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Jose Rizal Life in Spain. But as God has not made anything useless In this world, as all beings fulfill obligations Or a role in the sublime drama of.

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1 Jose Rizal Life in Spain

2 But as God has not made anything useless In this world, as all beings fulfill obligations Or a role in the sublime drama of Creation, I Cannot exempt myself from this duty, and Small though it be, I too have a mission to Fill, as for example: Alleviating the sufferings of my fellow men. I realize that all these mean sacrifices, and Terrible ones. I imagine the pain which I Must give you, but I feel something that Obliges and impels me to leave. I shall thrive With faith, and I shall win or lose…God’s will Be done

3 Paciano Rizal’s older brother Leonora Rivera

4 Departure for Spain Rizal used the name Jose Mercado, a cousin from Binan. He wrote a farewell letter to his parents And another one for LeonorRivera. May 3, 1882 he boarded the Spanish Steamer Salvadora bound for Singapore.

5 On May 9, 1882 the Salvadora arrived in Singapore. There Rizal saw a modern city for the first time. He was intensely interested in the improvements. Especially did the assured position of the natives, confident in their rights and not fearful of the authorities, arouse his admiration. Great was the contrast between the fear of their rulers shown by the Filipinos and the confidence which the natives of Singapore seemed to have in their government. Rizal registered in Hotel de la Paz and spent two days on sightseeing in Singapore which was then an English colony. He saw the famous Botanical Garden, the beautiful Buddhist temples, the busy shopping district, and the Statue of Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles (founder of Singapore).

6 On May 11, 1882 Rizal boarded Djemnah, a French steamer, to continue his Voyage to Spain. It was a larger and cleaner vessel which carried more passengers. Among the Passengers were British, French, Dutch, Spaniards, Malays, Siamese, and Filipinos.

7 * Rizal’s sketch of the passengers of the French steam liner

8 On May 17, Rizal arrived in Point Galle (Punta de Gales), a seacoast town in Southern Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). The next day, the French liner left Pointe Galle for Colombo, the capital of Ceylon. From Colombo, the voyage continued crossing the Indian Ocean to the Cape of Guardafui, Africa. The next stopover is in Aden where Rizal went sightseeng. From Aden, the voyage went on to The city of Suez, the Red Sea terminal Of the Suez Canal. Upon arrival, Rizal Went sightseeing just like an ordinary Tourist.

9 It took five days to traverse the Suez Canal. Then on June 7, Rizal arrived in Port Said, the Mediterranean terminal of the Suez Canal. Rizal landed to go Sightseeing and he was fascinated to hear the multi-racial inhabitants. From Port Said, the Djemnah proceeded on its way to Europe. On June 11 Rizal reached Naples. He went around the city and he was fascinated by the Sights such as Mount Vesuvius, the Castle of St. Elmo, and other historic sights Of the city. On June 12, the steamer docked at the French harbor of Marseilles. He stayed For two days there enjoying the sights such as visiting the famous Chateau d’if. On June 15, Rizal left Marseilles by train for Spain. He crossed the Pyrenees and stopped for a day at the frontier town of Port Bou. After the passport inspection at Port Bou, Rizal continued his trip by rail, finally reaching Barcelona on June 16, His first impression of Barcelona was unfavorable. He thought of it as an ugly, dirty and its residents are inhospitable. Later, he changed his impression and liked the city. He found it as a great city, with an atmosphere of freedom and liberalism. He also found its people were open-hearted, hospitable, and courageous.

10 Filipinos in Barcelona were some of his classmates in Ateneo, welcomed him. They gave him a party at café Plaza de Cataluña. After toasts, Rizal in turn gave them the latest news and gossips in the Philippines.

11 Life in Madrid November 3, 1882 Rizal enrolled in the Universidad Central de Madrid in two courses: -Medicine -Philosophy and Letters. Rizal enrolled in the Universidad Central de Madrid in two courses: -Medicine -Philosophy and Letters.

