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DofE Gold – Camp Craft Hamish Johnston D of E Gold Assessor.

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1 DofE Gold – Camp Craft Hamish Johnston D of E Gold Assessor

2 Aim To identify the essential characteristics of successful Camp Craft in order that you will know the criteria against which you will be assessed on your expeditions.

3 Method Choosing suitable clothing, footwear and emergency equipment and knowing how to use it. Choosing and caring for camping gear. Packing a rucksack, waterproofing the contents, always keeping the weight down to a minimum, and about a quarter of the body weight when walking. Choosing a camp site, arrangements for water, cooking and sanitation, refuse disposal, fire precautions. Pitching and striking tents.

4 Clothing, Footwear and Emergency Equipment DofE Kit List – ‘MUST HAVE’, ‘Should Have’, ‘Could Have’ No jeans ! Boots not trainers; At least one complete set of dry clothes; First Aid kit; Group Shelter; Emergency Blanket;

5 Camping Gear Tents Sleeping Bag Bed Roll Cookers Pots and Pans Wash cloth / scrubbing pad Washing gear Trowel Toilet Paper Food Water Water Container Fuel Torch / Head-torch Spares Matches Plastic Bags K, F, S

6 Packing the Rucksack Waterproofing – Rucksack Liner – Waterproof bags Principles

7 Choosing a camp site, arrangements for water, cooking and sanitation, refuse disposal, fire precautions. Permission to camp Shelter from wind No Danger Water Ground – Level, soft, not water-logged Hygiene Rubbish Good access to Water Drinking Washing (M/F) Latrines (M/F) Cooking inside tent? Sweep search

8 Pitching and striking tents Can be done with one – easier with two. Sheltered Away from the prevailing wind Clear away stones Shake both inner and outer. Put the ‘inner’ away dry Sweep the site for litter and dropped items. Do NOT forget your poles and pegs bags!!!

9 Best Practice - Tips and Hints Concurrent Activity - Team Work!!! No Wet Boots inside Tents Take things out – Put things away Tent-openings face away from the wind Put wet clothes back on

10 Hamish’s Kit List – Part I updated 9 October 2012 (replaces all previous versions) CLOTHING M1 pair walking boots (broken in) Brasher Fellmaster boot, very suitable for Silver/Gold expeditions M2 pairs walking socks Bridgedale Woolfusion Trekker, Bridgedale Women’s Woolfusion Trekker, Bridgedale Woolfusion Trail C2 pairs sock liners (optional) Bridgedale Coolmax Liner, Bridgedale Women’s Coolmax Liner C2-3 t-shirts Craghoppers – Base Tee SThermal t-shirt (optional) Craghoppers – Base Tee M1 (2) fleece tops or similar Craghoppers – Mission half-zip micro fleece, MMission Fleece jacket M2 walking trousers (warm, NOT jeans) Craghoppers – Terrain Trousers, Ventura Trousers MUnderwear CNightwear CFlipflops/trainers/sandals etc (optional for evenings) MWarm hat &/or sunhat (as appropriate) M1 pair gloves (if appropriate) C1 pair shorts (if appropriate) SSunblock (if appropriate) Lifesystems - Mountain Formula SPF25, Mountain Formula SPF50, Mountain Combi Stick SPF50 S1 pair gaiters (optional) MWaterproof over-trousers Craghoppers – Pakka Plus Overtrousers MCagoule/coat (waterproof & windproof) Craghoppers – Terrain Lite Shell, Pakka Plus Jacket

11 Hamish’s Kit List – Part II MRucksack Vango – Contour, Sherpa, Pumori MRucksack liner (or 2 strong plastic bags) Lifeventure – Dri-store Bags (2, 5, 10, 15, 25, 40, 70 litres) MSleeping mat Vango – Adventure, Trek, Ultralite MSleeping bag Vango – Nitestar, Ultralite, Supernova, Latitude SWaterproof bag for storing sleeping bag Lifeventure – Dri-store Bags (2, 5, 10, 15, 25, 40, 70 litres) CSleeping bag liner (optional) Lifeventure – Expedition Cotton Rectangle Sleeper, CExpedition Cotton Mummy Sleeper MSurvival bag Lifesystems – Thermal Bag, Thermal Blanket, Survival Bag, CBlizzard Bag SSmall quantity of money (optional) MNotebook & pen/pencil

