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2 Toba Site Project Overview Montrose Powerhouse East Toba Powerhouse
Transmission Line Toba Inlet Project Overview

3 Toba Site Project Overview 3

4 Installed capacity of the two projects will be 196 MW with expected average energy generation of 745 GW.h/yr. These projects will have the potential to produce enough electricity for 75,000 homes will potentially displace an estimated 455,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases annually. This is the equivalent of taking 80,000 cars off the road per year or planting 60,000 hectares of trees. Environment 4

5 Environment Environmental Involvement/Challenges:
High priority for key stakeholders (Owner, Agencies, First Nations, Local Communities) Operational Challenges Camp Waste, Batch Plant Operations, Fuel / Oil Storage Species at Risk goats, grizzly bears, Northern Goshawks, Marbeled Murrelets, Fish and amphibians Environment

6 Schedule

7 Construction Overview
Access Roads Total access road length: km Access road completion to date: 62.0 km Bridge completions: 52 of 58 Construction Overview 7

8 Construction Overview
East Toba Powerhouse Excavation volume: 62,500 m3 Concrete volume: 7,900 m3 Excavation to date: 38,995 m3 Construction Overview

9 Construction Overview
East Toba Penstock Penstock length: ,376 m Estimated cut: 354,000 m3 Estimated fill: 114,000 m3 Weholite pipe section: 650 m, 3,048 mm ID Total sections: 49 pieces Steel pipe section: 4,726 m Outer diameter: 2,540 mm – 3,048 mm Thickness: 9.7mm – 36.6mm Total sections: 299 pieces To date excavation: 66,500 m3 Weholite Pipe Section Construction Overview Steel Pipe Section

10 Diversion Channel Earthworks
East Toba Intake Rubber dam design Intake structure: Structural excavation: 21,000 m3 Structural backfill: 24,000 m3 Concrete volume: 2,080 m3 Diversion channel: Excavation: 30,000 m3 Fill: 17,000 m3 Rip rap: 14,000 m3 Liner: 15,000 m2 3 m high Rubber Dam Intake Project Overview Diversion Channel Earthworks

11 Montrose Powerhouse Project Overview Excavation volume: 45,000 m3
Concrete: 5,800 m3 Excavation to date: 31,300 m3 Project Overview

12 Montrose Penstock Project Overview Penstock length: 4,232 m
Estimated cut: 342,000 m3 Estimated fill: 109,000 m3 Exposed penstock: 250 m Slope: % Steel pipe section: 4,232 m Outer diameter: mm – 2743 mm Wall thickness: 8.6 mm – 24.9 mm Total welds: 3,900 kg Total sections: 247 pieces To date excavation: 100,000 m3 Typical Exposed Penstock and Support Project Overview Typical Exposed Penstock and Support

13 Geotechnical surveyors at Intake
Montrose Intake Coanda Screen Design Structural excavation: 10,500 m3 Structural backfill: 10,300 m3 Concrete Volume: 2,680 m3 Project Overview Geotechnical surveyors at Intake

14 Mechanical Components Construction Overview
1 Bifurcation pipe per powerhouse 2 Turbine inlet valves (TIV) per powerhouse 2 6 nozzle scroll cases per power house 2 vertical pelton turbines per powerhouse East Toba: 78.54 MW max. rated capacity (each unit) Head: m Montrose: 47.13 MW max. rated capacity (each unit) Head: m Bifurcation Pipe Construction Overview Installation of Mechanical Components TIV’s and Scroll Cases

15 Transmission Line Project Overview Total length: 156.8 km
Total structures: 760 ea. Excavation to date: 309 ea. Poles installed: 185 ea. Conductors installed: 4 km Project Overview

16 Transmission Line : Types of structures
Project Overview Metal Structure Wooden Structures Anchors 16

17 Equipment Major Equipment Excavators: Cat 385 1 ea Cat 365 2 ea
JD ea Cat ea Dozers: D ea D ea D ea Rock Trucks: Volvo A ea Cat ea Equipment 17

18 Equipment Major Equipment Drills: Tamrock 800 4 ea Hoe Drill 3 ea
Loaders: Cat ea Cat ea Cat ea Cat ea Crusher/Batch Plants Portable 1 ea Track Jaw 1 ea Batch Plants 2 ea Equipment 18


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