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Metaltemple Aquitaine SAS Fumel, France Company Presentation 2012.

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1 Metaltemple Aquitaine SAS Fumel, France Company Presentation 2012

2 Mission Statement High quality production, respectful of the environment Best in class in our speciality : centrifugal castings and machining Motivated and educated employees Profitability World-wide presence in growing markets

3 Company Profile Location : Fumel, France Ownership : Steel & Foundry Holding SAS (gears, steel investment castings, cylinder liners, steel tubes) Total employees : 245 (2012) Sales in 2011: 25.00 Millions € (20.5 millions in 2010) Investments : 1 million € Production units : foundries (centrifugal casting), machine-shop, heat-treatment units Product lines : cylinder liners - steel tubes Materials : gray iron, ductile iron, bimetallic, steel

4 Major events 2011 Significant progress of our sales : –diesel engines with applications for trucks, energy, mining, off shore, marine, rails –tubes with applications in the aluminium, steel, dredging and pipe manufacturing industries Successful development of new markets (EURO V / VI, very large tubes, high speed engines liners) Hiring of new personnel and continued training of specialists (foundry, machining, 6 sigma deployment) Capacity investments to support future markets

5 Centrifugal casting process Truck liner 100 to 145 bore Spools Molds Large cylinder liner 150 to 600 bore

6 Dredging pipe up to 1000 OD Marine and industrial cylinder liners (150 to 600 bore) Roller

7 Investments in the foundry Casting of large tubes (OD 1000)

8 Investments in the machine-shop Machining the die for casting large tubes (OD 1000)

9 Investments in the machine-shop New machines for marine and industrial liners

10 Main Customers

11 Main Areas in % of sales 2011

12 Main Countries in % of sales 2011

13 Main Markets in % of sales 2011

14 Main Products in % of sales 2011

15 Business Plan 2011 – 2014

16 Where to find us …. Metaltemple Aquitaine SAS 1 avenue de l’usine F - 47500 Fumel (France)

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