12 +Studied painting and sculpture in the Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernand; +Took lessons in french, German, and English under Private instuctors +Assiduously practised fencing and shooting in the Hall of Ams of Sanz y Carbonell. Leisure time: reading and writing at his boarding house of Paterno bothers (Antonio, Maximonio and Pedro) Summer twilights: he sipped coffee and fraternized with the students from Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, etc., at the Antigua Café de Levante. Saturday evenings: visited the home of Don Pablo Ortiga y Rey who live with his son and daughter. Saturday evenings: visited the home of Don Pablo Ortiga y Rey who lives with his son and daughter. Saturday evenings: visited the home of Don Pablo Ortiga y Rey who live with his son and daughter.

13 Romance with Consuelo Ortiga y Perez August 22, Rizal composed a lovely poem to Consuelo(Don Pablo ’ s Daughter) entitled “ A La Senorita C. O. y P. August 22, Rizal composed a lovely poem to Consuelo(Don Pablo’s Daughter) entitled “ A La Senorita C. O. y P. Rizal backed out for two reasons: - He was still engaged to Leonor Rivera -His friend and co-worker in the Propaganda Movement, Eduardo de Lete, was madly inlove with Consuelo

14 “They Ask Me Favor For Verses.” In 1882, shortly after his arrival in Madrid, Rizal joined the Circulo Hispano- Filipino, a society of Spaniards and Filipinos. “Me Piden Versos”; he pesonally declaimed during the New Year’s Eve reception of the Madrid Filipinos held in the evening of December 31, 1882.

15 THEY ASK ME FOR VERSES They ask me to play on a lyre That long has been still and decayed, But never a note have I played, Nor can I the Muse re-inspire. She chats without reason or fire Until she has tortured my brain. She chuckles to jeer at my pain; She has mocked me the while I lamented. In my soul, lonely, sad, and tormented, Neither pleasure nor sorrow remain. There once was a time, it is true-- A time that, alas, has departed. When friends who were generous-hearted, Applauded the verse I could do. Of those happy days but a few Obscured recollections yet stay, As after some high holiday, Still linger mysterious sounds; Or, after the concert resounds, The after tones whisper away.

16 For I am a plant immature, Torn out of the Orient where The perfumes sleep on the air And life is a dream to allure. Ah, memories ever endure, My Country, of songs taught to me By warbling birds from the tree, The waterfall's silvery roar, And out on the far-reaching shore, The moan of the sounding sea. While yet I was merely a child I knew how to smile at your sun, And inside my breast had begun, Like volcanic fires to burn wild, The desire that the verses complied By a poet's keen vigorous mind, Might cry to the swift moving wind; "Speed away, and sing to proclaim To the furthermost zones, of Her fame. In earth and in heaven enshrined!"

17 I left Her, my Motherland home, A tree stripped of leaves and turned dry. Now gone are the carols that I Once sang, e'er I started to roam And churned the vast ocean's white foam, To escape from my dread destiny: Too foolish as yet to foresee That instead of the good which I sought, I should plow from the ocean waves naught But a specter of death haunting me. For all of my dream laden hours, Love, eagerness, castles in air, Beneath the blue skies I left there In that faraway region of flowers. Ah, do not appeal to my powers To sing about love, for, like lead, My heart is weighed down, and in dread I roam through this waste without peace; The pangs in my soul never cease, And all inspiration is dead.

18 Rizal as a book lover Rizal built a fair sized private library

19 Book Collection - The Bible - Hebrew grammar - Lives of president of U.S from Washington to Johnson - Complete works of Voltaire(9 volume) - Complete works of Horace(3 volume) - Complete works of C. Bernard(16 Volume) -History of French Revolution - The Wandering Jew - Ancient Poetry - Works of Thucydides - The byzantine Empire - The characters by La Bruyere - The Renaissance - Uncle tom’s cabin - Works of Alexander Dumas - Louis XIV and his court - Medicine books - Philosophy - Languages - History - Geography - Arts and sciences

20 Rizal’s favorites books. Greatly affected him and aroused his sympathy for opressed and unfortunate people.

21 Rizal’s first visit to Paris(1883) - June 17 to august 20, Hotel de Paris on 37 rue de maubange 124 rue de Rennes in Latin quarter---much cheaper

22 Rizal’s primary purposes: To improved his mind by closely observing the French way of life and spending many hours at the museum, the world famous Louvre, botanical gardens, the libraries and art galleries and the hospitals.

