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Lennert Bakker Technical Service & Development Engineer Flexible plastic line pipe.

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1 Lennert Bakker Technical Service & Development Engineer Flexible plastic line pipe

2 Active in 27 countries Head office in Vienna, Austria 27 production locations Part of Wienerberger Pipelife is..... One of worlds leading producers of plastic pipe systems Europe N America

3 Soluforce production plant Soluforce is a business unit within Pipelife International, producing and installing High Pressure Thermoplastic Reinforced pipelines, based in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands

4 1. Fluid-tight, corrosion resistant HDPE liner High density pipe quality polyethylene, a proven material for crude oil, gas & water 2. Fibre reinforcement for strength Ultra high strength steel wire for high pressure pipes or Aramid fibres 3.Ambient resistant white HDPE cover, to protect from UV, abrasion and solar heating A highly UV-stabilised white PE100 grade to block solar heating, and to protect against external damage What is Soluforce ? 1 2 3

5 Construction of Soluforce

6 Delivered on coils

7 Soluforce pipe systems There are 3 different Soluforce pipe systems: –Soluforce Light(upto 36 bar / 522 psi) –Soluforce Classic(upto 90 bar / 1305 psi) –Soluforce Heavy (upto 223 bar / 3234 psi) The maximum operating temperature is 65°C/150°F In 4” and 6”ND

8 Soluforce testing Long term pressure resistance Wire and tape strength Pipelife’s Flexirig ® : Simultaneous dynamic testing of pressure, torsion, and axial load Tape tensile testing To comply with the international API and DNV standards, extensive testing is per performed

9 regression testing Burst pressures - 350 Bars for Soluforce Classic - 500 Bars for Soluforce Heavy Regression testing is - testing the long term strength of the Soluforce RTP pipe. - Pipe testing is done at 65°C - Fitting testing at elevated temperatures of 85°C - Tests up to 10000 hors/ 14 months

10 Long term pressure resistance (aramid reinforced) 1.Testing supervised by DNV and Shell Global Solutions 2.Test duration >1 years 3.Procedure according to ISO 9080, ASTM2992 Samples LightLight meanLight HDB-LCL Samples ClassicClassic meanClassic HDB-LCL Ongoing

11 API RP 15 S, certified by Bureau Veritas (BV) API 17J, certified by DNV DVGW VP642, certified by MPA and SKZ Design and Production verified and certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Qualification testing according to ASTM2992, verified and certified by: DNV, KIWA, MPA, SKZ, BV ISO 9001, KIWA approved Impact, earth quake and “third party interference” resistance by IPN and NYGAS (USA) Product approvals at: Shell, Saudi Aramco, PDO, KOC, TÜV Germany, MIGAS (Indonesia), and many other oil companies Pemex PEP Approved by IPN and GAID (nueva nrf-185-pemex-2008 Approvals and Certification

12 Product design and qualification supervision by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Tested and certified according to international standards like ISO9080, ASTM 2992 and EN1555, API 17J, API RP15s Conforms to “Recommended Practice” of “Joint Industry Project”. ( Members: Shell, BP, Saudi Aramco, Gaz de France, British Gas, Petrobrás) Approved for oilfield service by Shell, Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Oil Company, Petroleum Development of Oman, ADNOC Approved for gas distribution and transport by TÜV, under German standard DVGW VP642 QA/QC according to ISO9001

13 Why is Soluforce the perfect solution for Nigeria? Soluforce for Nigerian market Soluforce Nigeria Please look at document: Benefits of Soluforce in Nigeria.pdf

14 Installation in Nigeria Pilot oil flowline installed in 2010. Test finallized in December 2013 To be analized with Shell Global Solutions

15 Small footprint on environment Because of flexibility and toughness, no high requirements on trench and soil conditions

16 2010: External foil To eliminate permeation of hydrocarbons, the Soluforce pipe was wrapped in aluminum foil

17 2013: internal foil layer Today the Soluforce introduces a new product called Soluforce GT. Gas Tight, to eliminate permeation. A permeation barrier is imbedded in the pipe

