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Recycling Solutions An Industry Issue not a Competitive Advantage.

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1 Recycling Solutions An Industry Issue not a Competitive Advantage

2 My 15 Minute Goals Introduce you to the recycling solutions committee Quantify the industry problem Explain what TLMI is doing about it Grovel for your engagement

3 Recycling Solutions

4 Environmental Health & Safety

5 Recycling Solutions Task Forces

6 Today’s Focus

7 Quantify the Problem

8 50% of our material input could be considered waste – Liner – Matrix – Production waste Compare to container recycling – Aluminum cans65% – Glass bottles35% – PET containers29% Reality Hurts

9 270,000 tons 540,000,000 lbs 13,500 full truck loads 1% is currently recycled North American Liner Market

10 60,000 tons 120,000,000 lbs Could fuel 57,000 homes <1% is currently recycled North American Matrix


12 TLMI Responds with Task Forces Mission: To identify areas that can eliminate waste from land-fill and educate the TLMI members on industry options

13 Chairs: – Cindy White – Channeled Resources, Sheila Widule – Wausau Liner Recycling Task Force Supplier members – Avery-Dennison, Channeled Resources, Dow Corning, Evonik Goldschmidt, Mitsubishi, New Page, UPMRaflatac, Wasau Converter members – CCL, Creative Labels, Grand Rapids Label, Heartland Label, Label King, Spear Media – Labels & Labeling

14 First action: – Initiated a survey of TLMI members for input on liner recycling Summary of results show most members: – Don’t discuss liner recycling with their customers – 90% were not being asked by their customers for information – Only solutions currently offered by those responding were Channeled Resources and Mitsubishi Liner Recycling Task Force

15 Second action: – Continued to evaluate options and identified NINE confirmed sources for liner recycling Will be publishing a guide on “How to Recycle Release Liner” including: 1.How to define type and volume of liner 2.Packaging methods 3.Segregation 4.Collection contacts for all nine options Liner Recycling Task Force

16 Guidelines

17 Chairs: – Rosalyn Bandy – Avery Dennison, Brian Meyers – Precision Air Supplier members – Avery-Dennison, Channeled Resources, Precision Air Convey, UPMRaflatac Converter members – Consolidated Products, Grand Rapids Label, Spear, Tapecon, WS Packaging Matrix Recycling Task Force

18 First action: – Audited and had meetings with multiple sourcing options (all focused on energy options) Have identified the following matrix options: – Fuel pellets:Pellet America, Greenwood Fuels – Engineered fuels:Vexor, Systech – Energy from waste:Covanta Matrix Recycling Task Force

19 Second action: – Have developed a matrix recycling survey (paper here, electronic at home) The matrix recycling team has requested you help them with their mission by sharing your information! Matrix Recycling Task Force

20 The Grovel

21 Industry Solutions not Competitive Advantage

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