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Secondary Containment: From A Contractors Point of View.

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1 Secondary Containment: From A Contractors Point of View

2 Secondary Containment: Advances in Technology Last 10 years

3 What is Secondary Containment: Primary (Tanks) vs Secondary (Undertank Liners or Dikes) The Original Secondary Containment


5 Types of Advances Materials Seaming Equipment Testing Equipment Technician Training

6 Materials HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Alloys (XR-5, 1932 PTF (polyurethanes) GCL’s (Geosynthetic Clay Liners- Bentomat, No longer making Claymax) Others (Concrete Canvas, Spray Applied- poly-ureas,etc)

7 HDPE Advances in resins? Initial resins were pipe grade (not flexible) Resins over last 10 years have been improved to be more flexible and chemical resistant Wide flat dies on extruder as opposed to blown film

8 Alloys XR-5 Manufactured in wider rolls Less seaming Embed is now available Improved Walkway material available Polyurethanes (1932 PTF)

9 GCL’s Claymax-Original GCL, no longer produced Newer GCL’s Bentomat 200R-Needle punched to prevent migration of bentonite granules Bentomat CL-Layer of membrane on back Aqua Shield-Layer of membrane, Pond usage, etc

10 Others CONCRETE CANVAS Concrete still not considered impermeable liner Product has it’s uses Cover over membrane Small dike area, etc. SPRAY APPLIED (better spray equipment, robot spray equipment now available, Factory sheets shipped to site, less field seaming) Polyurea’s etc.

11 Seaming Equipment Fusion Welders(faster-15’ per foot easy, lighter, smarter) Extrusion Welders (Alloy extrusion welding, HDPE-faster-6-9’ easy,lighter)

12 Testing Equipment Vacuum Box Air Channel Air Lance

13 Temporary Containment

14 Temporary Dikes Extruded Products readily available Larger dikes now available Materials can be cleaned & re-used Other quick systems(metal with liner, etc)

15 Technician Training Great strides in training of personnel IAGI (International Association of Geosynthetic Installers) FML Manufacturers approval and certification available Installer training (reputable installers) FML Inspector Certification available(GAI)

16 PLS Crack FML Inspector

17 Completed Secondary Containment Liner

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