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By: Akhmad Viko Zakhary Santosa Faculty of Forestry Gadjah Mada University.

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1 By: Akhmad Viko Zakhary Santosa Faculty of Forestry Gadjah Mada University

2 Pulp and Paper in Indonesia 6.4 million tones of pulp 10.4 million tones of paper Contributing 2,5% of worlds pulp&paper trade Plenty of Hardwood species Lack of Softwood species Have the potential to be largest pulp and paper producer in Asia

3 Softwood supply in Indonesia Very limited occurrence of natural softwood stands Leads to high dependability to imported softwood Burden paper manufacturer that use large amount of long fiber pulp in their furnish. Alternative sources of long fiber pulp will help paper manufacturer to operate more cost effective

4 Shortage of Long Fiber Pulp?

5 Sack Kraft Paper Usually using 100% virgin unbleach kraft pulp with different refining rate for different purposes Require high physical strength as it is used for wrapping and packaging material. There is only one producer of this kind of paper in Indonesia Large production capacity

6 Kraft Liner Using 60-80% of virgin unbleached kraft pulp The rest 20-40% consist of recycled fiber from OCC, filler and other ingredients Used as wrapping material but not as tough as sack kraft paper Widely spread all over Java with various production capacity

7 Beverage Packaging Consist of mostly fiber (74%) with 5% of aluminum foil and 21% of plastic High quality fiber from Scandinavian long fiber softwood pulp. High availability


9 Fiber Qualities


11 Hydrapulper Drum Screen Press Machine Recycling Technology Reject

12 Production Line Used Beverage packaging Recycling center Scavenger Reject from factory Market Pulp Paper Manufacturer Processing plant

13 Conclusion Simple equipment for recycling Good fiber properties Have additional economic value from PE rejects. Well establish production plant can be achieved through gaining trust from paper manufacturer to use recycled fiber from used beverage packaging. Collection chain of used beverage packaging will automatically established when the actual market is exsist

14 Thanks to Faculty of Forestry Gadjah Mada University PT Tetra Pak Indonesia Center for Pulp and Paper Ministry of Industry Republic of Indonesia

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