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Recommended Summer Reading 5 th Grade George Washington, Spymaster (Allen) – Biography Seer of Shadows (Avi) – Ghosts/fiction/NYC/Swindlers Chasing Vermeer.

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1 Recommended Summer Reading 5 th Grade George Washington, Spymaster (Allen) – Biography Seer of Shadows (Avi) – Ghosts/fiction/NYC/Swindlers Chasing Vermeer (Balliett) – Mystery/Fiction The Penderwicks (Birdsall) - Family/Fiction Millions (Boyce) - Humor/Adventure/fiction After the Last Dog Died (Bredeson) – Nonfiction/Douglas Mawson and Antarctic expedition Mission Control: This is Apollo (Chaiken) - Nonfiction Janitor’s Boy; Landry’s News (Clements) – Realistic/Fiction/School Over Sea, Under Stone (Cooper) – Fantasy/Fiction/Treasure Framed (Cottrell) – Adventure/Fiction/Art Chasing Redbird (Creech) – Family/Fiction Rodzina (Cushman) – Historical/Fiction/Orphans/West Guinea Pig Scientists: Bold Self-Experimenters in Science (Dendy and Boring) – Nonfiction/scientists and inventors Magicians Elephant (Cushman) – Fantasy/Adventure/Fiction I am the Ice Worm (Easley) – Adventure/Survival/Fiction Shoeless Joe and Me (Gutman) – Sports/Fiction Wait Till Helen Comes (Hahn) – Ghosts/Fiction George’s Secret Key to the Universe (Hawking) – Science/Adventure/Fiction Music of the Dolphins (Hesse) – Science Fiction/Diary/Marine life Redwall (Jacques) – Fantasy/Adventure/Fiction Tales from Moominvalley (Jansson) – Fantasy/Fiction Kira-Kira (Kadohata) – Family/Fiction/Death Framed (Korman) – Adventure/fiction/School

2 Recommended Summer Reading 5 th Grade Ella Enchanted (Levine) – Fantasy/fiction Travel Team (Lupica) – Sports/Fiction 11 Birthdays (Mass) – Realistic/fiction Baseball Saved Us (Mochizuki) – Picture Book/Fiction/WWII Journal Of Biddy Owens (Myers) – Sports/Historical/Fiction Bad News Outlaws (Nelson) – Biography/Bass Reeves We Are the Ship (Nelson) – Nonfiction/Baseball Legend of Bass Reeves (Paulsen) – Historical/Fiction Esperanza Rising (Ryan) – Realistic/Historical/Fiction Basher Five-Two: The true story of F-16 Fighter Pilot (O’Grady) – Biography Lightning Thief (Riordan) – Fantasy/Fiction Scared Stiff (Roberts) – Mystery/fiction Invention of Hugo Cabret (Selznick) – Fantasy/Fiction When You Reach Me (Stead) – Realistic/Fiction Mysterious Benedict Society (Stewart) – Adventure/Sci Fi Gorilla Doctors (Turner) – Nonfiction Twin in the Tavern (Wallace) - Mystery Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief (Van Draanen) – Mystery/Fiction

3 Recommended summer Reading 6 th Grade Down the Rabbit Hole (Abrahams) – Mystery/Fiction Chains (Anderson) – Historical Fiction/Slavery/Spy True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (Avi) – Historical Fiction/Murder/Mystery Heartlight; Ancient One(Barron) – Science Fiction Shakespeare Stealer (Blackwood) – Mystery, Fiction When the Tripods Came (Christopher) – Science Fiction/Aliens Things Not Seen (Clements) – Friendships/Fiction/Blindness Powerless (Cody) – Mystery/supernatural The Wish List (Colfer) – Super natural/fiction 12 Again (Corbett) – Family/Mystery The Wanderer (Creech) – Realistic Fiction/Sea Life Watsons Go to Birmingham (Curtis) – Family/Realistic/Fiction/Prejudice Catherine Called Birdy (Cushman) – Historical Fiction/Diary/Middle Ages The Sight (Davies) – Fantasy/Fiction The Breadwinner (Ellis) – Historical Fiction/Afghanistan The Slave Dancer (Fox) – Historical/Fiction/slavery Ben Franklin’s Almanac (Fleming) – Biography The Sea of Trolls (Farmer) – Fantasy/Fiction/Viking Mythology Cover Up (Feinstein) – Realistic Fiction/Sports Inkheart (Funke) – Fantasy/Fiction/series Graveyard Book (Gaiman) – Supernatural/Fiction Go for the Gold (Hamm) - Biography Out of the Dust (Hesse) – Historical/Fiction/Great Depression Storm Breaker (Horowitz) – Adventure Fiction/Mystery/Spies/Terrorism Farewell to Manzanaar (Houston) – Biography/Japanese Internment/WWII Steve Jobs: Titans of Business (Hunter) – Biography/Computers The Secret of Platform 13 (Ibbotson) – Fantasy/Fiction Dark Game: True Spy Stories (Janeczko) – nonfiction Green Glass Sea (Klages) – Historical Fiction/WWII/Manhattan Project

