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What you’ll need 3 sheets cream cardstock 2 sheets brown cardstock Honey Pie Paper Pad Blue Floral Paper Making Memories GCD studios Epoxy Sticker Exclusive.

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2 What you’ll need 3 sheets cream cardstock 2 sheets brown cardstock Honey Pie Paper Pad Blue Floral Paper Making Memories GCD studios Epoxy Sticker Exclusive Butterfly/Bird Rubons from Scrapbook King 7Gypsies 97% Complete Sticker Sheet Making Memories Glitter Flowers Chatterbox Artsylicious Brads Exclusive Scarlet Lime Goody Bag Paper Plate and ear buds provided in Goody Bag

3 Cut two cream cardstock: 28cm x 19cm (set aside one) Cut two brown cardstocks: 21cm x 31 cm (set aside one) Glue ONE cream cardstock to top of brown cardstock. Do it for other set as well Cut striped paper from Honey Pie Cosmo Pack: 20cm x 7cm Glue to page cut from red stripe 8x8 paper a large heart. (fold paper in half and then cut a half heart) Glue to page.

4 if you have a picture, adhere it onto the page, overlapping heart. cut flourish rub on out and then apply to page

5 Glue buttons all around outside edge of heart, alternating big and small.

6 Find the note card the has the butterflies on them and cut out the large and medium butterfly. Find the grey balled straight pin and pick a few buttons and thread them onto the pin.

7 Thread the pin onto the butterfly, then we are going to glitter the butterfly. See next page

8 Apply liquid glue to outside edge of butterfly. Sprinkle glitter onto butterfly then shake off excess.


10 Cut strips of stickers and adhere next to picture. Adhere butterfly to page. Glue some random buttons on page. Also use circle sticker, apply glitter and then place over one of your large buttons



13 Cut: striped paper 11cm wide and 19 cm tall If you want, use decorative scissors on edge. Glue to cream cardstock Find word strip in Honey Pie paper pack as shown. Use decorative scissors to cut button or cut your own scallops along bottom.

14 Use hole punch to punch between each scallops as shown

15 Place brown paper strip as shown and then place pictures on page.

16 Cut and apply rubons to edge of first photo Create a button border along first border. Using both large and small


18 Cut out medium and small flower (from cover page). Then from your red heart paper, back the butterfly. Glitter both

19 For left side of page, find a glitter flower from Making memories and cut a circle from brown floral paper in the Fluerista paper pack. After your circle is cut, crinkle paper and then glue to top. Glue button on top of paper. Cut a few words from green sticker sheet. Apply to picture Put sticker from GCD studios sticker pack onto photo as shown.

20 Glue butterflies to page,




24 Cut 2 cream cardstocks: 15cm x 19.5 cm, set one aside Cut from Making Memories floral paper, and striped paper from Cosmo cricket : 2cm x15 cm Cut out flower border strip from Cosmo Cricket paper Layer all papers at bottom of cream cardstock.

25 Find about me note card from Honey Pie Cosmo paper Pack and cut out. Adhere to paper, cut off excess.

26 Find glitter flower from Making Memories flower pack. Place on scrap paper and trace. Then cut out.

27 Get blue shelf liner from little baggie, and place your paper cutout onto liner and cut out. We are going to use it as a stamp. Use a glue dot to adhere it to a acrylic block. Then apply ink to shelf liner flower.

28 Carefully stamp onto page as shown twice.

29 Find a white glitter flower from MM and ink yellow if you want (or any color). Put brad through hole of Flower. Adhere over stamped image. For middle flower take shelf liner flower onto page at top. Cut out circle from green fabric. Adhere on top. Glue button on top

30 For third stamped flower, place sticker from GCD studios. Place in center of flower. Adhere button on top. Next cut ribbons and staple or glue, trims as “stems” for each flower as shown.

31 Cut two small leaves from green corduroy and glue to middle stem.


33 Cut from making memories floral paper 8.5 cm by 14.5cm. Also cut out flower border, but this time from cover of honey pie paper pack Adhere alphabet tag to page as shown.

34 Cut out scallop strip from cosmo paper pack. Adhere picture over all

35 Next create flower from green courdory using your flower pattern piece from other page. Cut out circle from blue shelf liner and smaller circle from green fabric. And find brad from pack too.

36 Piece flower together, using brad to hold all together Adhere onto page under picture. Then cut out a few word strips and place onto page overlapping cream cardstock and tag.




