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Liner Production and Designations Commercial Plant Production.

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1 Liner Production and Designations Commercial Plant Production

2 An Overview of Nursery Crop Production

3 Liners  Small “starter” plants produced using various methods of plant propagation.  Potted  Bare-root  Age and size vary  Sold by caliper, height, container size and sometimes age.

4 Liner Production-Direct Stick SWC into Small Containers

5 Liner Production-SWC stuck in Sand


7 Liner Production- Arrowwood Viburnum SWC Stuck in Sand

8 Liner Production- Seedlings

9 Liner Production- Grafting

10 Cornus Liners

11 Other Liner Examples Potted shrub liners

12 Lining-Out: Shrub Liners to Field Spacing

13 Lining-Out: Liner to Large Container

14 Small Plant Culture  After liners are removed from propagation they may be transplanted to small plant culture for one to several years.  Objectives:  Protection  Provide optimal conditions for rapid, vigorous growth  Can occur in the field or in containers.  Many nurseries skip small plant culture.

15 Field Spacing for Rows or Beds  6 – 12 inches between rows.  4 – 10 inches between plants in a row.

16 Small Plant Culture in Containers  4 inch container  #1 container

17 Bottom Line Small Plant Culture Small liners go in Bigger liners come out

18 Transplanting  The process of moving a plant from one production area to another production area.  Transplanted from propagation to small plant culture.  Transplanted from small plant culture to the production field.  At some point in the production process plants are transplanted to their “final spacing” and will stay at that spacing until harvested.  Tops and roots pruned.

19 Liner Designations  The American Standard for Nursery Stock provides guidelines for liner designations.  Provide for a common understanding of the liner products available to the industry.

20 Liner Types Based on Propagation Method  C = cutting  U = un-rooted cutting  G = grafted  L = layered  S = seedling  M = micro-propagated or tissue culture  D = division

21 Micro-propagated Ash Trees

22 Small Plant Culture  R = root pruned  P = pot or container grown  T = transplanted to a row in the field  B = transplanted to a bed  O = not transplanted

23 Nursery Bed vs. Field Rows

24 Nursery Beds Bed forming implement Beds

25 Liner Designations, An Example C1 Describes the liner type and time spent in propagation B2 Describes the post-propagation culture and time spent in culture

26 DesignationAge Propagation History Cultural History C1B23 Cutting for 1 year Transplanted/ 2 years in a bed C1T23 Cutting for 1 year Transplanted/ 2 years in a row S2T1T14 Seedling for 2 years Transplanted/ 1 yr. in a row Transplanted/ 1 additional yr. in a row M1T12 Micro-propagation for 1 year Transplanted/ 1 year in a row

27 The End

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