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第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 1 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 2.

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2 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 1

3 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 2

4 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 3 dockside

5 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 4

6 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 5 ocean liner oil tankerbulk carrier passenger linercargo liner container linercontainer freight liner conventional linerexpress liner feeder linergeneral cargo liner

7 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 6 repent of; wish nonexistent rue rue the day when one did sth. You'll live to rue it. Britain is sorry that she has lost her dominance on the high seas. Britannia rules the waves Britain’s merchant fleet is no longer an important item of news these days anything on which one’s life depends lifeline Shipping in Britain has developed into a famous, profit-making industry.

8 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 7 peril All is not lost that's in peril. exposure to harm or injury; imminent danger at the peril of in peril He is in peril of his life. the British fleet faces the danger of being forced out of the trade as a result of intense foreign competition. Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, East Germany eastern bloc countries sell or work at lower prices or wages than undercut strongly inclined or determined bent on

9 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 8 The social imperialists are bent on keeping the situation tense in the Middle East. There is no doubt that they are bent on the complete destruction of Hitler and Nazism. the largest or best part of sth. when it is divided; the lion’s share As usual, the lion’s share of the budget is for defense. Several beasts joined the lion in a hunt; but, when the spoil was divided, the lion claimed one quarter in right of his prerogative, one for his superior courage, one for his dam and cubs, “and as for the fourth, let who will dispute it with me.” Awed by his frown, the other beasts silently withdrew.

10 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 9 who are determined to control most of the trade a share/interest, as in property, a person, or a business venture stake The simplest explanation for the Western nations’ reluctance to support sanctions is their considerable economic stake in South Africa. Britain has important interests in these trade routes in which Britain has a big stake Translate the clause “it can … in 1914”. to a large amount; or considerable amount big talk/act big think big put in a great deal of money invested big

11 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 10 cash in (infml) to obtain a profit or other advantage by timely exploitation the shipping companies took advantage of government grants and tax concessions. launch a new enterprise launch launch a satellite launch an attack many companies which had a long history couldn’t stand the economic strain and went bankrupt. (infml, esp. B. E.) risky and possibly dangerous dodgy shipping conferences have made sea transportation which in itself involves great danger less risky

12 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 11 to rap big profit, to make a large amount of money suddenly, esp. in business to make a big killing come through successfully; pass safely through (storm, difficulty) weather It was a difficult time for her, but she weathered through beautifully. there will not be any rush and struggle to monopolize the dwindling trade to the exclusion of others Our profits have quadrupled in ten years. the amount of money paid for chartering oil-tankers dropped drastically charter rates plummeted

13 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 12 moth-ball 1.marble-sized balls of naphthalene, stored with clothes (esp. woolens) to repel moths; 2. the state of being stored, or kept in existence but not used, as of no further use He keeps his car in mothballs during the winter months. We shall have to put this idea in mothballs. more and more oil tankers all over the world lay idle British shipowners had not invested big in the tanker trade from the very beginning when the demand of oil was great a sudden falling off/decline, as in activity, prices/ business slump a stock market slump

14 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 13 By 1976, the bulk-carrier trade had begun to suffer because of the slump 1. a region of the ocean near the equator, characterized by calms, light winds doldrums The President was relying heavily on his think tank to shake his Administration out of the doldrums. 2. a low and sad state of mind; a state of inactivity suffering caused by lack of necessary things, esp. money pinch American farmers, feeling the pinch, raised loud cries of protest. The President’s economic sanction against the Soviet Union should pinch in the months ahead.

15 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 14 establish securely (used in passive voice/ with a reflexive pronoun) entrench He entrenched himself behind his newspaper. The troops were entrenched near the mountains. be entrenched within tradition that is where Britain’s fleet is firmly and securely established/has a firm hold currently accepted charge for sending the specified goods there the going freight rate

16 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 15 the plus and minus factors The clear weather was a plus for the golf tournament. (informal) a welcome or favourable addition plus ability to recover quickly from setbacks buoyancy buoy a float moored in water as a warning of danger or as a marker for a channel so long as other industries are not affected and are still developing in a satisfactory manner That makes it possible for them to stand a better chance than… Much of the fleet carries goods between foreign countries.

17 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 16 the journey to a (stated) place by train or ship run a train on the Beijing-Shanghai run a ship on the San Francisco run British companies are doing much business on the line between Japan and Australia. the Persian Gulf (often in pl.) an injurious intrusion on/into; an advance, esp. at another's expense; These hospital expenses made inroads on my savings. + on/upon/into inroad Foreign products have made inroads into the American economy.

18 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 17 They are also the routes on which the Third World and the Russians are making a determined effort to take over (to grab) from Britain as much business as possible. Developing countries consider a merchant navy very important because it is a sign showing that these countries have become economically strong and independent, so after they have set up a national airline, the next thing thy would like to have is a merchant fleet. They are also the routes…the biggest inroads. a sign which sows one’s high social position the status symbol Developing countries regard…after a national airline.