40 Cut 2 cream cardstocks 8.5cm x 14cm Cut four papers (I used floral MM papers, and cardstock from the Honey Pie paper pack: red, pink and light green: 10.25cm x 15.75cm Don’t adhere cream cardstock JUST yet! _

41 Use decorative scissors on edge of cream paper. Adhere it off centered as shown to blue floral. Cut out “secrets” note card and glue to page with bottom cut off as shown.

42 Gather a small glitter flower, cut a small circle from yellow fabric, a brad from chatterbox embellishments and cut a stem from green corduroy Layer flower as shown and apply to page.



45 Cut: 9cm by 3 cm, adhere to page as shown. Cut piece of blue ribbon and adhere to page as shown. Cut out note card from honey Pie Cosmo pack, adhere to page as shown.

46 Adhere pictures as shown.

47 Create a layered flower by using a MM glitter flower, cut circle from paper and a button. Crinkle paper and adhere as shown below.



50 Cut floral paper from Honey Pie Cosmo cricket paper: 8cm x 10cm and adhere to page Find out cut out note card as shown and adhere to paper as shown.

51 Place picture as shown on page Cut blue ribbon and place over picture as shown.

52 Use metal flower broach from Chatterbox.. And you are done!



55 Scallop bottom of cream cardstock, then punch holes as shown. Adhere to red cardstock.

56 Find out cut out note card charming” and adhere onto page as shown. Find glitter flower from MM and place on paper as shown.

57 Find pin and place dragon fly charm onto it. Cut out circle from yellow fabric and thread through yellow fabric as shown.

58 Adhere yellow fabric piece over glitter flower.





63 Cut red 10.25x cm, and 15. 75 cm cardstock Ahere word tag as shown to red cardstock Cut: 2.5cm x 7.5cm from floral paper and adhere as shown.

64 Place pictures onto page Cut word strips from 7Gypsies stickers and place onto paper as shown.

65 Cut out circle from brown flower paper in baggie. Cut small circle from green corduroy as shown. Use brad from chatterbox. Use red trim and create a “fan” and glue behind flower. Adhere as shown.



68 Cut half heart from red striped paper from honey Pie Paper pack. Place on 4x6 note card from baggie Cut: 8cm x 1.5cm from pink cardstock. Cut scallop on edge and adhere over heart as shown.

69 Adhere green lace as shown over pink cardstock and then place “dreaming of” notecard as shown. Use glitter flower and adhere onto page, adhere button on top.



72 Cut cream cardstock 10.25cm x 15.75 cm Cut Floral paper: 3cm x 9cm and scallop edge then adhere as shown. Cut out “girl stuff” note card and adhere as shown.

73 Place envelope onto page as shown.

74 Find medium white glitter flower from MM and pink MM flower and brown gem brad from MM. Layer using brad through both and place on page as shown.



77 Cut green cardstock 10.25cm 15. 75 cm as shown. Cut 3cm x8 cm from word sheet and adhere as shown. Place sticker onto paper as shown (from GCD studios)

78 Place pictures as shown. Cut out friendship word from cover sheet of Honey pie paper Pack and place on page as shown.

79 Adhere buttons along bottom for border as shown.



82 Cut 3.5cm x 9cm from word paper and scallop then adhere to page as shown Cut orange cardstock to 10.25cm x 15.75 cm. Cut notecard with duck on it and adhere upside down as shown.

83 Apply glue to large button and cover in glitter Cut 4cm x 6cm green fabric. Fan one side of fabric

84 Adhere fabric behind button as shown.

85 Place onto paper as shown. Adhere small button ontop for center of flower button as shown

86 Place sticker over papers and slightly behind flower button.


88 Cut cream cardstock 10.25cm x 15.75 cm. Cut strip paper to go across as shown. Adhere Adhere picture

89 Cut out word phrase from Honey Pie pack as shown. Adhere sticker from 7Gypsies as shown to side of card.

90 Adhere butterfly from baggie as shown. Adhere button in middle of butterfly as shown.



93 Cut cream cardstock 10.25cm x15.75cm Cut floral paper 3.5cm x10.25cm and then slant. Adhere to page Adhere white note card sheet from baggie onto page as shown

