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SealSafe® Self-Sealing, Spill-Proof Dosing Adapters.

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1 SealSafe® Self-Sealing, Spill-Proof Dosing Adapters

2 SealSafe® Dosing Adapters VS. Standard Press-In Adapters Press-In Bottle Adapters (PIBAs): When capped, space between cap liner and PIBA may collect fluid when bottle is tilted or inverted during transport or handling. This results in messy drips when the cap is removed Self-Sealing Dosing Adapters (SSDAs): Cap liner forms a gasket-like seal with the SSDA's center ring restricting fluid to the center of the seal and preventing mess upon cap removal.

3 Standard Press-In Bottle Adapters Press-In Bottle Adapter: The bottle is effectively "open" with contents exposed. Risk of Contamination Risk of Spill and Waste Risk of Child Access & Potential Accidental Overdose Self-Sealing Dosing Adapter: The bottle retains a virtually closed condition when cap is removed. The septum closes securely after dosing protecting contents and children.

4 Clear Dispensing Cups Cups are not Generally Clearly Marked Even with Dark Graduations, Cups Don’t Prevent Access to Medication Bottle Contents Consumers can be Easily Confused as to Correct Volume to Dispense

5 Teaspoon vs. Tablespoon Which is a Teaspoon? Easy to Dispense Incorrect Amount of Medication as Every “Teaspoon” Varies by Volume

6 Solution to Accurate & Safe Dosing: SealSafe® Avoid and Prevent Accidental Overdose Increase Child Safety Improve Dosing Accuracy Help Prevent Cross- Contamination & Spills Use with Original Child Resistant Caps Dose with Clearly Marked Oral Syringes Use Every Last Drop

7 SealSafe® Adapters are Designed to Fit Current Range of Medication Bottle IDs Easy to Adapt to Bottle Filling Lines Present Strong Image of Concern for Public Safety Minimal Additional Cost in Packaging Offset by the Number of Lives Saved SealSafe®: No Time To Waste

8 (800) 497- 3113 SealSafe® is a Trademark of The Andwin Corporation. Penetrex® is a Registered Trademark of The Andwin Corporation. Self-Sealing Adapters are Protected by Patents and Patents Pending.

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