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1 ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY PARTNERSHIP. ATP/EDUCATION Assistive Technology Partnership/Education (ATP/Education) provides statewide educational assistive.

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2 ATP/EDUCATION Assistive Technology Partnership/Education (ATP/Education) provides statewide educational assistive technology services to children (birth to twenty-one) with special needs and their families, caregivers, teachers, service providers, etc.

3 WHAT IS ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY? Assistive technology (AT) can be defined as any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. (29 U.S.C. Sec 2202(2)).

4 SERVICES Training (which may range from awareness of assistive technology to specific devices) Consultations (child specific requests/identified needs) Information/Awareness (this may include phone support or on-site visitation) Loans & Demonstrations (short-term loans of devices) Funding (assistance with working through the funding process and information on available sources of funding, but ATP/Education is not a funding source)


6 FUNDING Department of Education Assistive Technology Partnership Grants to: ESU 3 ESU 7 ESU 10 ESU 16 ESU 17

7 EDUCATION SPECIALISTS Dixie Trevarthen (ESU ’ s 2, 3, 4, 18, 19) Lenette Sprunk (ESU ’ s 5, 6, 7) Marcy Feik (ESU ’ s 9, 10, 11, 15) Phylis Graney (ESU ’ s 13, 16) Scotty Nelson (ESU ’ s 1, 8, 17)

8 8

9 ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY PARTNERSHIP Home Modifications Vehicle Modifications Work Place Modifications School Facilities ADA Compliance 9

10 10

11 Service & Device Direct Contact Application(phone/email) Funding Coordination No Charge Home/Vehicle/WorkEducational Place Modifications EvaluationsConsultations And we get to help with the regional Transition Fairs! ATPATP/Education

12 AT4ALL A free on-line service to list and find equipment in Nebraska if you have internet access feel free to follow along at:

13 AT4ALL Visit Create an account to list, loan and borrow items

14 LOW TECH SUGGESTIONS PVC book stand Corrugated Plastic holder for iPad Notebook cover (iPad stand) Eye gaze choice board (made out of plastic or acrylic) Non-stick shelf liner or rug gripper Pipe insulation or bicycle handles to create grips Colored dots on drawers and items for sorting and placing Cherry pitter used for accessing pills in blister packs Hair dryer holder out of PVC pipe PVC “T” joints as holders for markers (for grasping impairments) Glove with hole cut out for index finger (individuals who are unable to lift hands off iPad surface) Switch mounts out of PVC pipe AT Solutions in Minutes by Therese Willkomm, Ph.D. 14

15 ACCESSIBILITY FEATURES OF THE IPAD Visual Supports/VoiceOver Handwriting option Enhanced Braille Support Visual Supports Enlarged Text Size (Dynamic Type) Large Text (increases up to 56 points) On/Off Labels Auditory Supports Subtitles and Captions Motor Supports Switches Accessibility Shortcut 15

16 ACCESSIBILITY FEATURES - CONT’D Additional Features Clock/Timer Guided Access (keeps the iPad in a single app) Assistive Touch (create custom gestures) Home Click Speed Disable animation/motion (reduce motion of icons) Luis Perez, “Overview of Accessibility Features in iOS 7” and Darren Denham, “Top iOS7 iPad Accessibility Features for Handicapped” 16

17 ACCESSIBLE SCHOOLS Accessible Parking Accessible Route to Entrance(s) Accessible Entrances Auto Doors, not required by ADA, but recommended Two-Way Communications Security Systems Accessible, safe, secure, visible front office Accessible Door Levers Restrooms Shower Facilities Classroom Acoustics Lunchroom Access PE Access Accessible Play Areas Life Skills Areas – Kitchens, Laundry & Special Needs Equipment, i.e. Desks, “Hoyer” Lifts, Shower Chairs, Changing Tables, Appliances … An evolving list! 17

18 ADA Kitchens 48” to 15” 30” x 48” clear floor space Accessible countertops 34” AFF 60” turning radius 50% kitchen storage must be within this range 50% kitchen storage must be within this range



21 RESOURCES Assistive Technology Solutions in Minutes, Therese Willkomm Assistive Technology Solutions in Minutes, Book II, Therese Willkomm features-fhandicap features-fhandicap 21

22 CONTACT INFORMATION: Patti Neill ATP/Education Program Coordinator 308-784-4525 Lilly Blase ADA Program Coordinator 402-471-6051

23 AT4ALL – ONE STOP RESOURCE Demonstrations and Loans  Help find technology that best fits your needs  Broaden awareness of available technologies List/Search for Recycled/Reused Devices Management Tool  Track equipment  Justification for additional technology purchases

24 24 Common Sense vs. Time Consuming Technology Worker with the use of one hand had a job at a movie theater. He needed to take patron’s ticket, tear it in half, give the stub back, and then direct the patron to the appropriate theater. Tried a clamp to hold ticket, tear it, give stub to patron and other half in bucket. Too time consuming Used an electric scissors to cut ticket, give stub to patron and other half in bucket. Again, too time consuming Final solution – have patron tear ticket in half, keep stub and give other stub to worker. Worker directs patron to appropriate theater.

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