23 Madeleine church Laennec’s hospital and Louvre

24 Luxembourg garden and the Library

25 Rizal as a Mason Rizal was impressed by the way the Spanish mason openly and freely criticized the government policies and lambastated the friars. March 1883, he joined the Masonic lodge “Acacia” in Madrid. Purpose: to secure free masonry’s aid in his fight against friars in the Philippines.

26 He then transferred to logde solidaridad where he became a master mason(nov.15,1890) On feb.15,1892,he was awarded the diploma as master mason by le grand orient de france in Paris. His not very active in freemasonry. His only writing was a lecture titled “science, virtue and labor”.

27 Financial Worries Due to the problem in Calamba Laguna, Rizal's allowances were almost always delayed. On June 24,1884(very touching story)---Rizal was feeling down and broke, he was unable to take breakfast that day, with an empty stomach he attended his class at university, participated in the contest in Greek language and won gold medal. In the evening, he was able to eat dinner for he was a guest speaker in banquet held in honor of Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo at restaurant Ingles, Madrid.

28 Rizal’s Salute to Luna and Hidalgo

29 The banquet on the evening of June 25, 1884, was sponsored by the Filipino community to celebrate the double victory of the Filipino artists in the National Exposition of Fine Arts in Madrid:

30 “Spolarium”

31 “Christian Virgins Exposed to The Populace”

32 Rizal saluted Luna and Hidalgo as the two glories of Spain and the Philippines whose artistic achievements transcended geographical frontiers and racial origins, for genius is universal

33 “genius sprouts everywhere, genius is light like air, the patrimony of everybody, cosmopolitan like space, like life, like God.”

34 Filipino friends in Spain: Don Pablo Ortiga y Rey -has been a City Mayor of Manila during the administration of the liberal governor general Carlos Ma. De la Torre ( ) and was promoted Vice-President of the council of the Philippines. Consuelo Ortiga y Perez - Don Pablo’s Daughter

35 Rizal Involved in Student Demonstration November 20,21,and 22, 1884 – the serene city of madrid exploded in bloody riots by the students of Central University. – Rizal participated, together with Cuban, Mexican, Peruvian, and Spanish student. Dr. Miguel Morayta – professor of history – his address caused the demonstration of the student. – he proclaimed “the freedom of science and the teachers”. – the catholic bishop of Spain promptly excommunicated Dr. Morayta and those who applauded his speech.

36 The students rioted in the city streets, shouting: “viva Morayta! Down with Bishops!” Rizal, Valentin, Ventura, and other Filipinos joined the demonstration Many university professors openly supportde the student rioters. The Rector, who also took the side of the students, was forced to resign and was replaced by Doctor Creus ( a very unpopular man, disliked by everybody)

37 Studies Completed in Spain Rizal completed his medical course in Spain. June 21, 1884 – conferred the degree of Licentiate in Medicine by the Universidad Central de Madrid – studied and passed all subjects leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine

38 Fifth Year ( ): Continuation of Medical Course in the University of Santo Tomas Medical Clinic IGood Surgical Clinic IGood Obstetrical Clinic IFair Legal MedicineExcellent Sixth Year ( ) Medical Clinic 2Good Surgical Clinic 2Very good Licentiate in Medicine awarded on June 21, 1884 with the rating “FAIR” Doctorate ( ) History of Medical ScienceFair Surgical AnalysisGood Normal HistologyExcellent Doctor of Medicine (Not Awarded)

39 Rizal also finished his studies in Philosophy and Letters with higher grades. He was awarded the degree of Licentiate in Philosophy and Letters by the Universidad Central de Madrid on June 19, 1885, with the rating of “excellent” (Sobreseliente)

40 Universal History 1Very good General Literatureexcellent Universal History 1Very good General Literatureexcellent Universal History 2Excellent Greek and Latin LiteratureExcellent (with prize) Greek IExcellent (with prize) Spanish LanguageExcellent w/ Scholarship Arabic LanguageExcellent w/ Scholarship

41 He became qualified to be a professor of humanities in any Spanish university By receiving a Licentiate in Medicine, he became a full-fledged physician, qualified to practice medicine “My doctorate is not of very much value to me…because although it is useful to a university professor, yet I believe they (Dominican friars) will never appoint me as such in the College of Santo Tomas. I say the same thing of philosophy and letters which may serve also for a professorship, but I doubt if the Dominican fathers will grant it to me.”

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