12 Hamish’s Kit List – Part III MWatch MWhistle Lifesystems – Survival Whistle, Safety Whistle MTorch (handheld or head torch) Lifesystems – Intensity 60 Torch, Intensity 220 Torch, MSpare batteries & bulb for torch MPersonal first aid kit (see below) Lifesystems – Camping first aid kit, Trek first aid kit, Burns first aid kit MEmergency food rations MWater bottle (1-2 Litres) Lifeventure – Stainless Steel Bottle (600ml, 800ml), Tritan Flask (500ml, 1000ml) MKnife, fork, spoon Lifeventure – Basic Knife Fork & Spoon Set, Folding CKnife Fork & Spoon Set MSmall pocket knife/pocket tool Victorinox – Pocket Tool SPlate/bowl Lifeventure – Camping Bowl, Camping Plate, CTitanium Plate, Lexan Camping Set MMug Lifeventure – Camping Mug, Titanium Mug MBox of matches (in waterproof container) Lifesystems – Windproof Matches MWash kit/personal hygiene items Lifeventure – Wash Bag (Small), All Purpose Soap, Dry Wash Gel STowel

13 Hamish’s Kit List – Part IV MTent(s) Vango – Hurricane, Typhoon, Spectre, Apex, Chinook, Mirage, Banshee, Equinox, Tempest, Cyclone, Halo, Omega, Spirit MCamping stove(s) MCamping stove fuel & safe container MCooking pans SScourers CTea towels MFood (lightweight & including snacks) MPlastic bags (for rubbish etc.) MToilet paper MMaps (1:50 000/1:25 000) OS custom made - OS Explorer Map or OS Landranger Maps MCompass(es) SMap cases CCamera (optional)

14 Hamish’s Kit List – Part V MStorm shelter Vango – Storm Shelter. CStove multidisc Trangia – Multidisc 25 series, Multidisc 27 series CAfter-sun cream SInsect repellent Lifesystems – Expedition 50+ Insect Repellent, Natural 40+ CStopwatch SMosquito net Lifesystems – Micronet Mosquito Nets CEmergency lightsticks Lifesystems – 12h Light Stick CWater purifying tablets Lifesystems – Chlorine Dioxide Tablets CTravel plug Lifesystems – Travel Adaptor SWaterproof bags Lifeventure – Aloksak Mulitpack CSecurity pouch Lifeventure – Body Wallet (Waist, Chest) SWaterproofing (pre-expedition ) Nikwax: Tech Wash 100ml Pouch, TX.Direct Wash-In 100ml CPre-packed expedition food Vestey Foods ( single pouches & 12 hour packs SString MSpare boot laces STin opener CSunglasses SBall, playing cards etc. CMenu guidance

15 Suggested Group First Aid Kit At least 2 pairs of disposable vinyl (latex-free) disposable gloves A large individually-wrapped sterile unmedicated wound dressing An individually wrapped sterile unmedicated wound dressing An assortment of individually wrapped sterile unmedicated adhesive dressings (e.g. Melolin squares) An individually wrapped triangular bandage 2-3 individually wrapped antiseptic wipes Crêpe bandage Large safety pins Small pair of safety/medical scissors A pair of tweezers Assorted adhesive plasters (e.g. zinc oxide, fabric strip, waterproof) Microporous (medical) adhesive tape Blister plasters Chiropody felt Burns wound dressing Eye wash (can also act as a wound wash) Participants should make the Expedition Supervisor, Assessor, other staff and team members aware of any relevant medical condition that may impact on their (or others’) safety. Participants should also make people aware if they are allergic to anything, including antibiotics or any other medicine or drug. In discussion with their Expedition Supervisor, participants might also include in their personal first aid kit appropriate personal medication, painkillers, antiseptic cream, antihistemine/bite cream and rehydration tablets/sachets.

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