18 Soluforce Light & Classic Coupling system based on “electrofusion” Advantages: Reliability, proven technology Automated CNC controlled welding equipment No fluid contact with metals or seals (except at end- fittings), NO CORROSION !! Standard ANSI flange dimensioned hook-up connections Soluforce in-line connection Soluforce hook-up end-fitting Electrofusion Coupling system

19 Soluforce Light & Classic end-fitting steel parts assembly -End fitting electrofused to pipe end -Pipe end prepared by hand tool -O-rings seal the pipe from the fluid -Flange part onto pipe end -Half shells interlock flange to pipe end -Housing ring secures the half shells

20 Soluforce Light & Classic Pipe to Pipe (P2P) -Pipe to pipe plug -To make a pipe to pipe connection -Easy installation -Simular to end flange -Perfect for re-coiling, minutes to dismantle

21 Soluforce Heavy Swaged fitting system

22 Soluforce 2 step swaging process Step 1: Internal swaging Pulling a dolly through the stem Step 2: external swaging Pushing the fitting through a die Swaging priciple

23 Swaged connection: Grayloc Connecting swaged fittings

24 Swaged connection: weld stub Weld neck flange Weld neck inline

25 Pipe packaging 400 / 220 meters per coil for Soluforce Classic / Heavy Disposible wooden frame Center hole for axel positioning

26 Transport & Packaging

27 Users of Soluforce A overview of the companies using Soluforce

28 General Properties of Soluforce As flexible as polyethylene pipe –Supplied on long-length coils (220 meters / 400 meters) –Very fast installation (up to 2 km/day) –No prefabricated bends –Can be installed by trenching machine and horizontal drilling As corrosion resistant as polyethylene pipe As strong as steel pipe –Pressure rating up to 223 Bar / 3230psi Very good fire resistance –6 minutes in a jet-fire, while steel lasts only seconds Tougher than any other pipe –Comparable impact strength as steel pipe, and very much better than GRE Environmentally friendly –No leaks, and made from 100% recyclable materials More throughput –Up to 50% higher flow compared to steel pipe thanks to a very smooth inner surface

29 Flexibility of Soluforce -Over-bending to a radius of only 300 mm still does not harm. -The specified minimum bending radius in operation is 3000 mm -Miminum bending radius in storage is 1500 mm

30 Toughness of Soluforce 1.Accidentally crossing vehicles 2.Dropping tools 3.Most transport and installation accidents Soluforce does not only survive elephant attacks, but also:

31 Products Properties units Soluforce Light Soluforce Classic Soluforce Heavy L450L540M480M570H415H515 Liquid Hydrocarbon Service Maximum Operating Temperature [°C] 65 Operating Lifespan [yrs] 20 Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure [Barg] 26216552150 Oilfield Water Service Maximum Operating Temperature [°C] 65 Operating Lifespan [yrs] 20 Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure [Barg] 36299072223178 Natural Gas Distribution & Transport H415PAH515PA Maximum Operating Temperature [°C] 25 65 Operating Lifespan [yrs] 50 20 Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure [Barg] 25 42 150 Soluforce Data Sheet A more detailed datasheet can be found in the Soluforce brochure

32 Uncoiling / stringing - Easy uncoiling - From Soluforce trailer - Or from crane + slings - Unrolling or pulling

33 Welding Soluforce Classic Soluforce inline electrofusion equipment Typical setup in the field

34 Soluforce Classic Pipe system Inline fitting in a trench Soluforce end fittings to manifold

35 Soluforce ERS system Soluforce Emergency Repair System -Easy and quick to install -Clamped system -Special Soluforce design -Hand tools only

36 Track record overview


38 Customer Benefits Properties - Flexible - Tough - Proven Quality Ease of installation - Up to approximately 2 km/day feasible with small crew - Easy installation - Limited manpower (4 persons) - Only light equipment Early production gain (Oil production) Maintenance free - No corrosion - No scaling - No inspection Install and forget, just use

39 Questions? Thank you for your attention

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