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TOP 10 REASONS TO USE CLUB CHRONICLE Kathy Zimbaldi L. L. Pugh Elementary January 7, 2004.

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1 TOP 10 REASONS TO USE CLUB CHRONICLE Kathy Zimbaldi L. L. Pugh Elementary January 7, 2004


3 “Story always tells us more than mere words, and that is why we love to read it and to write it.” Madeline L’Engle, from the introduction to A Wrinkle in Time


5 Vocabulary Building Activities  The pre-reading vocabulary experience is easy to incorporate into a Club Chronicle story.  Students and teachers together prepare lists of words that are difficult or cannot be construed from context clues, in a quick scan of the day’s story.



8 Reading Comprehension  From knowledge to analytical to evaluative levels, critical thinking skills are easy to build into a Club Chronicle lesson.  Stories in serial format engage a reader in ways that make them eager to read the following day.


10 BUILDING A LIBRARY!  Club Chronicle is a portable classroom extension activity.  With the intent to promote a home school connection, teachers allow students to make books in English and Spanish to share with parents.  For homes without books, Club Chronicle helps to promote good family literacy habits.




14 Reader’s Theater  Many Club Chronicle stories lend themselves to dramatic re-enactment. For ESL students, Reader’s Theater is an excellent means to promote oral language development.  The stories are short, and can be cut up into small segments; even one- sentence parts are possible.




18 Letter Writing Skills  Through the efforts of the Readers are Leaders Foundation, students receive Club Chronicle for free.  It’s a great opportunity to teach letter writing skills.






24 LOOKING FOR COGNATES!  With a school population that is 100% Hispanic, linking the home language for the ESL student is essential.  Cognates are easy to find in Club Chronicle. With English and Spanish versions side-by-side, students cross- reference as they build their 2nd language vocabulary.



27 What about Secondary ?  Club Chronicle promotes skills that transcend grade level barriers  Teachers can’t presume kids come with a rich literary background.  Club Chronicle is great for: low readers in all upper grades all ESL students (see NCTE handout) foreign language teachers of Spanish even GT English!

28 GT ENGLISH?  Fairy tales and fables can be read and viewed through the lens of literary criticism: Feminism, Marxism, Reader Response, post- colonialism.  “The Lion’s Share,” one of Club Chronicle’s recent offerings, is a good example of this.  See handout.

29 Sidebar:  High School seniors applying to Stanford University are often required to submit the application essay in the form of an original fable!  Fables can be used to illustrate concepts in Political Science, World History, Economics and Government classes.

30 COMING ATTRACTIONS…..  Folktales in February: “The Fifth Aztec Sun”-2/13/05, & 2/20/05 “How Coyote Gave Fire to the People,” -2/27/05 ONLINE RESOURCES AVAILABLE @:

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