4 Recommended summer Reading 6 th Grade Unreal (Jennings) – Short Stories/Fiction Howl’s Moving Castle (Jones) - Fantasy Cracker! Best Dog in Vietnam (Kadohata) – Historical Fiction Skulduggery Pleasant (Landry) – Fantasy/Humor/Magic The Wreckers (Lawrence) – Survival/Fiction/Shipwrecks A Wrinkle in Time (L’Engle) – space & time/Fiction Wizard of Earthsea (LeGuin) – Fantasy/Fiction/magic Indian Captive (Lenski) – Historical/Fiction/Mary Jemison Heat; Travel Team; Game Changers (Lupica) – Fiction/Sports Hero and the Crown (McKinley) – Fantasy/Fiction/Wizards Gods of Manhattan (Mebus) – Fantasy/mythology/Advent. Keys to the Kingdom series (Nix) – Fantasy/Good & Evil Bound (Napoli) – Historical/China/Footbinding Sing Down the Moon (O’Dell) – Historical Fiction/Navajo Bread and Roses (Paterson) – Historical/ Fiction/Strikes The Ghost Belonged to Me (Peck) – Mystery/Fiction/Ghosts Revenge of the Whale (Philbrick) – Nonfiction/Shipwreck Magic Steps (Pierce) – Fantasy/Murder/magic The Witch Child (Rees) – Historical Fiction/1600’s Witches An Acquaintance with Darkness (Rinaldi) – Historical Fiction Red Pyramid (Riordan) – Fantasy Fiction/Mythology Benedict Arnold (Sheinkin) – Biography/Spies This is Rocket Science (Skurzynski) – Nonfiction/ aerospace Surviving the Applewhites (Tolan) – School/family/fiction Girl in a Cage (Yolen) – Historical Fiction/Scotland 1600’s

5 Recommended Reading 7 th -8 th Grades Ship Breaker (Bacigalupi) – Science Fiction/ Recycling/ Looking Glass Wars (Bleddor) – Fantasy/based on Alice in Wonderland Tangerine (Bloor) – Realistic/Blindness/Soccer Artemis Fowl series(Colfer) - Fantasy/fiction/Kidnapping Matched (Condie) - Fantasy Daniel Half Human (Chotjewitz) – Historical Fiction/WWII Power of One (Courtnenay) – Historical/Fiction/Prejudice/WWII Getting Away with Murder (Crowe) – historical fiction/Emmit Till/Racism Red Kayak (Cummings) – Realistic/Fiction/Death Maze Runner trilogy (Dashner) – Science Fiction Earth in the Hot Seat (Delano) – Nonfiction/Global Warming The Truth About Forever (Dessen) – Realistic/Fiction/Death Runner (Deuker) – Adventure/Terrorism/Smuggling Ender’s Game (Card) – Science Fiction/Space warfare The Lincolns (Fleming) – Biography Gone (Grant) – Fiction/Supernatural Looking for Alaska (Green) – Schools/fiction Double Identity (Haddix) – Science fiction/Cloning SeaBiscuit (Hillenbrand) – Nonfiction/Horse racing Unbroken (Hillenbrand) – Nonfiction/WWII/Prisoner of War Into Thin Air (Krakauer) – Nonfiction/Mt. Everest/Accidents Beyond the Burning Time (Lasky) – Historical fiction/Witches/1600’s Lord of the Nutcracker Men (Lawrence) – Historical fiction/WWI Corner of the Universe (Martin)– Friendship/fiction Tomorrow When the War Began (Marsden) – Science fiction/Survival Sunrise Over Fallujah (Myers) – Historical fiction/Iraq War Sabriel (Nix) – Fantasy; Good and Evil

6 Recommended Reading 7 th -8 th Grades Legend (Lu) – Science fiction/government Ruined (Morris) – Ghost/Fiction Left for Dead (Nelson) – Nonfiction/WWII Airborn (Oppel) – Fantasy/Pirates/Fiction This Dark Endeavor (Oppel) – Supernatural fiction The Devil in Vienna (Orgel) – Historical Fiction/WWII Maximum Ride The Final Warning (Patterson) - Adventure East (Pattou) – Fantasy /Fiction Crooked River (Pearsall) – Nonfiction/Frontier/Trials Life As We Knew It (Pfeffer) – Science fiction/natural disaster Terrier(Pierce) – Fantasy Hot Zone (Preston) – Science Fiction/Disease Mortal Engines (Reeve) – Science Fiction/Nuclear weapons Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Riggs) – Science fiction/Orphanages Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie (Sonneblick) – Realistic/Disease/School Shabanu (Staples) – marriage/fiction Under the Persimmon Tree (Staples) – Survival/Afghanistan The Hobbit (Tolkien) - Fantasy Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Twain) – Classic/fiction Homecoming (Voigt) – Family/Realistic/Fiction Glass Castle (Walls) – Biography/Homeless Surviving Hitler (Warren) – Nonfiction Leviathan (Westerfeld) – Science fiction/War/Genetic eng. Distant Waves (Weyn) – Historical fiction/Titanic/inventors

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