19 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 18 throw in the towel sponge admit defeat or failure; surrender to spend money on those branches with advanced and complex technology so that Third World countries cannot afford and are not in a position to compete provide (funds) in advance put up They finally got a company to put up money for the new musical. dockside this strategy is not at all (by no means) the complete answer to the Third World threat. This does not entirely solve the problem is far from being the whole…the Third World threat

20 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 19 impose establish/apply as compulsory; to apply by/as if by authority 2. obtrude or force (oneself, for example) on another or others 3. vi. to take unfair advantage + on/upon New duties were imposed on wines and spirits. Don't impose yourself on people who don't want you. You are always imposing on their generosity. they want to pass a series of rules for all the countries to follow, hoping that in this way they will be able to get the biggest share of the trade they want to impose…of the shipping trade

21 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 20 be expressed by means offind expression in Growing mutual suspicion found its expression in increased armaments and the preparation of plans for war. At home, British outrage found expression in news headlines. Let this plaque serve as an expression of our esteem. the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development The cross-traders will have to fight for their shares of the 20 percent that have been left to them That leaves only 20 per cent…cross-traders

22 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 21 if it is ratified by most of the countries and comes into effect if it does become universal show a satisfactory reason or excuse for sth. done justify He had justified every expectation. A far more serious view was taken of the situation than was justified. The course of events fully justifies our views. Nothing can justify such careless mistakes. Neither the growth in Russia’s trade nor that in world trade would require ( warrant, demand) such a rapid development of Russia’s cargo-liner fleet; would make it necessary for the fleet to develop so rapidly.

23 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 22 has already penetrated (cut ) deeply into Western trade, that is, has taken over a large part of the trade carried by Western fleets has already made major inroads into Western trade We are almost busy to death now and can't afford an hour for lunch. afford to able to do sth. without causing serious problems We simply can't afford to offend such an important customer. 2. have enough money/time to do sth. They can't afford to buy such an expensive color TV set. 3. be able to spare or give up

24 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 23 How is it possible for the Russians to stand the loss of lowering the freight rate by 40 percent? How can the Russians…40 per cent? how we understand the word in our sense of the word (colloquial) the basic, central, or critical point of the matter the name of the game In the rough and tumble world of professional basketball, survival is often the name of the game. Well, all right, I said, the name of the game is trust: you’ve got to trust things.

25 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 24 The phrase comes from the fact that in certain games, esp. in card games, the game’s object is expressed by its name, as in the expression “to get 21”. The thing that really counts (matters) for Russian ships is foreign currency; the true purpose why the Russians undercut by up to 40 percent is to grab the trade( to squeeze out the competitors) and earn foreign currency. What does the word “even” indicate? do or provide (sth lacking, needed, not done, lost or missed) make up the loss can be compensated by the Soviet government in roubles

26 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 25 that is not the only purpose of the Russians there is more to it than that for the Russians The former allies are now sworn enemies. But there was more to it than that: Vietnam has become Soviet Russia’s pawn in Southeast Asia. He turned and went out, cursing his own stupidity. And yet as he walked towards the barn, he knew in his heart that there was more to it than that. these ships would undoubtedly make it possible for the Soviet Union to exert its influence on countries far from its territory which …reach well beyond its perimeters

27 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 26 1. cause (an image) to appear on a surface project the slide onto a screen 2. get (ideas, feelings, one’s presence etc.) across to others effectively project one's country overseas project A singer must learn to project his voice so as to be heard in a large hall. A politician must project himself if he wants to win an election. to cause their influence to be felt at places far away from their own territory to project their power at some distance from their own frontiers

28 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 27 a plan to study and map the oceans with reference to their navigational and commercial uses hydrographic policy the mapping of the oceans will make its fleet familiar with the main sea-routes all over the world; this should be considered part of its expansionist policy this is also part of a general Soviet hydrographic policy to map the oceans of the world Translate the 25th paragraph. Are there no limits to your tolerance? greatest or smallest amount, degree, etc. of what is possible + to limit He will support it to the limit of the resources at his disposal.

29 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 28 They would surely fight if pushed to the limit. There will be a point where the British government finds it cannot do any more (finds it has exhausted its resources). There is a limit, …can do on its own. Britain, West Germany and Demark have asked other EEC member countries to take joint action to meet the Russian challenge … has been calling for a coordinated response the watching, following and checking on Russian ship movements the monitoring of Russian ship movements

30 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 29 the French, because of their close connections with the Soviet Union, created all kinds of difficulties to prevent the adoption of plans that could put into effect countermeasures to offset the Russian challenge the French… blocked plans along these lines Shipowners fear that those people might be more concerned about employment in the shipyards than about saving the British merchant fleet. Shipowners fear that… its merchant fleet. churn out produce in quantity without quality; to produce in an abundant & automatic manner This factory churns out lots and lots of cars a day. She churns out romantic novels.

31 第三教研室 张敏 Advanced English Book 1 Lesson 13 30 financial assistance given by one person or government to another subsidy British shipbuilders would be responsible for securing loans for the Poles British shipbuilders would raise all the credit Smaller shipping companies cannot afford to invest in several different trades so as to make sure they won’t suffer great losses. Smaller shipping lines do not have the resources to diversify when these smaller shipping companies go bankrupt (are forced out of business), a big part of the few old industries that have been doing well and bringing in huge profits will also close down (stop functioning)

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