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June & July Newsletter Sign up May 18, 2014, 2014.

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1 June & July Newsletter Sign up May 18, 2014, 2014

2 Who we are & what we do  The Golden Scholar Chapter Newsletter  Provides the link  Keeping you informed  Offers a platform  Beatriz Alfaro, Editor in Chief  Rickie Zarb, Assistant Editor  Contact Editorial Team at with “GS Editorial Team” in subject box. Alfaro & Zarb, 2014

3 Chapter Officer Open Position  Position: Chapter Secretary  Requirements: 3.5 GPA Current student and will be until January 2015 Current Golden Key Member or qualify to become GK member Motivated and eager to lead.  Secretary Duties: Record the minutes of each executive board or chapter meeting and submit copies to each officer and Golden Key advisor. Attend all meetings and take minutes or delegate taking of minutes prior to a meeting. This is a voting position. Chapter archivist with the assistance of the chapter advisor. Work with other officers to ensure Activity Reporting is current. Reporting and submitting of profile forms to regional headquarters.

4 Golden Scholar Open Position  Position: Assistant Editor  Non-voting position.  Responsibilities Attendance at Meetings Newsletter Editions Writing Responsibilities and Storyline Ideas. Adheres to Deadlines Production and Completion of “The Golden Scholar” chapter newsletter. Distribution of the Newsletter Committee Report Must maintain at least a 3.5 GPA or better. Any other duties and responsibilities as required from time to time. To apply inform me tonight or contact me via email at

5 When Are Newsletter Meetings?  Golden Scholar Newsletter Meetings Occur Ever 3 rd Sunday of the Month @ 9:00P.M. (Est.)  Use new link to enter:  We value your input! Come prepared to collaborate  Have fun and share your passions with our GK Community., 2014

6 What Are the Expectations?  Use APA format and creditable references  ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGARISM!  Need Help with citation/writing  Log into Kaplan University site and go to the Writing Center.  Writing Center Link:  Official APA site:  Other helpful websites: &  Proof read your work  Engage the reader, 2014

7 When are Articles Due? & Where do we Submit them?  Articles are due on the 21 st of every month for the following month’s newsletter.  For Example June’s Newsletter Articles are Due 5/21/2014, and July’s Articles are due 6/21/2014.  Submit All Articles to Only!  All articles must be created as a MS Word document, labeled with the issue month, title and author  Will receive a confirmation response via email  Newsletters Issues are emailed within the 1 st week of every month and will be now sent via GIN mail in pdf form.  Any questions please contact Editorial Team at, 2014

8 Article Guidelines Article Guidelines   Keep the Wit Burning!  100 word maximum  Did You Know  One liner thought, statement, or fact. (with references if used).  Art and Poetry  Open submission (with references if used).  All Other Articles  300 word maximum with in text citation and references required., 2014

9 New and Suggestion Articles New and Suggestion Articles  Special Announcements  Birthday Announcements  Writer’s Corner  Sheldon’s Wisdom  The Scholarly Vibe, 2013

10 June Article Ideas  Did you Know (1 Liner Statement or Fact) 1)Student: 2)Alumni: (Rickie Zarb) 3)Student or Alumni:  Keep the WIT (100 words Max) 1) Student: 2) Alumni: (Beatriz Alfaro) 3) Student or Alumni:  Sheldon’s Wisdom: Summer Commencement (Editorial staff)  Poems and Art (Open Submission): (Beatriz Alfaro)  Writer’s Corner (Open Submission): (Cindy Taylor)  Alumni Spotlight- George Pammer: (Rickie Zarb  Feature Person (self or interview) :  World Environment Month: (Rickie Zarb), 2014  Flag Day: (Wade Hill)  Father’s Day: (Rickie Zarb)  National Safety Month: (Rickie Zarb)  Importance of Hydration for Summer: (Marcia Smith)  Summer Recipes: (Rickie Zarb)  World Blood Donor Day: (Rickie Zarb)  Honor a Soldier-Audie Murphy (Beatriz Alfaro)  Men’s Health Month:

11 July Article Ideas  Did you Know (1 Liner Statement or Fact) 1)Student: 2)Alumni: (Hughlean Medlea) 3)Student or Alumni:  Keep the WIT (100 words Max) 1) Student: 2) Alumni: (Hughlean Medlea) 3) Student or Alumni:  Sheldon’s Wisdom: Kaplan University Online Career Services-helping you with your next step after college (Editorial staff)  Poems and Art (Open Submission):  Writer’s Corner (Open Submission):  Alumni Spotlight:  Feature Person :  Independence Day :  Parent’s Summer Healthy Tips: (Tammy Sweet-Chisam)  4 TH of July Party Planning/Tips: (Rickie Zarb), 2014  Recipes- 4 th of July Favorites(Wade Hill); Picnic Favorites; or BBQ recipes) :  Fireworks Safety: (Wade Hill)  Apollo 11- July 20, 1969, “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”: (Rickie Zarb)  Honor a Veteran/Soldier: (Wade Hill)  Parent’s Day:  Nelson Mandela:  Military Appreciation Events & Job Fairs: (Neal Walker)  What’s new with Kaplan Radio/ Interview with Kaplan Radio creators- Dr. Kevin Cojanu & Professor Marty McDermott : (Beatriz Alfaro)

12 Proper Citations and References  See APA Reference Guide Attached to email Google.Com, 2013 Reference: (2013 & 2014). [Search Engine]. Retrieved from Google Images: Royalty-free photos, illustrations and clip art.

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