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Biz Starter Pack (BSP).

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1 Biz Starter Pack (BSP)

2 Product Details Biz Starter Pack Package Fee : RM99 Voice: FREE rental
Call charges : Flat 15sen (Fixed & Mobile) 4 sen (Local) FREE CPEO voucher worth RM35 – Expired after 3 months from the confirmation slip Business Broadband: 1 Mbps with unlimited internet usage FREE Wifi Modem ( 1 year warranty) FREE activation fee RM100 installation fees will be opposed Contract period is 24 months with RM early termination penalty. TM Rewards up to 2,300 points Product Benefits: Affordable Reliable Superior Quality

3 Business Rules Biz Starter Pack is opened for S segment Only. R segment can register but need to submit SSM certificate i.e. ROB/ROC registration. Existing S segment customer can apply through online and will be entitled for FREE 1 month waiver. They need to key-in Phone no. and BRN no in the website. R segment customers are required to submit SSM form/certificate as proof of ROB/ROC application. The Biz Starter Pack will be provisioned under a new account under S segment. If R segment customer wants to maintain the same service number, they are required to terminate the current service and apply new BSP service. Customer is requested to bring the confirmation slip/copy of application form for CPEO voucher RM35 redemption at any TM points. If they want to purchase phone set with higher price, they need to top up the difference and pay directly to TM Point.

4 BSP Sales Pitch Guideline
Already Have Internet with Competitor No Internet Front liner: Hello Mr, do you have Internet at your office? Customer: Yes Front liner: Which provider are you using for your Internet? Customer: Competitor Front liner: How do you find your Internet service quality? Customer: It’s OK Front liner: If I tell you that we can offer you a reliable and quality Internet service at a very affordable price, would you be interested? Customer: I’d be delighted. Tell me more about it. Front liner: It offers 1Mbps Internet at RM99/month. Customer: RM99? Wow, that’s cheap. But other operators also have RM99 and even cheaper package. Front liner: Our package is better because it’s stable, reliable and gives high quality service. Customer: What do you mean by high quality? Front liner: It means that you won’t have intermittent connection when browsing the Internet and no drop calls when you’re on the phone. Customer: But my current Internet is mobile. (Still not convinced) Front liner: With this package, you will get a wireless modem with 1 year warranty. So you can access Internet from anywhere in your office with strong signal. Customer: Mmm… (thinking..) Any free stuff? Front liner: Yes. You’ll get RM35 voucher for any telephone set at any TM Point nationwide. Customer: I already have phone in my office. Front liner: You’ll also receive up to 2,300 TM Rewards points (one time) which you can redeem for your bill or other attractive merchandise. Customer: I’m not a member of TM Rewards. Front liner: Not to worry. Once you subscribe to our package, you’ll be automatically registered for our TM Rewards membership. Customer: That’s great. I’ll sign up now! Front liner: Encik, may I know why you don’t have Internet at your office? Customer: I don’t need it for my business. Front liner: Do you know that business must have Internet to grow? Customer: I just started up my business. It is very small. I don’t think I need it yet. Front liner: Since you just started your business, this product is very suitable for you because it’s only RM99/month. Customer: I still don’t need Internet for my business. Front liner: I’m sure you’d want your business to grow and expand. Customer: Yes, but it can grow even without the Internet. Front liner: With Internet, you can tell the whole Malaysia that you are selling your product. Do you know that even “goreng pisang” business sell their products online? Customer: Really? Front liner: Yes. A lot of other things you can do with Internet. You can find info on financial sourcing, your customers, suppliers. Customer: That’s great. I’ll sign up now!

5 BSP Sales Pitch Summary Points
Already Have Internet with Competitor No Internet Affordable RM99 Reliable, stable and high quality No intermittent Internet, no volume capping Clear voice, no drop calls Wireless modem (1 year warranty) – still mobile RM35 CPEO voucher Up to 2,300 TM Rewards points Can redeem for bill payment or any merchandise Affordable - Suitable for start-up company Help businesses to grow. How? Tell whole Malaysia that you exist Find info on financial sourcing Find info on supplier Find info on customers Customer just add RM54 & will be enjoy 1Mbps unlimited internet usage.

6 RM99 as promo price from original price of RM110
A&P : Special promo price for selected SME customers Existing flyers Revised flyers RM99 as promo price from original price of RM110

7 Thank You

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