94 Cut blue ribbon and ahdere as shown Place picture on page as shown.

95 Adhere word sticker as shown. Apply butterfly rubons to lower left-hand corner


97 Create button border along side of picture.



100 Cut blue dot paper to 10.25cm x 15.75 cm, Cut Strip word paper to 4.5cm x 9cm, then scallop the edge and punch holes as shown. Adhere to page. :

101 Gather supplies as shown Cut flower shape as shown from shelf liner using glitter flower as pattern.

102 Cut circle paper as shown and then crumple in hand to create “texture”

103 Layer flower as shown using shelf liner flower, brown circle, glitter flower that has been inked green and brad

104 Adhere sticker from GCD studios on page as shown. Adhere flower to sticker as shown.

105 Staple or adhere sequin trim as shown.




109 PART ONE Crepe Paper Flowers

110 Step one Use about 6-10” of crepe paper streamer. Cut it in half lengthwise.

111 Step Two Fold the end of the paper over on itself, then turn it and repeat. Staple in place. Repeat.

112 Step Three Continue to repeat folding, turning, and stapling until flower has reached desired size. Make sure to leave some paper to finish up with. It should look something like this.

113 Step Four Using remaining paper, gently twist a small swirl and attach to flower’s center with adhesive. This conceals the staples. Twisting… Gluing… Finished.

114 Depending on the amount of paper you use, and the way you fold it, you can make a variety of flowers. This one was made using a full-width piece of crepe paper.

115 PART TWO Crepe Paper Border

116 Step One Once again, cut 6-10” of crepe paper streamer lengthwise. Or, use any leftover halves that you may have from making flowers.

117 Step Two Using a needle and thread (use a color similar to that of the crepe paper), stitch a simple in-and-out pattern just inside the edge of the paper. Be sure to knot the end first.

118 Step Three Gently and carefully pull the end of the thread until the crepe paper ruffles up. Make the border as long or as short as you need, pulling the thread accordingly. Remember that the paper is fragile!

119 Step Four Glue the end of the thread to the crepe paper. A knot can easily rip through, so this is more effective.

120 Step Five Now, simply glue the ruffled border to your paper wherever desired. Try to apply glue wherever the knot is to help conceal it.

121 Paper Scallop Borders

122 Step One Lay a scallop pattern over paper of your choice. Overlap whichever part of the paper you want to use.

123 Step Two Holding the two pieces of paper together carefully, cut along the scallop pattern.

124 Step Three Take one of the newly cut borders and loosely roll it up, so that it looks like this: Then unroll it and roll it back the other direction. Repeat this for the other border as well. This gives the border a more worn look, instead of laying flat and plain.

125 Step Four If desired, accent the edges of each border with Distress Ink (explained later). If not, glue them in position, one slightly overlapping the other.

126 Distress Ink Distress Ink adds a nice accent to the borders. Apply it to the scalloped edges, touching them directly to the ink pad.

127 PART THREE Paper Flowers

128 Step One Place flower pattern over paper of your choosing. Hold the pieces together and carefully cut around the edges of the flower pattern.

129 Step Two Fold the flower’s petals up one by one, til the flower is bowl-shaped.

130 Step Three Use same process for center of flower. Cut out the flower’s center using the pattern, then fold it into fourths, so that it resembles a pizza slice. Then fold up each edge separately.

131 Step Four If desired, ink the edges of each piece with Distress Ink. Then punch a hole through the center of each, and layer the center upon the outer flower. Attach with a button or brad. Be creative!

132 Step Five (Leaves) Cut leaves out of paper using the leaf pattern.

133 Step Six Fold leaves in half lengthwise, giving a more 3-D effect. Repeat as necessary for as many leaves as you’d like.

134 Step Seven Layer leaves and flowers as you’d like. That’s it! It’s that easy.

135 PART FOUR -Me- Letters and Paper Stitching

136 Step One Follow the same steps as before, cutting out a block around the “me” letters and gluing it to paper of your choice (make sure to glue it to the OPPOSITE side from what you want to show).

137 Step Two Carefully cut around the edges of the “me” letters. It pays to take your time here!

138 Step Three Glue the letters wherever you like, pattern-side up.

139 Step Four (Stitching) Poke a series of holes along the edge of your paper using a needle. They can be as close or as far apart as you like.

140 Step Five Attach a piece of colored ribbon or string to the needle and stitch a simple in-and-out pattern through the holes. Be careful not to rip through.

141 Step Six Finish up with a bow or some kind of flourish of your choice. There’s a lot of room for creativity here!









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