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The BFG Interactive Vocabulary Nonsense Words

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1 The BFG Interactive Vocabulary Nonsense Words
By Ms. Garrett’s 5th Grade Class

2 Boggleboxes-to sqush up boxes
Synonyms Scrunch up Squeeze together To squash I buggleboxes when I am done with

3 Bundongle- acting crazy.
Synonyms abnormal Irregular out of character The man was bundongle.

4 Snozzcumber- a Disgusting cucumber like vegetable that is eaten by the B.F.G.
Synonyms Knobby Cucumber The Fowl Vegetable of Giant Country The Revolting Vegetable The B.F.G. hates snozzcumbers.

5 Delumtious- very delicious
Synonym Delicious tasty Scrumptious The cake was very delumptious.

6 Flushbunking-hitting your sibling with a wet noodle
Synonym Flushbunking I like flushbunking my siblings

7 Grobswitcher-to rob something and put something in its place
Synonyms Robber Stealer taker The Grobswitcher robbed the store

8 Hipswitch-shake and to dance
Synonym Shake Bounce wiggle The boy was hipswitching

9 Scrumplet- A horn used to shoot dreams through a window.
Synonyms Silent horn Dream horn Night horn The BFG used a Scrumplet to shoot a dream in a house.

10 Strawbunkles-to bunkle up your straw
Synonyms wrinkle tear bite When I got my milkshake I strawbunkled my straw.

11 Swobble-to eat something quickly!
Synomyms Gulp Chug Inhale I like to swobble my food before practice!

12 whoppsy Synonyms A dream A good dream That is rare to find

13 Wondercrump-a tasty dessert for giants that resembles a coffee cake
Synonyms Chocolate cake Rocky road ice cream Butter scotch crumpet The B.F.G ate his wondercrump swiftly.

14 ZOZINUS-really bad smell
Synonyms Smelly Bad sense Awful You do not want too get by the zozinus smell

15 Muckfrumpling – getting muck off the bottom of your feet while jumping wildly and hollering.
Synonyms Hopping Yelling Cleaning Stop Muckfrumpling and get to work.

16 Glumptious-very depressed or gerdung
Synonyms Gerdung Grief-stricken gloomy The B.F.G. was glumptious.

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