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2 The Sicoma Avanti concrete mixer was designed in Italy 50 years ago; it has been refined to give you the outstanding product that you see today. The Avanti mixer is the most widely used mixer in the world today; over 1400 in use in ready-mix, precast, block, paver and dam applications. Avanti produces over 1 million cubic yards of concrete every day. Its compact size allows it to be retrofitted into existing plants, in most cases doubling throughput without the need for two mixers and splitting of material feeds.

3 The art in concrete mixing is to make a batch of concrete quickly and completely. The Avanti's powerful compulsory mixing action throws particles from each side of the mixer into the center, where they combine; the water is forced through powerful jets into the mix, where it is absorbed completely, allowing the cement slurry to coat all the aggregate particles uniformly, forming the strongest concrete. Because the mixing occurs in free space above the mixer floor, the wear on the liner plates is very low; the outer 70% of the lined surface is rarely touched by concrete. Only the rows of tiles close to the discharge door will need replacement and you’ll be surprised at how long they last. Avanti’s features go farther than any other mixer of its class. Its strong frame, air purged shaft seals, harder liner plates, more efficient gear reducers and electronic alarm unit as standard equipment mean that you have peace of mind. And our 5 year warranty show you that we are very confident in its reliability!

4 AIR PURGED SHAFT SEALS The long-life grease-impregnated seals should never see any dirt; air is bled into the cavity inside the mixer constantly, forcing concrete particles back into the mixer and away from the seals. If the seal should ever fail, positive separation of the bearing from the seal prevents contamination of the bearing. The shaft seal is made from two hardened steel rings under spring pressure, impregnated with grease to ensure perfect sealing and many years of life.

5 DISCHARGE DOOR Hydraulically operated, the door has 3 adjustable stopping positions to regulate the flow when necessary. Wear of the double rubber seal is automatically compensated by the closing cylinder. The door is bolted to the radius arms, allowing removal for maintenance without dismantling bearings and actuator.

6 EXTRA-HARD LINER PLATES Brinell 630 Ni-hard tiles give 40% longer life with extra- abrasive aggregates; offset joints decrease wear by a further 30%. All tiles are identical and all mixers use the same size, reducing stock and simplifying installation.

7 MIXING ARMS Cast from spheroidal cast iron with streamlined design to minimize buildup, they are set at 90° angles to give fastest mixing while minimizing stress of the shafts. Paddles are Brinell 630 Ni-hard cast iron. Collars between arms prevent material buildup on shaft and act as spacers during assembly.

8 GEAR REDUCER AND BEARINGS Avanti’s high-efficiency 2- stage design does not require a cooler, even for 24 hour 7 days a week continuous duty. Gearboxes, bearings and their seals are oil-bath lubricated. V-belt motor drive absorbs shock loads while positive coupling between the two drives synchronizes the shafts.

9 ONE-DAY SHAFT REPLACEMENT Unlike others that require several days to remove and replace power train components, Avanti can be stripped down and rebuilt in hours. If you ever have to replace a gear reducer or shaft seal, you are done in a day – not a week!

10 MOTOR DRIVE V-belt drive absorbs shock loads while positive coupling between the two drives synchronizes the shafts. Gearboxes are coupled to the shafts through flexible joints to eliminate misalignment and wear under heavy loads

11 ELECTRIC GREASE PUMP Constant lubrication of bearing pivots and shaft seals ensure trouble free life. Discharge door and actuator pivots are lubricated manually from a single location. Since the pump is electrical rather than mechanical, it can be cycled on and off to dispense just the amount of grease needed. In comparison, mixers with mechanical pumps cannot be adjusted and can often dispense too much grease into the seals, contaminating the concrete as a result.

12 HYDRAULIC POWER UNIT The discharge door is operated hydraulically by the built-in power unit. A manual lever allows the door to be opened if power is lost.

13 EXTRA FRAME STIFFENERS Special box sections unique to Avanti’s extra-rigid design hold mixer shape and maintain shaft alignment during heavy mixing periods. Compare with lighter designs; Avanti's resistance to twisting preserves the full life of seals and bearings, making it one of the most reliable mixers in the world today. MIXER COVER AND WATER DISTRIBUTION Included in the standard mixer price, the cover has built-in water pipes and jets designed to give high-speed water addition with optimum distribution, giving the fastest mixing time. ACCESS HATCHES The standard cover includes two hatches for easy access, located on either the front or back. Two inspection ports are also included, built into hatches. All hatches are fitted with safety switches as standard equipment.

14 HIGH PRESSURE WASHOUT The optional high-pressure pump, together with a separate motor driven rotating shaft with spray nozzle system, forces water at 900 psi and 50 gallons per minute into every corner of the mixer while it rotates, cleaning it in minutes. A high pressure wand is also provided for catching the more inaccessible areas. Alternatively, to almost eliminate the need for end-of-day cleanout, the system can be used as an inter- batch rinse, the waste water being used in the following batch.

