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Types of holiday. Preview Work with a partner and compare your lists. How many different kinds of holiday can you think of?

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1 Types of holiday

2 Preview Work with a partner and compare your lists. How many different kinds of holiday can you think of?

3 safari, adventure, jungle, trek, touring, camping, cruise, seaside holiday, visiting friends and relatives (VFR), study, winter sports, cultural, mountaineering, climbing, sports

4 Vocabulary Put the words into the appropriate spaces (1-9). winter sports/self-catering/special interest/safari/cruise/weekend break/ adventure/package tour/ homestay 1. a relaxing..... holiday with old-fashioned hospitality on a family farm. 2. a month's...... holiday lost in the Amazon rain forest. 3. a fortnight's... holiday for the family in a rented Swiss chalet. 4. a ten-day..... to Thailand, including flights, deluxe hotels and visits to the national park and the pagodas. 5. two-week...... in the Baltic Sea aboard the luxury liner Argenta. 6. a(n)...... holiday skiing on the slopes of the Pyrenees 7. a(n)...... in Amsterdam to visit the Rijksmuseum and be back in time for work on Monday. 8. a stay in Mombasa combined with a(n)..... in the famous Tsavo game park. 9. a(n)...... holiday, excavating Aztec temples or learning English in London.

5 3 Join the phrases in the two sections a-g and 1-7 to make complete holiday descriptions. a A city break in Moscow b A three-week expedition to Greenland c A five-day stay in a purpose-built chalet d Two weeks on an ocean liner e A month's holiday in a mobile home f bed-and-breakfast stay g. A trip to Disney World to study the geology, flora and fauna 2 in a caravan park in sunny Biarritz 3 at one of the Center Parcs holiday villages in Britain, France or Holland 4 with two nights at the Metropol hotel and tickets for the Bolshoi 5 including a three-day stopover in Tahiti 6 with free accommodation in a condo in Orlando 7 in a comfortable guest house near The Black Forest

6 Vocabulary a bit pricey, at rock-bottom prices, reasonable, economical, dear, costly, exorbitant, free of charge, prohibitive. 1. Where would you consider it economical/ reasonable/ exorbitant to go for a holiday? 2. What kind of tourist activities in your area are free of charge? 3. What are the disadvantages of holidays at rock-bottom prices? 4. What would you consider to be the holiday of a lifetime?

7 Prices free of charge -+ at rock-bottom prices -+ cheap -+ economical -+ reasonable -+ expensive -+ dear -+ costly -+ a bit pricey -+ exorbitant -+ prohibitive

8 Possible disadvantages of very cheap holidays operators may have cut corners to save money the hotel may be very far from the resort facilities may be very basic the resort or hotel is unpopular for a number of reasons it's a very bad time of year to go to a particular resort the quality of service may be poor.

9 Speaking Name Duration Destination Type of holiday How organized Means of transport Activities Value for money

10 Writing You are American. You are planning a trip to Europe this summer and you are thinking of taking a touring holiday in France. French government tourist office has given you an address to write to: EUROPA TOURS 74/1 Newbern Avenue Medford Massachusetts 02155 You would like to know what they can offer. You want to know about prices, the type of transport, accommodation and any discounts that may be available.

11 Writing tips Explain clearly what information you wish to receive. Say why you need it. Use a separate paragraph for each request. Use simple rather than complex sentences. Delete unnecessary detail. Useful language I am writing to enquire about. I was interested in your advertisement in. I would be grateful if you could,.. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

12 Reply Duration 12 days Departure day Monday Return Friday Mar. 27 $270 Apr. 3, 10, 17,24 $280 May 1, 8,1 5,22, 29 $290 June 5, 12, 19, 26 $300 July 3, 10, 17,24, 31 $300 Aug. 7,14, 21,28 $300 Price includes 11 nights accommodation in twin rooms with en-suite facilities, 11 continental breakfasts and 6 dinners. $ 5 single supplement per night. No child discounts. Touring: by modern air conditioned cruise-liner coach. No overnight travel.

13 Writing tips 2 Answer all the questions. Give the client all the information he/she needs to make a booking. Be friendly and positive. Use a separate paragraph for each response to a question. Use simple rather than complex sentences. Delete unnecessary detail. Useful language Thank you for your letter of (date), In reply to your letter of (date). We specialize in catering for... Please find enclosed.. If you need any further help or information please do not hesitate to contact us. I look forward to hearing from you.

14 Compound nouns water sport, adventure holiday, caravan park, mountain slopes, city center, summer holiday, golf course, swimming pool, paper bag, iron bridge

15 Compound Nouns Tourist Information Centre business travel expenditure air traffic control winter sports holiday premium

16 Work in groups. How many compound nouns can you make using the word holiday? For example: package holiday

17 Match the nouns in A and B. A theme hotel boat incentive guide water capital health B city book sports resort travel trip accommodation park

18 Apostrophe S The ‘s or s' can be used in expressions of time with numbers: an hour's drive from the airport a month's holiday in Hungary two days' journey five minutes' walk

19 BUT in expressions beginning with a, the, or a possessive and followed by a number, the first noun is singular. For example: The tour includes a two-day expedition to the caves. The three-day train journey was boring. His thirty-mile hike over the mountains left him exhausted.

20 Exercise 1.A specialist lecturer accompanies each cruise which lasts seventeen days. 2.It takes two hours to drive to the airport. 3.The journey to the center of London takes forty-five minutes. 4.The excursion includes a meal with three courses at a gourmet restaurant. 5.You can visit the vineyard, which extends over two hundred hectares. 6.We stayed in a hotel with three stars. 7.From Santiago to San Francisco there's a freeway with four lanes. 8.A guide accompanies all tours scheduled for five days. 9.They have produced a film, which lasts twenty minutes, in the region of East Greenland. 10.It takes five minutes to walk from the hotel to the beach. 11.Their expedition, which took six months, nearly met with disaster.

21 Language Focus/Compound adjectives with numbers Decide if these sentences a re correct or incorrect. Correct the sentences that are wrong. a. It's a five miles' drive to the airport. b. On this two-day escorted trip to the Cairngorms, you will travel by coach. c. There are several three-day weekend break packages in this brochure. d. The guests decided to opt for the five-courses set menu. g. Management regret to announce that there will be a four- hour delay.

22 Vocabulary revision a A flight from London to Australia is a _ - _ flight. (4. 4) b A _____ is a holiday where the tour operator arranges both the flight and the accommodation. (7 & 4) c Two weeks at a residential art school is a ___ _holiday. (7 & 8) d A holiday aboard a luxury liner is a ___. (6) e A two- or three-day holiday which is not taken during the week is a.(7 & 5) f. A holiday visiting a game park is a. (6) g. A holiday on a farm, staying as a guest of the owners, is a ____.(8)

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