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GTI’s Composite Materials (CM) Program

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1 GTI’s Composite Materials (CM) Program
June 2014

2 Composite Materials (CM) Program Overview
GTI’s Composite Materials (CM) program is facilitating the implementation of composite materials and technologies for the rehabilitation of distribution and transmission pipelines. GTI is assisting the industry by: Developing implementation roadmaps to lay the foundation for the selection and design of composite pipe / structural liner pipe rehabilitation, Establishing and performing testing for long-term performance prediction of the various composite/structural liner systems, Establishing standards and design criteria necessary for the acceptance and allowable use by the natural gas industry, and Coordinating the requirements for implementation and regulatory acceptance.

3 Benefits of the CM Program
This program will enable the safe and cost effective rehabilitation of distribution & transmission pipelines without large scale, open trench excavations. Composite piping systems can provide natural gas operators with options to restore/replace their piping infrastructure. Composite materials have the potential to provide for a corrosion free, high strength, and damage resistant piping system.

4 EXAMPLE 1 Identification of Structural Liners & Composite Pipe for Pipe Rehabilitation
Value: Liners/Composite pipe could be a cost effective means to rehabilitate urban, high pressure pipelines where the ROW is congested and cost of construction prohibitive. Objective: To identify, investigate, and provide a selection guide for the numerous types of reinforced thermoplastic (RTP) and composite piping systems currently on the market for the rehabilitation of natural gas pipelines. Deliverables: A selection or comparison guide was created to provide utilities with detailed information on the various systems available directly applicable to their specific system needs.

5 EXAMPLE 2 Evaluation of Structural Liners for the Rehabilitation of Gas Piping Systems Value: The evaluation of these new materials will assist with the generation and promotion of these new technologies and their implementation for the rehabilitation of piping systems. The results of the long-term tests will help assure the safety and integrity of the rehabilitated pipe sections. Objective: To conduct an engineering assessment of structural liners and their interaction with the host pipe to determine the characteristics required for the liners to carry the internal and external loads of a degraded host pipe. Deliverables: An assessment of the failure modes of structural liner composite piping systems. Also, establish testing procedures and prediction of long-term performance of the structural liners

6 EXAMPLE 3 Composite Pipeline Repair Systems
Value: Will substantially reduce the cost of repairing using the cutout method and will allow a comparison of repair techniques used on similar types of pipeline damage. Objective: To research, test and assess various repair techniques and provide justification for their use as is allowed by CFR 29 Part 192. Deliverables: The results will provide utilities with repair methods that reliable engineering tests and analysis show can permanently restore the serviceability of the pipe.

7 Summary of CM Program GTI’s Composite Materials (CM) program is:
Facilitating the implementation of composite materials and technologies for the rehabilitation of distribution and transmission pipelines. Providing natural gas operators with options for a cost effective means of restoring aging pipelines to full capability by utilizing composite materials/structural liners. Allowing for a corrosion free, high strength, and damage resistant piping system.

8 GTI is a company that solves important energy changes, a company that truly has…
Contact information: Dennis Jarnecke R&D Manager, GTI …“the Energy to Lead”

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