15 BATCHING CONTROLS Scale-Tron’s BATCHTRON series controllers take advantage of Avanti’s high mixing speed to give you more throughput per hour. Easy to operate and set up, Avanti’s mixing sequence can be programmed in different ways for different formulas.BATCHTRON LOAD CELL MOUNTING HOLES Entire mixer can be weighed for checking batch weight and verifying complete discharge. Contact plant for details. AVANTI GUARD Standard on all models, Avanti Guard alarm unit indicates low levels of lubricants and hydraulic fluid plus overtemperature in gearboxes and hydraulic pump. Faults are indicated by an alarm light which connects to the control system for automatic shut-down.

16 MIXING ACTION The counter-rotating blades are angled at 45° to throw the mix towards the opposite side of the mixer while imparting an axial motion at the same time. This shears the mix, creating a faster mixing time than any other mixer type. 95% homogeneity is reached within 30 seconds, allowing a mix time of 30 seconds for slump concrete and 60 seconds for dry cast.

17 Discharge is complete in an incredible 10 seconds, giving a total mixing cycle time of typically 70 seconds for wet cast and a little longer for block, pavers and pipe. Ready-mix can be produced even faster if sand, cement and water are pre-mixed while stone is blended through the mixer during discharge, with final mix being completed in transit. The result is better quality and higher strength concrete than with transit mixing alone. There are no dead zones within the mixer; the vigorous motion of the mix ensures that material in the unswept area above the door is moving at all times while eliminating segregation when using lightweight and other special aggregates.

18 MOISTURE CONTROL Most models of microwave moisture sensor can be mounted in the end structure, below the bearing. Scale-Tron’s microwave moisture systems give you ultimate control of moisture for both wet and dry cast concrete.

19 THE AVANTI MIXING CYCLE Although the total cycle time is dependent on the speed at which the charging takes place as well as the type of concrete being produced, typically a batch of wet cast or ready-mix concrete can be produced in 70 seconds, with dry cast, block and paver mixes taking a little longer. The short total cycle time allows many plants to be upgraded to give double the output by replacing the mixer only, compared with adding a second mixer, which requires extra conveyors, chutes, holding hoppers and often an increase in elevation of bins and weigh hoppers.

20 Charge aggregates 10 sec Refill Charge cements15 secRefill Charge water25 sec Refill Charge admixesAirOtherRefill etc. Mixing time30 sec Discharge time10 sec Door close Total cycle time Beginning to end = 70sec

21 MODELAV1500AV2250AV3000AV4500AV6000 Dry filling capacity (aggregates), cu. yd. / cu.m.1.95 / 1.52.94 / 2.253.92 / 3.05.89 / 4.507.85 / 6.0 Yield, uncompacted concrete, cu. yd. / cu.m.1.56 / 1.22.35 / 1.803.14 / 2.404.71 / 3.606.28 / 4.80 Yield, compacted concrete, cu. yd. / cu.m.1.3 / 1.01.95 / 1.52.6 / 2.03.9 / 3.05.2 / 4.0 Time per cycle (loading excluded), seconds70* Uncompacted concrete per hour, cu. yd. / cu.m.74 / 57120 / 92*161 / 123*241 / 184*322 / 246* Compacted concrete per hour, cu. yd. / cu.m.62 / 47100 / 77*135 / 103*201 / 154*269 / 206* Mixing motors and power, HP / KW30 / 222 x 40 / 302 x 50 / 372 x 55 / 412 x 100 / 75 Skip hoist available?Yes Future Mixing shaft speed, rpm.27.724.3 Number of mixing blades12 162024 Number of scraper blades2+2 Overall depth, inches / mm82 / 208095 / 2320 106 / 2600 Overall width, inches / mm116 / 2959123 / 3000143 / 3500165 / 4050184 / 4500 Height without cover, inches / mm58 / 148065 / 160070 / 170770 / 1725 Height with cover, inches / mm74 / 188085 / 207089 / 2182 Weight of empty mixer (without skip), lb / kg 11,130 / 5050 16,400 / 7430 16,600 / 7530 20,300 / 9200 24,500 / 11,120 TECHNICAL DETAILS, ENGLISH / METRIC:

22 Copyright 2000-2005 Scale-Tron Inc. 440-19th Ave, Lachine, QC, Canada H8S 3S2 Phone: +1 514 634 7083 Fax: +1 514 639 6945 Email:

23 Twin-shaft Forcing type Concrete Mixer JS2000

24 Twin-shaft Forcing type Concrete Mixer JS750

25 Concrete Agitator JS2000




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