uniform: top/skirt/liner, poms, bloomers, camp payment 4th Installment Camp balance, 3 bows 5th Installment megaphone, megaphone design August Inst. Fall Items Jr. Varsity Installments 1st Installment Red uniform: top/skirt/liner/ choreo for POM 2nd Installment Gray uniform: top/skirt/liner, campwear: 3 outfits 3rd Installment Poms, bag, camp deposit, shoes 4th Installment Camp balance, 3 bows August Install. Pink Jersey & warmups

21 Traditional Purchases
Traditional Red Uniform(varsity) or Gray Uniform (JV): top/skirt/body liner ***If your child’s skirt is too short, she will be asked to purchase a new one Traditional Bumper Sticker Uniform: top/skirt/bodyliner Traditional Pink Uniform (for Varsity only) Traditional warmup: jacket & pant Football Jersey Poms (PINK) Megaphone + design Camp Fee (Varsity: $355.00/JV: )

22 Summer Schedule PRACTICES: Varsity & JV March: Mon. 5 – 6, Wed. 5-6, Thurs. TBD April : Mon. 5-6:30, Wed. 5-6:30, Thurs. TBD May: Mon. 5-6:30, Wed. 5-6:30, Thurs. TBD June: 1st two weeks we will practice ALL WEEK Camp dates: The week of June 7-13 (we will practice after camp for month of JUNE (Mon.-Thurs.) *Girls WILL HAVE ALL OF JULY OFF FOR VACATIONS Aug.: All teams will return August 5th Practices are mandatory. June hours may increase as we get closer to camp. (Families are asked to schedule summer trips around camp.)

23 Stunting/Skills class
We highly encourage our squad to take a stunting/skills class at the onset of our program to help prepare our team in proper techniques. This is done for the safety of our team. Cost: tentatively - $55.00 a month for two hours a week. This is NOT mandatory, nor is it set in stone

24 Important Dates! January 22: Mandatory Parent Meeting
February 6th: Packets due to Mrs. Briseno by 5:00 p.m. February 25th Fitting/1st installment due/booster meeting March 25th: Installment #2 April 22th: Installment #3 May 11th: Installment #4 (Varsity only) May 25th: Installment #5 June 2015 The entire month will be used for mandatory practices and cheer camp for all squads. August 5, 2015: 1st day back for practice. Times TBA * Fundraisers will be held in between.

25 Good luck!

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